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Lipoma, lipoblastoma, fatty tumor is a diagnosis that can scare away in earnest. Should I worry? If you carefully understand what a zhirovik is, it will be clear that you should not be afraid.

You just need to know clearly: what is a wen on the skin, what are the symptoms, signs of a true zhirovik? Is it dangerous? Is it possible to treat it and how to do it correctly?

What is a lipid

Inspection wen A grease is more a colloquial name for a lipoma, a fatty tumor that is formed most often under the skin of adipose tissue in loose connective tissues. Distinguish between lipofibromas and fibrolipoma. It depends on the size of its lobules and the degree of development of connective tissue. The dimensions of the wen may be in a wide range: from very small, with grapes, to very impressive, with a watermelon.

Fat on the skin is always soft and mobile, from normal tissues limited capsule. By itself, it is painless. However, secondary changes can occur within this formation, such as mucus, necrosis, calcification, and purulent fusion. And this already causes painful symptoms and sensations.


The fatty tumor grows very slowly, pushing out soft tissues. Sometimes it penetrates deep enough between the muscles and the vessels to the bone. Neoplasm is considered benign.

In what place can appear zhirovik

The problem, unfortunately, "knows no boundaries."Most often, the place of appearance of education is in the subcutaneous tissue or between the muscles. A grease on the skin can form on the arms, legs, shoulder, back, outside on the hips. .. But often the appearance of such a defect people do not attach special importance. Because lipoblastoma is painless, but at first only the person knows about it.

The biggest grief is delivered by a grease on the face skin, as it becomes a cosmetic and aesthetic flaw. The most dramatic events can develop if the fatty lesion affects the internal organs: the esophagus, the mammary glands, the brain, and other organs. Fortunately, this phenomenon is rather rare.

How to recognize a wen

How to accurately recognize a wen? If a person has seen or groped under the skin a swelling or a new or rounded or oval shape, one can assume a lipoma.

Common signs of a fatty tumor are described above, however, there are some nuances. Painless, by definition, a lipoma, even a small one, can be ill or accompanied by painful symptoms. Such manifestations occur in the following cases:

Lipoma, even a small one, is located at the nerve end and pain occurs when pressing.

Large size lipoblastoma. In addition, that it spoils the appearance of a person, most likely, that it squeezes neighboring organs and disrupts their work. In this case, painful symptoms can arise:

  • fatty neoplasm on the esophagus - cough and nausea;
  • lipoma on the bronchi or trachea - a painful dry cough;
  • a fatty tumor presses on a tendon or on a cartilage of a joint - joint pains;
  • lipoblastoma in the breast - chest pain, etc.

Thus, external examination with suspicion of a lipoma is sometimes clearly not enough. And if it is already of considerable size, then most likely, special investigations are needed.

For sure, you now understand what a wen and what he is dangerous.

What is a Wen in the skin: Video

Treatment of a Wen

Is it always necessary to treat a wen? We can please you, if:

  • wen on a small body;
  • vital organs away from it;
  • at long observation it does not change in any way -

In such situation to you nothing threatens. On occasion, you can show the lipoma to the surgeon. Most likely, he will calm you down and take no action. Most often it happens.

Wen However, there are situations and symptoms when it is necessary to heal wen. You will have to go to the surgeon if:

  • you experience discomfort, discomfort, or painful symptoms;
  • adolescence spoils the appearance;
  • he is susceptible to permanent trauma( after a trauma a fatty tumor can be festered and it will be more difficult to treat it).

But if you notice that the prospective lipoblastoma is growing or nearby, lymph nodes have increased - running, without delay to the surgeon! Such a subcutaneous neoplasm may be malignant. Then it's not a fatty!

The most effective and reliable way to treat lipomas is surgical removal. The procedure is less traumatic if surgical intervention is carried out at an early stage of development of the wen. There can be no question of independent removal of fatty growths!

Now you imagine what a wen or lipoma is, how and when to treat it. A knowledgeable means, armed.

How to treat the appeared wen: Video

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Published: 15-10-2014