How is hemorrhoids treated? Folk and official methods

Varicose veins of the rectum, or hemorrhoids, suffer a huge number of people. This is due to low physical activity, love for fast food, excess weight, etc. It is difficult to identify the most vulnerable category of people. Hemorrhoids are affected by young and elderly people, men and women of all ages. In addition to those who move little, athletes suffer from hemorrhoids, as well as people with hard physical work.

  • 1 Types and stages of hemorrhoids
  • 2 Candles and ointments from hemorrhoids
  • 3 Radical methods for treating hemorrhoids
  • 4 Diet as part of the treatment
  • 5 Traditional medicine
  • 6 Hemorrhoids prevention

Hemorrhoids types and stages

How is hemorrhoids treated?

Treatment of hemorrhoids depends on its stage and species

Before you understand,how to treat hemorrhoids, it is necessary to determine its stage and form. We are used to looking for the causes of hemorrhoids in the way of life, because most often it is acquired. But there is also an inborn form of hemorrhoids.

In infants, this disease does not appear due to food and constipation, but because of the congenital weakness of the venous walls. This form of hemorrhoids requires immediate treatment and constant monitoring by a specialist. Hemorrhoids can be chronic and acute.

Acute attack of hemorrhoids is accompanied by the fall of a small cone, pain during defecation. It can appear once, and after the disappearance of constipation pass. However, it is more often possible to meet the chronic form, which is a series of remissions and relapses.

Hemorrhoids come back at the first constipation or other problems with the intestines. This can last for years. Hemorrhoids can be an independent disease, or may be a symptom or complication of another intestinal disease. The disease has the property of progressing in the absence of proper treatment. There are four stages of hemorrhoids. They differ in cone size and intensity of pain:

  1. At the initial stage, cones may not fall out at all. After the toilet there is a burning sensation or pain, there may be a drop of blood. Or the hemorrhoid nodules are small and quickly recover after defecation. At this stage, the hemorrhoids are treated quickly, but patients almost never go to the doctor unless there is severe pain.
  2. The second stage is characterized by the dropping of cones immediately after the toilet. They can get sick, but after some time after defecation they regroup themselves.
  3. At the third stage, the nodules become larger in size, they are palpable when walking and sitting, it hurts, there is a feeling of irritation in the anus. Nodules disappear after applying candles or after self-correction.
  4. The fourth stage is the heaviest. Bleeding can be quite strong. Cones either do not fit at all, or appear at the slightest load, for example, when coughing. The nodes are large enough, they hurt, they stop sitting and walking.

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Candles and ointments from hemorrhoids

Pharmaceutical companies offer a huge selection of different remedies for hemorrhoids. However, buying them at your choice is not recommended. Only a doctor can prescribe funds for hemorrhoids depending on the stage and complications. Candles have different action and degree of efficiency. In addition, hemorrhoids can be accompanied by other diseases that need to be identified before the appointment of treatment. Ointments and suppositories are often alternated or used in combination for more effective treatment:

  • Heparin ointment. It is used to relieve inflammation. All the symptoms of hemorrhoids, it does not cure, will not immediately relieve pain and burning, but heparin has the property of dissolving blood clots and preventing their formation, as varicose veins are very important. It can not be applied to hemorrhoid nodules, if they started to fester
  • Ointments and suppositories. Relief is a known antihemorrhoidal agent. The composition of this drug includes shark liver oil, which is famous for its medicinal properties. Ointment has a special nozzle for internal administration. It is convenient to use. Relief not only relieves pain and burning, but also helps to strengthen blood vessels and reduce hemorrhoids.
  • Ointment Proctogliolol. Effective ointment from hemorrhoids. If the nodules are small, when using the ointment, they are refilled very quickly, the pain passes. With external hemorrhoids, a cotton swab with ointment is applied to the lumps for a couple of hours.
  • Natalside. Candles Natalsid have a pronounced hemostatic effect. They are safe in pregnancy, heal wounds well and relieve inflammation. Suitable for the treatment of both hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Methyluracil suppositories and ointment. Methyluracil is a good stimulator of cell regeneration. This drug heals wounds and microcracks, removes inflammation. Sea buckthorn candles. Candles based on sea buckthorn do not relieve pain as quickly as anesthetics, but they have a bactericidal effect, heal wounds, stop bleeding, protect the tissue from new damage.
  • Glycerin suppositories. They are used not to treat hemorrhoids, but to get rid of constipation. Glycerin suppositories envelop the mucosa, protecting it from damage, promote rapid defecation. They can be used for pregnant women and young children, but they can not be used all the time. The intestine gets used, peristalsis worsens.
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Radical methods for treating hemorrhoids

How is hemorrhoids treated?

For the treatment of hemorrhoids, candles are often prescribed

You can quickly get rid of hemorrhoids surgically or non-surgically. It does not always require a painful and risky operation, modern medicine offers a large selection of not the cheapest but very effective and painless ways to get rid of hemorrhoids. Such methods are called semi-surgical:

  • Sclerotherapy. This method is effective only at the initial stage of hemorrhoids. It is completely painless, does not require special preparation, anesthesia and hospitalization. The doctor introduces a sclerotic substance into the leg of the cone. The procedure takes only a couple of minutes. The substance will cause the walls of the vessels to stick together, the cone will begin to subside. With proper procedure, the patient should not feel any pain.
  • Exposure to low temperatures. This method is called cryodestruction. Under the influence of low temperatures, tissues die off. The cone disappears after some time. It's not dangerous and completely painless.
  • Infrared coagulation. This is also an effect of temperatures, but admissible high. In other words, the burning of hemorrhoids, but also painless. Suitable for the initial and second stage of hemorrhoids.
  • Ligation using latex rings. Ligation means squeezing the legs of the hemorrhoidal node in such a way as to block the blood flow to it. After a while, the node dies and disappears with the ring. This is a painless and very effective procedure.
    Laser removal of hemorrhoids. Another effective and painless way to get rid of hemorrhoids. With laser removal, I use local anesthesia to completely eliminate pain.
  • Desaturization of hemorrhoids. With the help of a special ultrasonic sensor blood supply to the cone stops, after which it dies off.

All these methods are effective if certain rules of prevention are observed. Also need to be systematically checked by the proctologist.

Surgical methods for treating hemorrhoids are used only for an extremely serious degree of disease. There are types of operations depending on the type of hemorrhoids, complications. The simplest operation is the Lango method, when a part of the mucosa behind the node is removed. This method can be effective at the first stages of the development of the disease.

At the last stage a rather traumatic excision of hemorrhoidal cones is carried out. This operation is done only under general anesthesia. Some time after the operation, the patient is under the supervision of a doctor.

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application Diet as part of

How is hemorrhoids treated?

treatment Sedentary lifestyle as a cause of hemorrhoids

Effective hemorrhoid treatment is impossible without a special diet. This diet should relieve constipation, which are the main provocators of the appearance of hemorrhoids. If you do not solve the problem of constipation, getting rid of cones will be almost impossible.

Many people follow the diet only during the course of treatment, that is 2-3 months, and then again returns to the usual way of life. In this case, the exacerbation of hemorrhoids can not be avoided. The diet can be expanded, but it is desirable to avoid gross violations.

The diet should be aimed not only at fighting constipation, but also in reducing the load on the vessels of the small pelvis. Some foods increase blood flow and increase the risk of cones falling out. Such products include spicy dishes, smoked products, spices and spices, alcoholic beverages.

In order to recover, it is necessary to normalize the work of the intestine. The bowel should be emptied regularly, without failures, but at the same time gently. Both constipation and diarrhea are equally harmful. For this it is recommended to eat more coarse fiber, vegetables, fruits, salads, greens.

An important part of the diet is the drinking regime. In any way of life, you should drink at least 2-2.5 liters of clean drinking water. This will help to avoid constipation and other problems with the digestive system. In addition, a sufficient intake of water normalizes the metabolism, improves the condition of the skin and hair, helps to lose weight.

You can eat any grains, except rice, bran bread, pasta from durum wheat, any vegetables. Vegetable dishes can be eaten in the form of salads or stews. Meat and fish should be low-fat and not roasted.

Fruits need to choose ripe. It is useful to eat dried fruits( dried apricots, prunes, figs, dates).They will replace sweets and help normalize the work of the intestines.

Useful for constipation and hemorrhoids to consume vegetable oils. You can drink them on a tea boat on an empty stomach, as a medicine, or add to salads. But fry on it is not recommended, in such oil there is no benefit, all useful substances turn into carcinogens.

You can use sour-milk products in any form. On some yoghurts they write that they contain lactobacilli. They are especially useful for the work of the intestines. It is necessary to reduce to a minimum the use of chocolate, fried foods, strong tea and coffee, fresh pastries, fat creams and creams, cabbage and legumes, alcohol, reduce the amount of rice and semolina in the diet.

Traditional medicine

How is hemorrhoids treated?

Launched hemorrhoids are much harder to cure

Treat hemorrhoids folk remedies without examining and consulting a doctor is dangerous. You can alleviate the symptoms, but miss the dangerous disease that accompanies hemorrhoids or is a primary disease. For example, hemorrhoids can be accompanied by a tumor that can also bleed. There are several effective folk remedies:

  1. If hemorrhoids are accompanied by bleeding, an effective remedy is cucumber whips. A tablespoon of dried lashes is boiled and boiled. Drink in small portions 3 times a day.
  2. Freshly squeezed beet juice also has a blood-restoring effect.
  3. To relieve pain and itching, reduce swelling of the nodules, you can do cold baths twice a day. In a small basin you need to pour cool water and sit in it. In such baths you can add manganese or chamomile broth. It is important not to overdo it with temperature, otherwise you can catch cold.
  4. Warm baths are not contraindicated. The water should not be too hot, you can add a decoction of onion peel to it. You need to sit in such a bath until the water cools.
  5. Rowberry berries are well aid from external hemorrhoids. They need to be rubbed and applied to lumps.
  6. Reduce edema and itching with cold. If it's hard to withstand ice cubes, you can simply moisten a clean bandage with cold water and attach it to the bumps. When it gets warm, it needs to be moistened again.
  7. As an ointment, you can use a mixture of vegetable and butter, mummies, honey and sea buckthorn oil.
  8. You can make candles from honey with internal hemorrhoids. To do this, a piece of honey is wrapped around a piece of paper, forming a candle. It is desirable that the size be the same as for the pharmacy suppository. Then this candle is frozen. When it takes shape, the paper is taken off, and the candle can be inserted.
  9. You can insert a candle from raw potatoes at night. Potatoes should be thoroughly washed, cleaned, cut out a small and niggling slice. You can lubricate it with oil for better administration. The candle is inserted at night. It does not resolve, but comes out with feces. But starch quite effectively relieves pain and inflammation.
  10. Internal hemorrhoids are helped by microclysters with St. John's wort. The broth should be slightly warm, but not hot and not cold. The enema is done before bedtime. Before you go to the toilet, you need to lie down for a while.
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Prevention of hemorrhoids

How is hemorrhoids treated?

Surgical method for treating hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be prevented by those who do not have it, but they are at risk( office workers, people with excess weight), andalso those who have a period of remission, and they do not want to exacerbate the disease.

For prevention, you can include diet, exercise, hygiene. It is not recommended to sit for a long time on the stool while defecating, this provokes the loss of veins. You have to give up the habit of reading in the toilet or playing.

Toilet paper irritates the skin, even better than the softest paper is best to discard. You can replace it with a cool shower or wet soft napkins, when there is no possibility to wash yourself. Office workers should preferably get up every hour from the table and warm up every hour. You can just walk along the corridor, stretch your shoulders and legs, go down and climb the stairs.

You can strain the muscles of the press and the perineum while sitting. To do this, you need to learn Kegel exercises.

Every day you need to walk. If there is no time for fitness, it will serve as a good prevention of hemorrhoids. Walks will not allow blood to stagnate in the pelvic organs. It is also desirable to abandon the elevator and climb the stairs yourself. This will strengthen the muscles of the legs and perineum. As a simple and effective exercise for the prevention of hemorrhoids, you can advise "scissors", "bike", lifting the pelvis lying on the back, lift the straight legs from the position on the back.

During pregnancy, it is especially important for a woman not to neglect preventive measures. From the sixth month it is necessary to wear a supporting bandage in order not to increase the load on the organs of the small pelvis. Also, a pregnant woman needs to eat correctly, consume more fiber, drink enough fluids and take time to prevent constipation.

If there is a tendency, you need to take medications that normalize the intestinal function, based on lactulose or fiber. Pregnant need to walk more often in the fresh air, do special gymnastics, if there are no contraindications and no bed rest is prescribed. It is not recommended to abuse laxatives. They can also provoke hemorrhoids. To these means are also various teas for weight loss.

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