Hemorrhoids in the initial stage: treatment, symptoms, traditional medicine

Hemorrhoids become an increasingly common disease due to the emergence of a large number of "sedentary" occupations, computers, fast food, etc. At the initial stage, hemorrhoids are treatable, but often people prefer not to pay attention to it, since cones are small, quickly disappear and do not cause any special pain.


  • 1 Reasons for the appearance of hemorrhoids
  • 2 Symptoms of the initial stage of hemorrhoids
  • 3 How to treat hemorrhoids at the initial stage?
  • 4 Treatment with folk remedies

Reasons for the appearance of hemorrhoids

Say no to hemorrhoids

Active way of life as prevention of hemorrhoids

There are several reasons for the appearance of this unpleasant disease:

  • Hypodinamy. With the advent of cars, elevators, office professions, computers and laptops, the reasons for the move are getting smaller. Food brought to the house, the work does not require a break from the computer table, and you can get home by car. Sedentary lifestyle negatively affects the blood flow, muscles and vessels weaken, resulting in hemorrhoids.
  • Power. Malnutrition leads to constipation, which in turn provokes the loss of hemorrhoids. The absence of coarse fiber in the diet, fast food, carbonated drinks, snacks on the go, strong coffee - all this has a negative effect on the intestines and stomach.
  • Alcohol and smoking. Alcohol and smoking increase the flow of blood to the organs of the small pelvis and provoke stagnation. Especially dangerous for the intestines are light alcoholic beverages such as beer, champagne, cocktails.
  • Hereditary predisposition. Separately, heredity can not be the cause. There is always a push that provokes the appearance of hemorrhoids, for example, food or lack of physical activity. Heredity affects the condition of the vessels. If they are weak, hemorrhoids will appear faster and earlier. Excess weight. People with excess weight are more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids and diseases of the cardiovascular system and the digestive tract. The more weight, the harder it is to move. The lack of normal physical activity and the burden on the pelvic organs are the causes of many health problems.
  • Pregnancy and birth-related attempts. Even during pregnancy, almost every woman is faced with the prolapse of hemorrhoids. This is due to hormonal restructuring, which affects the tone of the vessels, and the growing uterus, stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. If a woman is prescribed a bed rest, avoiding hemorrhoids is even more difficult. During labor, it only intensifies.
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Symptoms of the initial stage of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids in the initial stage

To hesitate to talk about hemorrhoids in any case impossible!

Do not notice hemorrhoids hard. He has his own symptoms, familiar to everyone, but not everyone thinks it necessary to consult a doctor until there are clearly expressed painful feelings. It is important not to miss when hemorrhoids appear. The initial stage, the treatment of which is much easier and faster, is revealed by several characteristic features:

  • Painful defecation. At the initial stage, the pain is not strong, it can be absent altogether. During constipation, a sensation of pressure, irritation in the anal area appears. The pain quickly passes after the end of defecation, so it does not cause much anxiety. If you deal with the treatment of hemorrhoids at this stage, you can correct the problem with the help of proper nutrition and simple charging. Falling of hemorrhoids. It is after the appearance of cones that it becomes clear that this is hemorrhoids. The most characteristic sign of the disease. At the initial stage, the cones are small, quickly replaced. Some time after defecation, they can be felt, interfere, but pass for several hours. The appearance of cones requires more thorough treatment, as they signal the weakness of the vessels.
  • Blood during defecation. At the initial stage does not always appear. Cones begin to bleed already in 3 or 4 stages. However, blood may appear before the cones fall. With constipation, microtraumas, small cracks, which often accompany hemorrhoids, are possible.
  • Itching and burning in the anus. Burning can appear even before the nodules fall. It speaks of irritation and inflammation of the rectum and the very anus. When the cones become large enough, mucus begins to be released, which causes itching and burning. Itching also occurs with small anal fissures, when they begin to contract.
  • Feeling of unfinished stool. If after the defecation there is a sensation of raspiraniya and foreign body inside, you need to see a doctor. This may be a sign of internal hemorrhoids at the initial stage or a polyp in the gut.
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How to treat hemorrhoids at the initial stage?

Hemorrhoids in the initial stage

Rational nutrition - also prevention of hemorrhoids

The initial stage of hemorrhoids is treated with conservative methods. The doctor will prescribe suppositories or ointments to strengthen the tone of the vessels and to remove the pain syndrome. Candles are applied by courses. They should be inserted every time after defecation and after water procedures up to 3 times a day.

There is no universal remedy. The doctor will designate exactly those candles that will be most effective in a particular case. When bleeding is often appointed Natalsid, as he stops the blood. The candles of Relief are also popular. They act immediately in several directions: relieve pain and itching, strengthen the vessels, help reduce cones, relieve inflammation.

Prevention of constipation is very important. Candles will not help if every time you have to push in the toilet. The pressure on the vessels will not let the cones get drawn. The doctor will advise a special diet, which should be adhered to at least two months to allow the vessels to recover. Then the diet can be expanded. It is advisable to abandon alcohol, baking, rice, chocolate, strong black tea and coffee, spicy food, fast food, soda, spices.

If the diet does not help, and the constipation does not stop, the doctor will prescribe the drug to normalize the bowel. It can be Normaise or DuPhalac based on lactulose, Fitomycil based on fiber, as well as preparations containing senna( Phytolax, Regulax).Preparations with hay can not be taken continuously. They irritate the intestines, can cause painful spasms. Dufalac and Fitomycil can be drunk for a long time, even during pregnancy. They do not cause diarrhea, spasms and pain, but contribute to the natural movement of food through the intestines.

At an initial stage of a hemorrhoids it is important to not suppose strong constipations, differently cones will increase.

If constipation lasts for several days, in addition to Norma and Fitomycil, emergency measures must be taken. For example, put an enema. Microclasms are sold in pharmacies. They relieve constipation and do not disturb the intestinal microflora.

Treatment with folk remedies

Hemorrhoids in the initial stage

Hemorrhoids in the initial stage can be treated with folk remedies

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Treat hemorrhoids folk remedies without consulting a doctor is dangerous and not always effective. The advice of friends and acquaintances about how they cured hemorrhoids is not universal. Hemorrhoids are caused by various causes, has different types, stages, is accompanied by complications, so it is necessary to treat it only after a careful examination and an accurate diagnosis.

In addition, some traditional medicine can cause severe allergies and only exacerbate the situation. There are several effective recipes:

  • The most harmless and effective traditional medicine for treating the initial stage of hemorrhoids are warm baths with chamomile, St. John's wort or manganese. With external hemorrhoids, such baths quickly relieve inflammation and itching.
  • It is believed that raw potatoes help with hemorrhoids. When internal hemorrhoids are recommended to insert small candles from raw potatoes, with the external form of hemorrhoids enough to grate the potatoes on a grater, wrap in gauze and attach to knots.
  • Strengthen the vessels and accelerate the disappearance of hemorrhoids can be with the help of ice. A few cubes should be put in a clean gauze and for a few minutes attached to the cones. Keep for a long time is not recommended to prevent hypothermia.
  • Cold in any form is considered an effective method of combating hemorrhoids. It will serve as an excellent prophylaxis, strengthen the walls of the vessels. All you need is to wash yourself with cool water. It is advisable to do this every time after defecation instead of toilet paper, which irritates the skin. Soap should be hypoallergenic, liquid.
  • Treat hemorrhoids and honey. First you need to make sure that he is not allergic. Candied honey, collected a year or a half ago, is formed in the form of candles and inserted into the anus. Such soft candles do not injure the mucous, dissolve, but leave spots on the laundry.

There are also dozens of folk remedies, but most of them should be treated with caution. When choosing procedures, you must first discuss them with your doctor.

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