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  • Spiny as a disease
  • Spiny as a disease
  • Spiny as a disease
    • How to detect the appearance of a wart
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  • Treatment of warts
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A sharp, stitching pain, suddenly piercing the foot, suggests that some foreign object has got into the shoes. But on examination it turns out that there are no pebbles with sharp edges or carnations there. What are the causes of pain? Looking over the sole, some kind of neoplasm, similar to a common corn, is found. But in actual fact it is found out that a spike on the foot was formed - an insidious wart, the fight with which must be started immediately.


Spitz as a disease

This neoplasm, which is so easily confused with corn, is noticeably different from it. Apparent build-up refers to one of the types of warts that result from a viral disease of the skin. Such a disease is caused by papilloma viruses, which, according to some experts, are present in virtually every human body.

We need only an impulse, a combination of unfavorable factors, so that microorganisms begin their destructive work. Places of localization of the spiny on the soles of the feet are on the pads of the fingers, heels, soles. Much rarer, but the occurrence of such warts on the hands: under the upper edges of the nails, on the lateral surfaces of the fingers, on the palms.

How to determine the appearance of the wart


The Spitz consists of dense horny hairs of yellowish color, which, like corns, rise above the surface of the body. To distinguish it from the callus is quite easy: when pressing, there is a strong stitching pain, like from a prick of a plant spike. Apparently, on the basis of this reason our ancestors called this wart a spine.

The main distinguishing feature is the presence of a multitude of threadlike growths that are deeply embedded in the surrounding muscle tissue. It is they who sometimes inflict unbearable pain, turning an easy flying gait into the cautious, insecure walk of a sick person. Is this already enough to declare such uninvited guests fighting to the finish?

Pathways of infection and the causes of the formation of

The onset of the disease, according to dermatologists, has various causes, but the heel on the foot occurs mainly due to weak immunity. Weaken his daily stresses, chronic illnesses, frequent colds. And if there are also minor injuries on the fingers or toes, "getting" such a disease is very easy. Particularly violently the virus develops in a moist environment, so the spine is often affected by people who have increased sweating feet.

Infection usually occurs in close contact with an already infected person, or when using its objects: gloves, socks, shoes, towels. It is very easy to get infected in public baths, swimming pools, gyms. Therefore, compliance with hygiene rules when visiting such places is simply a necessary condition.

Treatment of warts


As a rule, warts on the feet are not one by one, but in groups. In the center of such a "grouping" is usually allocated one, the largest spike. It is the concentration of troubles: when removing the main build-up, all the rest, "child" warts, disappear usually on their own. Beginning treatment, remember the main thing: it is not enough to remove only the upper part of the spike. The remaining, even the smallest, slice of the root will necessarily cause a relapse.

At its core such warts are benign neoplasms. Allowing their re-emergence is simply unreasonable: in fact, because of this reason, the degeneration of the spine into a malignant tumor may begin. And this development is possible. Hence, the treatment must be taken with all seriousness. It is best to remove such a neoplasm immediately, as soon as it has designated itself.

Removal of warts with folk remedies: Video

Removal of spines in the


All the methods used in medicine for treating such warts consist in their destruction in one way or another. The clinic can offer various options for getting rid of the spiken:

  • An old, tried and tested surgical method for getting rid of warts, especially large ones, is the excision with a scalpel. The disadvantages of this method are a noticeable scar after the operation, and if the virus remains in the remaining uninfected cells, this will lead to a relapse of the disease.
  • Widely used in recent treatment of warts by laser. The method is painless, the operation is performed using local anesthesia. It is used for small, medium sized spoons. Usually, entire groups of warts are removed at the same time. The big advantage of this method is that the high temperature and precisely directed action of the laser beam kills all microorganisms. For viruses of papilloma there is not a single chance of survival, and, consequently, a relapse of the disease. A week after the operation, there will be no traces left on the body: neither scars nor scars. This method is considered to be the most widespread and effective to date.
  • Highly effective way to fight warts - electrocoagulation. With this method, the spines are removed by a high-frequency electric current. The wart is simply burned along with the surrounding tissues. This prevents the virus from penetrating into nearby skin areas. After the procedure, the operating field is thoroughly disinfected, bleeding stops. Apply electrocoagulation only when removing warts located on the surface of the skin.
  • Another principle is deep freezing, which is used for cryodestruction. Liquid nitrogen is used for these operations. However, it is very difficult for the surgeon to regulate the depth of penetration of the cold. And since it is the extremely low temperature of the evaporated liquid nitrogen that destroys pathological tissues, there is a risk of damage to healthy cells. With this procedure, patients will experience some pain, but there will be no scars or scarring on the body.

Experience of wart removal with "Superchistotel" liquid

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Traditional medicine in the struggle against the spine

Often life situations develop in such a way that it is not always possible to contact a specialist. We have to resort to folk methods of curing the disease. Having made the decision to be treated at home, remember: the spine is a serious viral disease, and the fight against its external manifestations, as a rule, does not lead to the desired result.


However, there are some recipes that help to successfully combat warts. They usually help in the early stages of the disease. So how do you remove the spike on the foot with the help of traditional medicine? Here are some recipes:

  1. The main remedy used to remove warts on the legs is vinegar with onions. Grated on a thick grater onion poured vinegar until the formation of non-liquid gruel. Then, on the area where the wart is located, a band-aid with a cutout is applied, exactly according to the shape of the build-up. The onion-vinegar mixture is superimposed on top, it is sealed with one more plaster, left for the night. You must spend at least 3 sessions.
  2. This recipe is a simpler but less effective way. The same vinegar is used, but the onion replaces flour. You need to knead the dough on the vinegar and apply a compress like in the previous recipe, between the two plasters. It is advisable to steam up the leg before the procedure, and cut off the tip of the wart after the hot bath. If the spike is small, it may disappear after the first time.
  3. Similar to the previous ones and here is this recipe. Here, horseradish or garlic plays the role of the active ingredient. Having pasted the intact skin with a plaster, a strip of garlic is applied to the spinach, fixed and so holds all night. This method is softer than onions, vinegar or dough on vinegar, but it also gives a positive result. You can replace garlic with grated horseradish, and for those who have thin skin - grated potatoes. Such compresses should be used 2-3 weeks in a row.
  4. The very name - "celandine" - speaks about the purpose of this plant. It helps, or rather - the extract of celandine, also in the treatment of spinules. You need to buy it in a pharmacy and just lubricate the build-up regularly. The same cleansing action is possessed by the preparation "Chistotelo", it can be replaced with 70% vinegar.
  5. It often happens that the warts have already occupied a large foot area. Nettle comes to help in such cases. It is necessary to grind the young nettles in the meat grinder. On the burdock leaf, put the nettle from the nettle, wrap it around the foot in the location of the warts. Top with a sock, leave for the night. In the morning, dead and horny skin is usually removed, exfoliating with the papillae of the spike. It helps children very much, as it does not cause any painful sensations.

Recipes for dealing with this scourge is a great number. It is possible to cure it, and it is necessary, but it is desirable, nevertheless, to avoid the disease, and not treat it after a long and persistent. To do this is easy enough: never use other people's things, observe hygiene rules when visiting a bath, pool or gym - and everything will be all right.

Treatment of a spike with effective folk remedies: Video

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Published: 01-05-2015