Laser moles removal: advantages and disadvantages

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  • Essence of laser removal of moles
    • Removal procedure
    • Advantages of laser removal
    • Disadvantages of method
  • Stages of removal of birthmark with laser
  • How to determine the cost of procedure
  • Do I need to remove moles? Video

The attitude to moles( nevi) has always been ambiguous. If a small neat birthmark located on the cheek or in the décolleté zone is a sign of charm and sexuality, nevi of large dimensions give rise to completely different sensations. Such "gifts" cause not only a feeling of psychological discomfort, but also can be very dangerous. To date, there are many ways to get rid of such neoplasms. Of modern methods, removal of moles by laser is considered the most effective.


Essence of laser removal of moles

Clean and smooth skin has always been considered a sign of good health. But so we are created, that nature bestows us with moles, warts, or other new formations. Usually, small nevuses do not pose a problem to their owners, especially if they are not located in an open area.

But what about those who have moles that rise above the surface of the skin, or even hang at all? Being for some zest of appearance, these "signs of destiny", at the same time, can cause a person tangible harm. Here, willy-nilly, you will think about how to get rid of them.

As a rule, removal of moles with a laser is recommended not only from an aesthetic point of view. The decisive factor is often permanent trauma in performing hygiene procedures, rubbing the nevus on clothing, unpleasant feelings after a visit to the solarium or visiting the beach. In addition, hormonal changes in nevi can lead to the formation of malignant melanoma.

When choosing a method of getting rid of problematic tumors, many are interested: is it painful to remove birthmarks with a laser beam, how safe and effective is it? As practice has shown, this procedure passes quickly and safely.


Its effectiveness lies in the fact that laser removal removes completely the nevus, which does not cause relapse. Evaporation of the tissue of the neoplasm, the laser beam leaves the surrounding dermal tissue intact. This is important, especially when it comes to the face or other visible parts of the body.

How to remove

Laser moles removal

And yet, how do laser moles remove moles? Depending on the type and size of this or that birthmark, the specialist selects a laser beam with the required wavelength. It is purposefully oriented to the enzyme melanin, which is found in the cells of the nevus being removed.

Application when removing moles of the laser leads to an active division of cells of normal tissues and a rapid update of those skin areas on which the formation previously existed. The removal of a small nevus takes about 5 minutes. Larger formations are removed layer by layer, in connection with which local anesthesia can be applied. Appear on this place a crust( scab), within a half to two weeks( until the scab disappears), you should regularly lubricate with special ointments. For each patient, the doctor appoints them individually.

Usually, after removing the moles with a laser, after a few days, the elastic skin is formed on the treated area, and there is not even a trace left from the operation. But it is worth remembering that after such a procedure you can not stay in the sun for a long time, and you also need to refrain from visiting the solarium.

Advantages of laser removal

Laser moles removal has gained popularity due to the following factors:

  • short-term operation;
  • no relapse - in the old place birthmarks no longer appear;
  • does not damage neighboring skin areas;
  • no pain;
  • no bleeding;
  • possibility of removal in hard-to-reach places( eyelids, genitals, etc.);
  • can be removed in one session several nevi;
  • no postoperative scars and scars;
  • rapid recovery and short-term rehabilitation period.

Disadvantages of the

method The main disadvantage of the laser removal procedure is the impossibility of taking remote tissue for analysis. The need for histological studies is due to the fact that some moles can eventually turn into malignant formations. But since it is impossible to conduct such a procedure, everyone who wants to remove the birthmark with a laser must take all the necessary tests before the operation.

If there is an allergy to ultraviolet( photodermosis), the laser can cause redness and swelling on the skin. You can not remove the birthmark with a laser during pregnancy, diabetes, oncological diseases and immunodeficiency states. In the case of confirmation of the malignant nature of the nevus, it is removed only surgically, and even then - in special medical institutions.

How to determine the cost of the

procedure Not so long ago laser removal of neoplasm was not an expensive pleasure. At least, people even with middle income could not afford it. Today, laser treatment is not enough for anyone, so the price has become quite acceptable for almost everyone.

To calculate how much it costs to remove the birthmark with a laser, you need to consider a number of attendant factors. First of all, a lot depends on what clinic you chose, and what the size of the tumor. In other words, the bigger the mole - the higher the price. But that's not all. In addition to the removal itself, it is necessary to find out whether the neoplasm is malignant. To do this, you need to consult with an experienced specialist, and also undergo dermatoscopy, which is also worth some money.

Body without moles

Trying to save money, some people use improvised means to get rid of moles. Turning to folk methods, one must understand that removing moles without an appropriate examination of tissues is fraught with serious problems, including cancer. But removing grandmother's way even benign education does not guarantee that after that, the skin will not remain undesirable cosmetic flaw.

Whether it is necessary to remove moles: Video

However, thanks to the painless procedure, the absence of scars and serious postoperative complications, laser removal technology is gaining increasing popularity. Nevertheless, even if a firm decision is made to remove the birthmark with a laser, all the same - be sure to consult a specialist and strictly follow his instructions.

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Published: 14-05-2015