Treatment of hemorrhoids: surgical treatment, suppositories, cheap ointment from hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a disease that many people know. To a greater or lesser degree, a huge number of people are faced, among whom women, men and even children meet with equal frequency. With hemorrhoids, the pressure in the veins of the small pelvis increases, as a result of which the veins expand and fall out hemorrhoids, which are clearly felt, prevent walking, sitting and can hurt.


  • 1 Features of the disease
  • 2 Application of ointments and suppositories
  • 3 Common ointments from hemorrhoids
  • 4 Surgical treatment

Features of the disease

cheap ointment from hemorrhoids

Ointment is a good form of the drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Translated from Latin, the word "hemorrhoids" is translated as "bleeding".Bleeding during hemorrhoids is really not uncommon. The lumps themselves or the anal fissure can break through. Through an open wound and damage, infection can occur, and inflammation occurs.

The loss of nodules and the expansion of veins leads to both lack of physical activity, constipation and malnutrition, and the abuse of laxatives and cleansing enemas. In people who are overweight, this disease is very common. Lead to hemorrhoids can and pregnancy, childbirth and even unnecessarily careful hygiene of the anus.

It is impossible to calculate exactly how many people suffer from hemorrhoids, since most of them prefer to hide this delicate problem and to be treated at home, which can be dangerous. It is not always possible to cure the disease solely with folk remedies. It is not recommended to buy the first candles in the pharmacy. Cheap ointment from hemorrhoids can be effective only with the right selection. Hemorrhoids have many forms, species and nuances.

What is suitable for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, is not always suitable for external. Modern medicine offers a huge amount of funds for combating hemorrhoids. Most of them are painless and very effective if treated on time, at the initial stage of the disease.

The internal form of hemorrhoids is more difficult to treat, since cones are located inside. They can be injured during defecation, so bleeding and pain with this form of hemorrhoids occur much more often in the initial stages. It is more difficult to remove internal hemorrhoids, not all non-invasive methods of treatment may be appropriate.

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Application of ointments and suppositories

cheap ointment from hemorrhoids

Inexpensive ointment from hemorrhoids: Relief

Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids can not do without candles and ointments. In pharmacies, you can find a huge number of different remedies for hemorrhoids. They actively and quickly relieve pain, inflammation, promote resorption of cones.

The doctor must choose the funds. It is not always possible to choose a suitable remedy, because all candles and ointments have different components and have different properties: they increase the tone of the veins, relieve swelling and pain, stop bleeding, heal, etc.

Candles are considered to be more convenient to use, because they are easier to enter and arrive at the place of damage in the proper dosage. With internal hemorrhoids, it can be difficult to introduce ointments, but some of them( for example, Relief) have special nozzles with holes that allow you to insert ointment into the rectum. There are several general rules for the use of suppositories and ointments:

  • All procedures must be carried out after washing. Regardless of whether there was a defecation before that, you need to wash yourself with mild soap and then use candles and ointments.
  • Hands should be washed with soap before opening candles or ointment.
  • Please read the instructions for the preparation carefully. Some of them should not be used too often, they have side effects and contraindications.
  • Ointments can be used externally, and the candles should not be injected too deeply, it is enough to pass the sphincter so that the candle does not come out again. As a rule, hemorrhoids, even internal, are located near the anal opening.
  • Ointments and candles are never fully absorbed, they have auxiliary components that after a while go out and remain on the laundry. Therefore, it is recommended to use sanitary napkins for the duration of treatment.
  • Ointments do not need to be administered orally. When treating internal hemorrhoids, they can be applied to a clean cotton pad and applied to cones overnight. You can not rub the ointment into nodules or knead them, it can damage the veins and lead to bleeding.
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Common ointments for hemorrhoids

cheap ointment from hemorrhoids

The choice of ointments for hemorrhoids treatment is wide enough

The doctor should choose the ointment taking into account the features and stages of the disease. Dosage and treatment should also be prescribed by the proctologist. Especially prudent should be pregnant women: not all ointments are allowed during pregnancy, some of the components can affect the development of the fetus. The most popular ointments are:

  • Procto-Glivenol. This ointment is combined and very effective. It actively increases the tone of the vessels and strengthens them, relieves pain and inflammation. Symptoms disappear very quickly. Ointment can be used during pregnancy as prescribed by the doctor, except for the first trimester.
  • Ointment of Vishnevsky. This ointment is not intended for the treatment of hemorrhoids, but it is often prescribed as an anti-inflammatory drug, safe for pregnant and lactating women. Ointment is applied to the lumps not earlier than on the 4th day of treatment.
  • Ointment Relief. The drug has another version - Relief Advance, which can be used for internal and external hemorrhoids, as well as anal fissure and preparation for surgery. Ointment is relatively inexpensive and very effective in the initial stages of the disease. It will be difficult to get rid of large and painful cones with the help of a single ointment. Sometimes it is recommended to use both candles and Relief ointment at the same time.
  • Ointment Gepatrombin. The drug actively dissolves blood clots and strengthens blood vessels. It can be used several times a day. With external hemorrhoids ointment is very effective.
  • Ointment Heparinic. Do not expect this drug to have an instant effect. Ointment does not relieve symptoms quickly, but it affects the vessels, improving blood flow and dissolving blood clots. As a result of regular use, the edema subsides, the bumps dissolve, the inflammation decreases.
  • Methyluracil ointment. Like heparin, this ointment will not help to quickly remove the pain and itching. Methyluracil promotes the rapid regeneration of tissues, so this drug is often prescribed for bleeding hemorrhoids and anal fissures.
  • Troxevasin. This ointment is known for its venoprotective properties. Use it is recommended only with external hemorrhoids. With regular use of the walls of the vessels become more elastic, the veins become stronger, the inflammatory process stops.
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Surgical treatment

cheap ointment from hemorrhoids

Troxerutin: cheap ointment from hemorrhoids

Modern medicine allows in most cases to avoid surgical intervention. There is a mass of painless and effective non-surgical methods of treating this disease, but almost all of them are effective only in the first or second stage of hemorrhoids.

If the disease is already started, the bumps drop out permanently, almost do not correct and deliver a lot of problems to the patient, there is only one way out - surgery. The safest kind of surgical treatment for hemorrhoids is laser removal.

Using a laser helps to avoid general anesthesia, extensive bleeding and soreness. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. After the procedure, there is no need to stay in the hospital unless the doctor has detected complications.

The laser is effective for large cones. However, no procedure guarantees the absence of problems when returning to the usual way of life. After surgery, you should avoid constipation, adhere to proper nutrition, move more, observe the water regime.

The safest kind of surgical treatment for hemorrhoids is laser removal.

The classic method of removing hemorrhoids is called hemorrhoidectomy. It is used in the most difficult and neglected cases in 4 stages of hemorrhoids. During the operation, the skin is excised together with the nodule, and then the tissues are sewn together. After this procedure, the patient is in hospital for some time under the supervision of a doctor.

After anesthesia has passed, there is a sharp pain. This is the main complication after the operation, as well as the retention of urine. The patient will have to undergo a series of procedures to heal the postoperative sutures and restore the intestine. The patient receives an anesthetic for the first time.

Unfortunately, such an operation does not guarantee a complete cure. Several years after the procedure, the patient may experience unpleasant, painful sensations during defecation, bleeding is resumed, and hemorrhoids can also return.

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