Bepanten with hemorrhoids: composition, action and contraindications

Bepanten is one of the known drugs that is used by people with the appearance of cracks in the skin, abrasions, etc. So, its use in hemorrhoids is very common.


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A little about hemorrhoids

Bepanten plus - the best remedy for hemorrhoids

Bepanthen plus is the best remedy for hemorrhoids

Before you begin to learn what effect Bapanten can have during the treatment of hemorrhoids, you need to know a little about the disease itself. Not many people are willing to talk openly about hemorrhoids, as this is considered a rather delicate problem. But at the same time, it needs to be treated immediately, as the first symptoms appeared, because the longer you pull with the treatment, the situation will get worse every day, and this can lead not only to the fall of the hemorrhoids themselves, but also to the forced surgicalintervention and infection. To the main symptoms, when you have to immediately go to the doctor, you can refer:

  • Painful sensations in the anus. This is due to the increase in hemorrhoids and their pressure on the nerve endings, which in the pelvic region is very much
  • Itching, which often prevents a person from sitting normally
  • Burning, which is able to simply change a person's behavior due to a rather unpleasant sensation
  • Bleeding thatcan be as in the form of a single droplet on toilet paper after going to the toilet, or to flow in a thin trickle. It is very important to stop it so that blood loss is minimal
  • Falling of hemorrhoids that occurs with external hemorrhoids
  • Difficulties during the trip to the toilet, because due to the strong swelling of the mucosa, the increase of the nodes themselves, the calves are harder to pass, and therefore a person can startto disturb constipation. And they further exacerbate the condition of

. If a person has at least one of the above symptoms, you should immediately visit a proctologist doctor who will conduct an examination and prescribe the correct treatment.

Bepanten. Pharmacology and composition

Bepanten - cream for external use.

Bepanten - cream for external use.

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Sometimes specialists in hemorrhoids recommend patients to buy an ointment like Bepanten. It is widely known in the circles of young mothers, who use it to heal cracks in the chest after the first feeding. The drug is available in several forms, but the most popular is the ointment and cream, which is easy enough to apply, and they are sold in any pharmacy. The main active substance in Bepantene is dexpanthenol, which is able to have several actions:

  • Healing. It is very important to set up the regeneration process when cracks appear on the skin, because this will determine the speed of repair of the damaged area. And, as is known, even a very small scratch or crack can penetrate a serious infection. And Bepanten has a healing effect not only on the skin itself, but also on the mucous too
  • Antiseptic effect. This is very important for hemorrhoids, since the problem site is located with a direct source of infection, and therefore it is very important to heal the formed wounds
  • in time. Prevention of the inflammatory process. This action is due to the antiseptic property of the drug, due to which the inflammatory process slows down and gradually descends to "no"
  • Cooling effect, especially if the ointment is stored in the refrigerator. If a person suffers severe itching, burning, then, just a cool ointment can alleviate the condition
  • Softens and moisturizes the skin

Bepantene is considered a very fatty cream. But it is considered not as a minus, but as a plus, because with hemorrhoids( if cracks appeared on the skin) it is very important to restore integrity to protect the body from harmful bacteria and germs. After applying the ointment to the skin, the cream is well absorbed, and the amount of fat present in the composition is converted to the skin in nutrients.

How to use and contraindications

Bepanten - excellent cream

Bepanten - excellent cream

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How to use Bepanten for hemorrhoids, only the doctor who prescribes treatment can say. But in most cases, appoint it one to two times a day, and apply the cream to clean skin, so that the effect is maximum. If we talk about the duration of the application, then everything will depend on how quickly healing takes place. Some people have to use Bepanten for more than two weeks, while others need it only in the first three to five days of exacerbation. Separately, one has to say about contraindications, because, despite the positive feedback about Bepantene, it can not be used if there is an individual intolerance to the main component of the drug - dexpanthenol. In other cases, there are no contraindications, because the ointment( cream) has an exclusively local effect.

Side effects of

One of the most common side effects is an allergic reaction. It occurs either in the case of individual intolerance of the components of the drug, or if it is used improperly. So, more often it can be the amplified itch, a urticaria, a boring which so aggravate bad state of health. If these side effects occur, the drug should be discontinued.

Bepantene with hemorrhoids is used quite widely, especially when it is necessary to heal the wounds that have appeared. However, before applying it is better to consult with a specialist, since there are a number of cases when it is not worth using, because there will be no effect.

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