How to lose weight in the face?

How to lose weight in the face?

Most often, they are looking for an answer to the question: how to lose weight in the face of girls with plump cheeks and a rounded face. And sometimes every extra kilogram immediately goes to the area of ​​the chin or cheeks. What to do, how to make a person lose weight quickly and effectively?

Advice of dietitians on the topic, what to do to lose weight face?

  1. It is important not to allow edema of the face, which means, to drink at least two liters of water, so that the body does not save it in the middle. Avoid carbonated beverages, it is advisable to consume green tea or herbal infusions.
  2. It is forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages, no matter how weak they are. This nuance is determined by dehydration of the body, which turns into swelling on the face.
  3. Greater use of vegetables and fruits, fiber is necessary to maintain water balance.
  4. It is necessary to reduce the intake of salt, they do not allow the fluid to leave the body.
  5. Also useful to fully rest, sleep for at least 8 hours, walk in the fresh air, do light gymnastic exercises for the whole body.

What to do to lose weight in a few days?

Simple massage, tapping on the chin and cheeks, this will help improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue. Do the procedure several times a day, while you should be completely relaxed and focused on the massage.

What to do to lose weight in a few days?

How fast can I lose weight? There is a special high-performance face mask. To make it, you need lemon juice, yeast, egg white( for oily skin).For normal or combined - oat flakes, yeast and vitamin A in capsules. The composition is applied abundantly on the face, neck and chest and washed off with warm water after 20 minutes.

Cosmetologists offer to use special gymnastics, which will give a positive result for weight loss, strengthen the tone of the cheeks and help avoid facial wrinkles.

Exercises - how to lose weight in the face!

What to do to lose weight:

  • we take a pencil in our teeth and try to write a word in the air, M and W are considered useful;
  • cross arms and take hold of the shoulders, rhythmically pull the neck and hold the position for a few seconds, return to the starting position;
  • pull out his lips with a tube and distinctly pronounce the vowel letters.

At home, these procedures are very effective and in a few days there will be first results.

How to lose weight quickly without exhausting workouts?

It is necessary to give up the habit of drinking tea or water before going to bed, it must be done during the day. Saturate the body with useful vitamins and minerals, do wiping herbal decoctions.

How to lose weight quickly without exhausting training?

You can brew black tea and wipe your face with a napkin, instead of balms for washing.

As for the diet to lose weight, you should minimize the consumption of smoked products, salty foods, sour, sharp, flour and confectionery. It is possible to effectively make unloading days, on buckwheat, watermelons, apples, cucumbers, it is desirable to fill dishes with lemon juice instead of salt and spices.

It is necessary to go to bed at 10 pm, and get up at 7, the spillage also adversely affects the face, swelling and swelling appear.

Visual modeling

How to lose weight in the face using hair styling? To do this, you should give the haircut the right shape, learn how to apply makeup to narrow your cheekbones and give your face.

The effect of full cheeks creates high hairstyles, framed by curls on the sides. As well as voluminous hair on the top of the hair and tightly adhering to the cheeks strands. As for cosmetics, in this situation, correct makeup is important. In addition to the classic powder, you need to take another tone - the tone is darker, it needs to be applied along the jaw and chin, and bright blush directly under the cheekbones. In such cunning ways, you can achieve a neat and attractive appearance, but everything is simple and safe!

What you need to lose weight in a man's face?

To correct the contour of the face, you can make a massage to strengthen the tone of the muscles. For this:

  • prepared herbal infusion, take a spoonful of herbs( chamomile, sage, linden), pour a 1.5 glass of hot water and insist 20 minutes;
  • the towel is lowered in herbal infusion and well soaked;
  • further take it by the ends in both hands and pull it in different directions, so that it slams on the chin.

Some more effective exercises.

  • We bend the head to the left shoulder, and the left hand lies on the left temple. Now you need to touch your head with your head, and hand to prevent it. We do exactly the same on the right side.
  • We place the elbow on the table, and place the fist under the chin and forcefully try to lower the face downwards, interfering with the hand.
  • We connect the teeth tightly and try to pull down the lower lip.

Even for people with chubby cheeks, these procedures will be effective and useful, with regular training the person will not only lose weight, but also improve his tone, strengthen the muscles of the cheeks and chin.

Answering the question - whether it is possible to lose weight on the face, you can affirmatively say "Yes", the main thing is a little perseverance and willpower, and the result will not make you wait long!

How to lose weight in the face - testimonials of the lucky ones

Veronica writes:
I want to lose weight, what should I do for this? Is this real?
Victoria Semenovna, cosmetologist and nutritionist.
How to lose weight in the face? And it's very simple, most importantly, to limit yourself in high-calorie dishes and empty carbohydrates, which give subcutaneous fat, which accumulates on the internal organs and gives the puffiness of the face. It is necessary to give preference to natural food, to products of natural cultivation. A simple home massage and exercises will help in a short time to get the perfect outline of the face. All at all need to do light pats on the cheeks, strain the chin and do not drink before going to bed a lot of fluids. To lead an active way of life and enjoy life! Everything will be fine, and the appearance will please you with a wonderful, thin face!

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