Sheep on the leg and her treatment

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Somethingabout the corpse and its "activity"

Legs Viral disease of the skin of the foot, less often - fingers( near the nail, on the pads, lateral surfaces of the fingers, under the upper edge of the nail) - all this is a heather. The name occurs, most likely, from painful sensations, similar to injections of a thorn.

Some experts believe that the virus of the papilloma, causing the disease and subsequent long-term treatment, is almost everyone. However, certain conditions are necessary for the development of such warts on the arm or leg.

Distinctive features of the


spine The plantar wart, as already mentioned, is very similar to corn. It is a dense horny formation of yellowish color, which visibly rises above the skin. The main difference between a log from a normal wart is a sharp pain sensation with pressure. If it is located on the foot - a normal, beautiful gait is simply impossible, plus to this - a lot of other inconveniences.

There is such a wart, in contrast to corn, not only from densified skin, but also has a lot of filiform sprouting that grows deeper into the muscular tissues. The presence of just these roots creates a difficulty in the question of how to cure the spike on the leg, since the mechanical removal of the top cornified layer gives nothing. After such a procedure, at least one spine will remain, and the entire process of the growth of the wart will begin again.

Causes and risk of infection

The main reason for the formation of such education experts believe weakened human immunity, frequent colds, stress, the presence of any injury on the leg or arm. Dense, uncomfortable, but very beautiful shoes, rubbing their feet, creates the prerequisites for the onset of the disease, which can be very difficult to cure.

Rapid development of the papilloma virus in a humid environment, so in people with excessive sweating of the legs, the likelihood of warts is much higher.

Infection with the virus occurs either by direct contact with an already ill person, or by using his things: a towel, gloves, shoes. Often, infection occurs in public baths, gyms. Therefore, it is always easier to have personal "Vietnamese" in such places, for example, in the shower of the pool, than to treat the spike on the leg, wondering where it came from.

How to treat a wart

Horseradish It is quite difficult to cure a spike. It should be remembered that she, like any wart, refers to benign neoplasms, which under certain conditions can degenerate into malignant ones. Therefore, it is best to consult a specialist before starting treatment.

In medical institutions, today such methods are used for getting rid of the spike:

  • Application of liquid nitrogen. If the wart is treated in this way, the patient does not feel any pain, and scarring and scarring after the operation does not remain.
  • Widely used to remove the wart laser: the procedure is excellent from cryodestruction, but also effective, painless and short-lived. Repeated sessions are prescribed only if the skin area is too large.
  • Sometimes the treatment is carried out, using a medicine on the leg, based on acids and alkalis. The effect of such procedures is also very high - it is simply necessary to comply with all rules that exclude drugs from entering open areas of healthy skin.

Removal of warts folk remedies: Video

Treatment of warts folk remedies

Nettle In some cases, a visit to a dermatologist is difficult for some reason, so you have to treat the spinel at home. This uninvited guest is trying to remove celandine, onion, vinegar. .. Remember the main thing: a simple mechanical scraping will not do anything, since inside the tissues there will always remain particles of rootlets of the wart, and everything will repeat again. Try to heal the root, using the recipes that suit you.

  1. Rub onion on a small grater, pour the resulting mass with vinegar. In the plaster, cut a hole corresponding to the size of the wart, glue it on the body. Applying the obtained acetic-onion gruel on top, fix with one more plaster, leave for the night. Treatment in this way usually gives a result in 3-4 sessions.
  2. Less effective, but more easy to use, way to remove the spike with an acetic test. In this case, instead of onions, flour is taken and dough is kneaded on the vinegar. Then do everything the same as using the onion-acetic mass.
  3. Often when removing warts on the leg, use horseradish or garlic. The method is similar to the previous ones: a patch with an aperture is pasted, garlic is applied to the spikenum, it is fixed with one more layer and left for the night. But the action of such a compress is much softer, the result can be after 5-7 procedures. Garlic can be replaced with grated horseradish. Those who have skin too tender, you can use mashed potatoes, but its effect is even weaker than that of garlic or horseradish.
  4. Very well recommended itself home treatment celandine - the spike on the leg can be completely cured in only 3-5 sessions. To do this, you need to buy an extract of celandine in the pharmacy( or purchase the drug "Cleaner"), just lubricate this remedy with a wart on your leg several times, and it will disappear. It happened that people, doubting the achievement of the result, stopped using these funds. But after a while they noticed that the spike disappeared: even those few sessions were enough to make the ailment go away. When treating this wart, the main thing is patience, which is what you need to stock first.
  5. Helps in the fight against a wart on the leg, especially if it has already captured a large foot area, common nettle. Cut the squash from the young nettle on the burdock sheet, wrap the leg with it, put on the socks and leave it overnight. In the morning, the dead skin, together with the rootlets of the spines, will peel off.

Spoon is a serious, and in some cases even a dangerous disease. Therefore, it is necessary to start fighting with him immediately, only when his first signs were revealed on the legs or hands.

Treatment of the spike with effective folk remedies: Video

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Published: 10-02-2015