How to remove birthmarks from your face correctly

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  • Kinds of moles on the face depending on the size
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  • How to remove moles from the face: Video
  • Dangerous mole: who to contact
  • How to remove moles
  • Folk remedies or modern medicine?
  • How to remove a birthmark from your face: Video

Today there is hardly anyone who did not have at least one birthmark. They are noticeable, above all, on our faces. And not always a mole looks like a certain highlight. Quite often it brings not only discomfort, but also a danger to health. So, what are birthmarks from a medical point of view, and how can they be removed from the face?

Kinds of moles on the face depending on the size of the

Mole on the face Mole is a congenital or acquired benign or malignant formation. It is formed as a result of supersaturation of skin cells with a pigment. According to statistics, a person can have several types of these formations simultaneously. They are classified in different ways. For example, in color: white, pink, red, brown and blue. Also their types can be divided into sizes:

  • small( up to 1.5 cm in diameter);
  • average( 1.5-10 cm);
  • large( more than 10 cm);
  • giant - those that are located around the entire face or other part of the body.

Medical classification of

Many specialists tend to combine birthmarks in more extensive types. According to this classification, conclusions are drawn about how to remove the birthmark on the face or other part of the body. It looks like this:

  1. Convex birthmark. Its root is located deep under the skin in diameter up to one centimeter. Often they are small and dark. The skin can be convex and smooth.
  2. Flat birthmark. On the face a flat birthmark is extremely rare. It is located on the upper layers of the skin without a deep root.
  3. Birthmarks - hemangiomas. These spots are very different in size and appearance. Vascular hemangiomas are pink or red. Non-vascular can be any color or size, and quite often resemble warts.
  4. Giant birthmarks. Most often they have a flat appearance, but the color is very diverse. As a rule, such birthmarks appear in childhood and grow with a person.
  5. Blue birthmark. This birthmark is very common on the face. Its form can range from smooth to convex. Refers to medium-sized moles.

How to remove moles from the face: Video

Dangerous mole: who to contact


I just want to note that you should not panic because of each of its moles. To get rid of all such formations is impossible, and there is no need. Many of them are absolutely not dangerous and carry absolutely no threat to health and even more so for life. At the same time, suspicious birthmarks include:

  • neoplasms, which appeared in adulthood;
  • are the ones that change their shape and color;
  • are all related to medium-sized( more than 1.5 cm in diameter).

All new or changing neoplasms are always noticeable, especially on the face. You can not remove the birthmark from your face. This is a serious procedure, which is prohibited at home. You should understand that you can easily do yourself irreparable harm if you try to get rid of the house spot.

First of all, you need to contact a dermatologist. This specialization is associated with skin changes and neoplasms on it. Also, it would be superfluous to make an appointment with an oncologist, first of all for personal peace.

Only after a complete examination of the dermatologist it will be clear what kind of formations you have encountered. Only an expert can give correct recommendations on how to get rid of the birthmark that appeared on the face. Remember, there are a lot of removal methods, and without a doctor's inspection do not immediately write blindly to the removal procedure you have chosen.

Methods for removing moles

Laser removal of moles It should be understood that no moxibustion or bandaging of moles at home can be done categorically. This can lead to at times even irreparable consequences. To diagnose the birthmark that appears on the face that needs to be removed, only the doctor can. And only he decides which method of removal is most suitable for the patient for a particular case. But the most famous of them know, yet, does not interfere.

  • The first method is the surgical, the is the most common. It is used for deep and large formations. It is also recommended if the birthmark is cancerous. The main drawback of this method is the scars. Speaking of birthmarks on the face, from the aesthetic point of view, the surgical method is not very recommended.
  • A more gentle method is liquid nitrogen , that is cold. Its main advantage is that the tissue is not removed, and this protects the body from infection. Minus the same application of this procedure is that during it can suffer and healthy tissue. The fact is that liquid nitrogen is very difficult to direct to a specific area of ​​the skin.
  • Today the method of laser surgery is gaining popularity. It allows you to get rid of birthmarks quickly and qualitatively - both on the face and on other parts of the body. Its main advantage over other methods is that the laser beam does not affect healthy tissues and does not leave scars. However, if you have large moles, the method of laser surgery will not work.
  • And, finally, the most effective method of removing birthmarks is radiosurgery .

Rado-surgery of moles Radiocoagulant does not affect healthy tissues. It is used to remove formations of any size. It is also prescribed for both benign and malignant moles. In addition to everything, after the procedure birthmark can be sent to biochemistry.

Folk remedies or modern medicine?

If you are a fan of folk remedies, you need to understand some of their important features. No folk remedy is confirmed in medicine as effective. Moreover, folk methods can not only not help you get rid of a birthmark, but even cause tragic consequences. The safest folk methods include:

  • Juice celandine. It is applied to the birthmark three times a day with petroleum jelly. Vaseline is used to form a convenient ointment for application.
  • Vinegar. It is applied one drop per day to the birthmark for five days.
  • Lapis pencil. This method is considered the most effective of those used to get rid of unwanted spots. Juice of lemon and garlic. They are applied one by one to the mole about 30 seconds. This procedure is repeated for two weeks.
  • Some people try the plot. Although in practice, neither traditional healers nor doctors will confirm whether it is possible to remove moles with the help of a conspiracy.

In any case, even seeing the problem, one must realize that it is only doctors who can diagnose this or that birthmark and remove it.

At home, the removal procedure can not be performed. And if someone suddenly falls into the eyes of such an announcement - do not react to it, it's a lie. You should clearly understand that folk remedies are in no way used to remove large moles or change color or size.

Remember that your own health depends on the correctness of your choice. Only a dermatologist can make a correct diagnosis and give the necessary recommendations. Disregarding doctors, you can not only not achieve the desired result, but on the contrary - do yourself harm only.

How to remove from the face of a mole: Video

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Published: 02-11-2014