Allocations for hemorrhoids - several reasons to be on the alert

No matter if it is diagnosed with hemorrhoids, or not, the appearance of atypical secretions from the rectum is always alarming. Almost always, such secretions indicate that the pathological process is going on in the body, and, therefore, you need to seek advice from the proctologist.

However, sometimes for some reason you can not immediately get qualified medical care, so you need to arm yourself with information about the nature of the discharge in hemorrhoids in order to assess their danger to the body.


  • 1 As shown by hemorrhoids
  • 2 Mucous discharge - when they are pathology
  • 3 Blood from the anus is differentiated causes
  • 4 If hemorrhoids are accompanied by purulent discharge
  • 5 Treatment of discharge in hemorrhoids
  • 6 Preventive measures


Allocations for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - internal and external( evident)

Not always people suffering from hemorrhoids have the courage to admit that they suffer from such a disease. It seems to them that in the public mind there is a negative image about it.

However, in this pathology there is nothing indecent, hemorrhoids are similar to veins in varicose veins, only it is located in a very sensitive area. In this condition, the veins of the rectum are stretched, swollen, inflamed. This happens for several reasons:

  • Constant constipation.
  • Inflammatory diseases, tumors of the pelvic organs and rectum.
  • Sitting work.
  • Hypodynamia, or lack of mobility.
  • Heavy physical work.
  • Abuse of laxatives.

These causes cause stagnant venous blood in the cavernous bodies of the rectum. Their walls expand, traumatize, they are ruptured and eroded. Hemorrhoids can be both inside the anus and outside it. External hemorrhoids( or external thrombosis) cause great suffering. It manifests itself with pain during defecation, burning and itching in the anus, with the loss of hemorrhoids.

Exacerbation of the disease occurs during pregnancy, as the growing uterus dramatically increases the load on the venous apparatus, increased pressure damages the veins. And with acute, and with a chronic phase of discharge with hemorrhoids can have a different character.

Mucous discharge - when they are pathology

Allocations for hemorrhoids

Varicose veins widening is hemorrhoids

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In the healthy intestine, a small amount of mucosal substance is almost always produced, which supports the dynamics of the intestine. It performs many functions, one of which - in the case of inflammatory processes, to prevent clumping of the intestinal tissues, since the mucosa in such cases changes its structure.

With hemorrhoids secretion of mucus secretions increases, it is released from the rectum, causing great discomfort. The area of ​​the anus becomes irritated, the skin and mucous are macerated due to constant moisture, erosions appear on them, and permanent itching causes enormous discomfort.

Almost never increased mucus secretion is not the only sign of hemorrhoids. If it is accompanied by such symptoms as:

  1. abdominal pain,
  2. pruritus and burning sensation in the rectum,
  3. foreign body sensation,
  4. obstruction during bowel evacuation,
  5. large amount of mucus secreted during defecation,

should consult a coloproctologist to clarify the diagnosis. Unfortunately, similar symptoms can be and at very serious pathologies of bodies of a small basin as mucosal discharge is a protective reaction of an organism to inflammatory processes in GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT.

If hemorrhoids are not treated, mucus will start to separate regardless of the act of defecation due to relaxation of the anal sphincter, and the inflammation process will progress. Mucous discharge can acquire a different color or consistency. For example, they can become turbid, or they may have an impurity of blood.

Blood from the anus - differentiate the causes of

Allocations for hemorrhoids

Allocations for hemorrhoids - cause for alarm!

In case of injury to the dilated veins, hemorrhoids that go beyond the rectum, bleeding often occurs. Most often, blood is released during a visit to the toilet, it may also occur during hygiene procedures.

Sometimes it is rather scarce, only a few drops of blood released during defecation, and sometimes it is a small trickle of blood at the end of the bowel movement.

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The color of bloody discharge is scarlet or dark red, depending on the intensity of bleeding. Even a few drops of blood on the toilet paper should alert and serve as a reason for a thorough examination.

If this symptom is accompanied by discomfort in the digestive tract, as well as an unusual form of excrement, which become atypically thin - a clinical picture of colon cancer appears.

For hemorrhoids, blood suppositories can be used with special suppositories for anesthetizing and stopping bleeding based on:

  • Xeronform
  • Novocain
  • Belladonna extract
  • Cocoa butter
  • Adrenaline solution

If bleeding is accompanied by painful pain, a thrombus can be removed that the doctor can remove during surgery.

If hemorrhoids are accompanied by purulent secretions of

Purulent discharge in hemorrhoids is a manifestation of a complicated process. Most often, the cause is thrombosis of the hemorrhoidal node, or inflammation of the tissue of tissues located around the anus - paraproctitis.

In this case, very severe pain, significant temperature increase, swelling and redness of the tissues join the purulent discharge. It is necessary to distinguish these symptoms from the manifestation of other diseases:

  • Breakthrough of the pararectal abscess.
  • Neoplasms of various etiologies, including malignant ones.
  • Ulcerative colitis.
  • Pararectal fistulas.
  • Complications after hemorrhoid surgery due to falling into the surgical wound from the stool of pathogenic microbes.

With purulent discharge during hemorrhoids, therapeutic measures are aimed at eliminating the cause of the disease, restoring immunity, preventing relapses. In case of significant complications, surgical intervention, drainage of the affected area, antibacterial agents are used.

Treatment of discharge in hemorrhoids

Allocations for hemorrhoids

Discharge of hemorrhoids can carry a different character

If the hemorrhoids are at an early stage of their development, a conservative treatment can alleviate the condition:

  • Therapeutic gymnastics
  • Diet for loosening the chair
  • Taking the laxatives
  • Cool local baths

Careful hygienearea of ​​the anus, use wet napkins, hygiene products after visiting the toilet. If the process is complicated by the loss of hemorrhoids, bleeding, hospital treatment is necessary, in complicated cases - surgical intervention. In addition to the treatment prescribed by the doctor, folk medicine can be used:

  1. For local trays, 10% of the broth of a camel thorn.
  2. In case of bleeding, juice of a medicinal lime( 1 teaspoon 3 times a day), or juice of a lice( 1 teaspoon every 2 hours).
  3. For sedentary baths - dry leaves of nightshade black( 8 tablespoons), insist 4 hours in 2-2.5 liters of very hot water.
  4. When bleeding - very effective borage juice per dess.l.3-4 times a day.
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Preventative measures

One of the main causes of hemorrhoids is chronic constipation. To avoid it, you need to saturate your food with fiber, which is found in vegetables, fruits, cereals, and other plant foods. Porridge from various cereals or their mixtures, fresh fruit, stewed vegetables and salads from them, dishes from legumes and cereals will saturate the diet with fiber. It is also necessary to drink a sufficient amount of liquid, 7-8 glasses a day.

Do not ignore the desire of the intestines to empty, if you postpone going to the toilet until the right time, you can be sure that you will have to strain hard, which leads to a risk of getting hemorrhoids. When you go to the toilet, do not spend a lot of time there, just a few minutes.

Active way of life, playing sports or simple gymnastics will help maintain the body's tone. In the workplace you need to change the position of the body more often, take breaks to walk, or, conversely, sit.

If you have symptoms similar to those of hemorrhoids, do not delay the trip to the doctor. It is he who will be able to assess the manifestations of the disease, to prescribe adequate therapy. If there are atypical discharges with hemorrhoids, you need to differentiate them from the signs of other diseases, go through the necessary examination.

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