How to stop blood from a mole: a doctor tells

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  • How to stop the blood from birthmarks: Video

Injuries in our life - from small domestic to serious industrial or obtained in various accidents - unfortunately, a common occurrence. And, having got used to this state of affairs, we often do not even pay much attention to them: the blood stopped - and all right. But sometimes a small, at first sight trifling scratch, can abruptly change all life. This, in particular, relates to moles. So how dangerous is their trauma, how to stop the blood from the birthmark and what needs to be done after?

Where they come from

Mole inflamed Birthmarks, or nevi( from the Latin naevus maternus) are very specific skin formations. Experts attribute them to a variety of benign tumors. However, these formations have one very bad tendency - to degenerate into malignant ones. In its essence, it is the accumulation of melanocyte cells in individual nodules or in limited areas of the skin.

In such cells, a pigment is accumulated, which gives the moles a different color. Those nevi that come from the blood and lymphatic systems are usually pale pink or bright red. Pigment nevi make up melanin, and they have different tones of brown or black.

Knowing what threat such educations constantly incur - the degeneration into a cancer tumor - they need to pay special attention. And if the birthmark is bleeding, it should not pass by your attention: you need to clearly understand what to do in such cases.

Reasons for the formation of


An unambiguous, unequivocal answer to the question of why birthmarks appear, alas, not yet. But dermatologists with a certain degree of certainty distinguish common, characteristic for the vast majority of cases, causes, which largely contribute to the appearance of nevi.

  • Heredity. Information about the skin cells, which in the future the body form a birthmark, is already embedded in the DNA.After all, no one is particularly surprised to see the birthmark of the child in the same place where she has a father or mother.
  • Ultraviolet radiation. This loud name denotes the usual sunlight. If it is a lot, even with an abundance, it is already bad. It is under the influence of ultraviolet our body produces melanin - a special substance - in huge quantities. The surplus of this substance entails an intense formation of pigment, which accumulates in melanocyte cells. Just perfect conditions for the formation of a new birthmark! And each of the already appeared can suddenly begin to degenerate into a cancer tumor.
  • Hormonal bursts. The pituitary gland produces a special hormone, which has the strongest effect on melanin, which pigment the nevus. Therefore, during the puberty of adolescents, when hormones simply boil in the body gaining strength, the appearance of new moles is not at all surprising. The same is observed in pregnant women: moles during this period can both appear and disappear without a trace.
  • Injuries and viruses. Most researchers are confident that moles appear under the influence of radioactive radiation. Another commonplace reason is the bite of innocuous, at first glance, insects: mosquitoes, bees. They are not very painful, but often leave marks on the skin that do not heal for a long time, and sometimes even blood appears. They can start the process of formation and grouping of melanocyte cells, which soon come to the surface as a ready-made birthmark.

Why birthmarks appear: Video

Kinds of moles

Doctors-dermatologists specializing in birthmarks classify them as follows:

  • Lengito, or borderline - flat, uniformly pigmented spots of brownish-brown tones. Formed at the border of the epidermis( the upper layer of the skin) and the dermis( middle ball).Feature: under the influence of ultraviolet does not change the color and does not increase the amount.
  • Epidermo-dermal - usually flat birthmarks, slightly above the skin, in diameter - from 1 to 10 mm.
  • Complex nevi - rise above the surface of the skin, smooth to touch, can be warty or covered with hair. The color of such formations is from corporal to black.
  • Nevtsy Sutton - the most mysterious neoplasms. Surrounded by a white aureole( girdle of clarified skin), they almost never degenerate into malignant tumors. Appear and disappear without any explanable reasons.
  • Blue nevuses are hemispherical smooth formations with a dense even surface, towering above the skin. Dimensions - from 0.5 to 2.0 cm, are localized on the face, buttocks, extremities.
  • Pigmented giant nevus - inherited. Increases as you grow up. Can occupy a significant area of ​​the skin. This nevus is dangerous for the possibility of degeneration into a cancerous tumor - more than half of the observed by specialists mutated in melanoma.

Be careful!

Giant Nevus Birthmarks can appear at any age. And always they need increased attention. If there is blood from a mole - this is a very disturbing signal. First, determine the cause, because of which the blood went. Most often, this is due to accidental injury.

But there are other reasons, because of which the mole bleeds. Perhaps, an inflammatory process started inside, which can result in the degeneration of benign formation into malignant.

Nevus, with which everything is in order, does not cause any special concern, except, of course, cosmetic discomfort. But if the birthmark is bleeding - the time of complacency is over. It can be anything. For example:

  • a nevus is partially or completely torn off by some solid object, say, the accessories of a handbag;
  • themselves have strongly rubbed the place where the birthmark is located, and touched it;
  • carried away, during the game with the child did not notice that the education had suffered;
  • during regular dressing and the like.

There are countless examples of such examples, but even by the above, it can be safely concluded that if blood comes from a mole, then usually the main reason is inattention. Most often, women complain about this: "It touched a birthmark and blood went off!" And after all, they hurt their nevi, usually with long nails, a handbag, some very fashionable but angular costume jewelry. ..

Any nevus needs special care. If there are dangerous hanging moles on the body, moles on the legs - always remember them.

What happens if you tear off a mole: Video

What if the mole krovit?

If there is a minor injury, there may not be a discharge from the nevus, but if the birthmark is bleeding severely - always consult a doctor. Most likely, he will prescribe a test, after which he will begin treatment of the nevus.

Stop the bleeding

So, what if the mole bleeds? First, do not get scared. It happens, and it's not fatal yet. Remember some rules that you need to know firmly:

  1. Never be afraid and, moreover, do not hesitate to check your nevi regularly.
  2. Be sure to watch for birthmarks at home, notice the slightest changes in them.
  3. In the home medicine cabinet, there should always be wadded disks or just cotton wool, gauze or sterile bandage, a three percent hydrogen peroxide solution.

If suddenly blood has gone from the birthmark, leave a panic, act cold-bloodedly:

  • take the first aid kit;
  • Prepare hydrogen peroxide, bandage and cotton wool;
  • moistened with peroxide vatu, carefully burn the place on the skin, where the blood comes from;
  • fold in several layers of sterile bandage and dry attach to the mole;
  • Hold the bandage with your hand or fix it while the blood flows.

After making sure that the bleeding is stopped, go to the medical facility. There, explain to the doctor what happened, why the birthmark is bleeding and what was done.

Do you need a doctor?

Bleeding from a birthmark Do I have to go to a doctor? Yes, it must be done without delay. At the complaint that there is blood from the nevus, in medical institutions they always take this very seriously. A ripped mole or part of it will be taken for analysis, to find out whether it represents a danger, and whether a cancerous tumor will develop.

There is another important reason why you need to see a doctor immediately. Stopping blood, you can easily forget about this incident, turn in everyday affairs. Meanwhile, the process of degeneration of a benign tumor into a malignant tumor will be neglected. And the account of time will already go not even for days.

Remember! The treatment is susceptible only to that cancerous tumor that was discovered on time. According to statistics, more than 50% of melanoma - skin cancer - begins with harmless little moles.

Be careful, your health depends on it!

How to stop the blood from a mole: Video

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Published: 14-11-2014