Removal of a mole by electrocoagulation

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    • What moles can be removed?
    • Advantages and contraindications of electrocoagulation
    • Stages of scarring. Illustration
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  • Why birthmarks appear: Video
  • How does the procedure for electrocoagulation
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Birthmark, or nevus, is a congenital or acquired lesion on the skin, which in itself is safe. Even there is a belief that the more moles, the happier a person. But unfortunately, under certain conditions, they can mutate and degenerate into a dangerous melanoma, and this is where their removal is required. One of the modern safe and effective methods for eliminating these tumors is the removal of the mole by electrocoagulation.


What is electrocoagulation and why it is needed

In medicine and medical cosmetology, there are several different ways to remove moles. Usually the word "removal" is associated with a surgical intervention by means of a scalpel, pain and unavoidable scars remaining after the operation.

Compared with surgery, electrocautery is the less traumatic way to get rid of a problem nevus - removal of tumors with the help of high-frequency current. This method is used not only to eliminate the cosmetic defect, but also to prevent the degeneration of the birthmark into malignant formation.

What moles can be removed?

Of course, if the mole carries a certain charm and even sexuality, then hardly anyone will want to get rid of it. And why? Most often, removal is required by those tumors that are constantly exposed to mechanical influences( for example, friction against clothing).The risk group includes nevi, which are located in open areas of the body, which are adversely affected by ultraviolet rays. But there are so problematic birthmarks that their removal is simply necessary.


Only non-cancerous moles can be removed using electrocoagulation, as well as nevi with a timely detected precancerous condition. Whatever it was, but the doctor can prescribe this procedure only after a thorough diagnosis.

It should be understood that even minor trauma to the nevus can cause the development of melanoma. But this does not mean that you need to immediately get rid of any birthmark. Small flat neoplasms do not cause problems at all, but it's worth looking closely at the large ones that protrude considerably above the surface.

Most often, moles are removed in such cases:

  • if they are located on the neck in a place where they constantly suffer friction and serious injury with a collar, scarf, chain;
  • on those parts of the body where there is a permanent injury to elastic bands, shoulder straps and other details of clothing;
  • located in the armpits, when there is a danger of damaging them during the shaving process;
  • moles on the head in the hair, when possible risk of injury during haircuts or combing.


Advantages and contraindications of electrocoagulation

Compared with other methods of getting rid of nevi, removal of moles by electrocoagulation has a number of characteristic advantages:

  • carrying out the operation in a short time;
  • after the operation, repeated sessions are not required, that is, there are no relapses;
  • does not have consequences in the form of scars or scars;The
  • device fine-tunes the depth of penetration of the electric current;
  • no bleeding;
  • the risk of infection is reduced to a minimum;
  • even very small neoplasms are removed;
  • it is possible to save tissue fragments for further research.

Getting rid of any neoplasm involves sending the removed tissue to histological analysis. The procedure of electrocoagulation, unlike laser removal, gives this possibility, since the necessary biomaterial is not completely burned out and is suitable for examination.

Stages of scarring. Illustration

Stages of scarring


If there are cracks in the birthmark, changes in color, increased education, bleeding, if there is pain, itching, or an injury, the removal should be immediately decided by a specialist.

For all its merits, electrocoagulation of moles is contraindicated:

  • in pregnancy and lactation;
  • to people with a malignant tumor on the skin;
  • for chronic and viral infections( herpes);
  • when the blood clotting process is altered or disrupted;
  • if the body does not tolerate procedures with an electric shock.

Why birthmarks appear: Video

How does the procedure electrocoagulation

Electrocoagulation procedure

Electrocoagulation, though not quite a pleasant process, but is almost painless. The entire operation, depending on the size of the nevus, lasts approximately 20 minutes.and is performed as follows.

To exclude or minimize any discomfort, local anesthesia is first performed. Then the problem mole is cut with a thin metal loop under the high frequency current. Simultaneously, a small amount of surrounding tissue under the influence of the coagulant is cauterized, as if sealed vessels, thereby preventing blood loss. It also helps to avoid such unpleasant consequences as postoperative shock, edema, infection in the wound.

The treated area is tightened with a crust that disappears in a few days, and a flat, almost imperceptible scar is formed on this place. Small spots after the removal of moles electrocoagulation heal usually for 5 days, and two weeks later they are almost not visible.

When removing large problematic lesions, especially if they were cut off layer by layer, it may take about 14 days to fully heal the consequences of the operation. All this period, the wound will require special care: until the final healing it must be treated with antiseptic ointments, do not allow water, sunlight and other side effects.
The procedure for the removal of moles by this method is done in specialized clinics, and even then only after the preliminary dermatoscopy is performed. Women should bear in mind that for them the most favorable period of electrocoagulation is the first half of the cycle.

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Published: 15-05-2015