Warts on the female neck: a dangerous "decoration"?

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  • Warts on the neck: an inoffensive scarf?
    • HPV under the microscope. Figure
    • Types of warts on the neck from. .. to. ..
  • Treatment as it should be
    • Remedies from the drugstore
    • Dangerous wart
  • Folk methods for the treatment of
    • Removal of warts by folk remedies. Video Magical Skin

Women after 40 years are becoming increasingly sad: wrinkles, stains, skin tone, no, and even some "moles".Why do warts appear on the neck, what are the causes? And can we stop their distribution?

Warts on the neck: a harmless scarf?

Pure neck The main reason is the human papillomavirus, which sits in the blood of each of us and waits for its time. HPV infection is very easy, just touch the patient or the carrier of the virus. HPV likes warm wet places. Therefore, HPV is often brought from the pool and sauna. Even rubber slippers do not always save from infection.

"Lipnet" virus and with direct contact. Quickly transmitted by sexual intercourse. This kind of HPV is very dangerous, because it often turns into cancer. In addition, the virus is transmitted from mother to child. Obese people and those who suffer from sweating are also at risk.

To stop the attack of the virus, it is necessary to maintain immunity: take vitamins, harden. But immunomodulators are taken solely by prescription, because the balance in the work of the body's immune system is very easy to break.

A reliable barrier against someone else's infection is thorough hygiene. Own soap, towels and disinfection of wounds stop the HPV attack and prevent warts.

If we talk about warts on the neck - on the "leg" or any other - the cause of infection and activation of the virus are. .. strangers chains or scarves. They either infect, or injure the skin and provoke the appearance of warts.

A special type of HPV is localized on the neck. And there are more than 100 forms of the human papillomavirus!

HPV under the microscope. Figure

HPV under the microscope

Types of warts on the neck from. .. to. ..


Although all these "charms" we call a wart, or papilloma, medicine distinguishes several types of formations on the neck:

Fibropapilomas - formations of different shapes and sizes. To the touch dense. The color is light or dark brown.

Keratopapillomas - small warts on the neck in the form of balls, sharp "pimples" or lamellar formations. Surface rough, horny.

Seborrheic keratopapillomas are neoplasms in the form of nodules, covered with coarse scales. They can hurt or itch.

Hanging warts( threaded, on the foot) do not cause any sensations, but deliver only aesthetic suffering. The incubation period lasts from one to several months. Sometimes a person becomes a carrier, but does not know about it and does not suffer from warts.

Warts love those who are more than 35. This is probably due to the fact that the body is already worn out, the immunity is weakened, the virus sits in the blood. And if the "decoration" appeared in a girl or boyfriend, it means that the infection was transmitted from the parents.

Treatment, as it should be

Papilloma on the neck Doctors warn that warts, papillomas and procure neoplasms are not a joke. Especially in such a traumatic place as the neck, where education is constantly injured by a collar, ornaments, scarves. And in other places where clothing rubs the skin, warts need to be removed. These are belts, shoulder straps and shoes. Most often, the inflammation is there. Hanging warts on the neck easily come off, they are scratched by hairbrushes and overtaxed hairs.

Burning with salicylic acid is performed by a doctor. This is a popular and affordable method.
  • Surgery, scalpel removal - the traditional method. Depending on the size, scars are possible.
  • Laser removal is expensive, but effective. Sinus - you can not send a wart body to a biopsy, as it "burns out."
  • Cryodestruction( liquid nitrogen) is just as popular. Removes warts quickly and painlessly. The probability of relapse is high.
  • Electrocoagulation - electrocution. It is not recommended for removal of formations on the face, since scars are possible.
  • However, sometimes formations disappear themselves. But why - no one knows.

    Means from the pharmacy

    Ointments from warts affect not only the formation itself, but also the virus too. Some remedies are very effective. Each of them is used with great care and only as written in the instructions.

    • "Superchistotel" - alkaline solution, burns up the formation, it acts somewhat painfully. Can leave a scar, so for treatment on the neck should not be used. For the treatment of senile warts are not used.
    • "Viferon" - acts on the virus itself including. Star warts of this drug are not afraid.
    • "Wartner", "Cryopharma" - home cryodestruction. The drugs are less effective than the similar procedure in the walls of the clinic. Recommended for the treatment of hanging and flat formations.
    • "Ferezol", "Collomac", "Solkoderm" - remove warts, kill the virus.

    To the choice of pharmacy means to be approached carefully, because a pharmacy - it's still a commercial organization. And the salary of the pharmacist directly depends on the proceeds.

    Dangerous wart

    Removal of papilloma

    Injured neoplasm begins to behave "badly": blushes, hurts, sometimes even krovit. Or it simply grows, or their number increases. Such symptoms are a direct indication for a doctor's visit.

    Why should a sore wart be treated with awe? Yes because the virus of papilloma and cancer are relatives. DNA of the virus is built into the genetic program of cancer cells. And for women, HPV, localized to the vaginal mucosa and cervix, is especially dangerous.

    Folk methods for treating

    How to remove warts from the neck if the doctor's services are not available?

    It's hard to believe, but there are small towns or villages where there were never any qualified doctors. Or the tumor has inflamed when we can not find the time to visit a doctor. But to do this, you need to find a good reason, that's weighty.

    In the treatment of neoplasms of all kinds, such agents are popular: aloe, calanchoe, mountain ash, dandelion juice, raw potatoes. Pulp or cotton wool soaked with the juice of these plants is applied to the formation and fixed with a plaster. Good reviews deserved propolis.

    Separately, let's say about the cleanliness. The attitude of doctors and folk doctors to this plant is ambiguous. The healers say that celandine is the best remedy for a "pure body."And representatives of official medicine object to them that the juice of celandine is too caustic, so it is better not to use it. This also includes juice of onions and garlic. Cauterization of iodine, acetic acid. Acetic acid also often leaves a scar.

    Removal of warts by folk remedies. Video Magical Skin

    Removing warts in health facilities causes nervous anxiety in potential patients. People are afraid that there will be a scar or it will be very painful. Modern medicine rejects accusations. After all, today there are methods that can get rid of education without a trace. And the newest drugs-anesthetics make the procedure completely painless.

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    Published: 28-08-2015