Body fat: "harmless tubercle"?

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  • What is the lipoma and the causes of its appearance
    • Symptoms of the adipose
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  • What is this ailment such - lipoma: Video
  • The structure of the sebaceous gland. Figure
  • What is the risk of fatty tumors?
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Well, which of us does not want to look perfect or at least attractive? But how to be, if under the skin, from nowhere, formed a rather unpleasant seemingly swelling like a bump or a pimple? And although such fattyks on the human body( in medicine they are called lipomas), in most cases, there is no danger, but, like any neoplasm, it can contain certain negative consequences.

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What is a lipoma and the causes of its appearance

For its normal functioning, the skin of a healthy person is capable of secreting about 20 g of sebum per day. It is from the overgrown adipose tissue that lipomas form on the body, even in the name of which their interrelation with fat is traced. The very term derived from the combination of two Greek words: "lipos"( fat) and "oma"( tumor), from the addition of which the word "lipoma" is obtained, that is, the fatty tumor. In the people, this type of neoplasm has received a simplified name - zhirovik.

Symptoms of the wart

At its core, the lipoma is a benign tumor, so it's not worth panicking when it comes. Externally, the lipoma is very similar to an inflamed lymph node, but this ends their similarity. If the lymph node is a kind of barrier or filter that does not allow spreading all kinds of infections and cancer cells, what is a grease on the human body?

It should be noted that such a neoplasm as a fatty gland is a very common phenomenon, and can occur in any person, regardless of sex or age. Being an accumulation of internal layers of fat, the adipes on the body show their symptoms in the form of convex soft tumors( seals) under the upper layer of the skin.


Their interior is similar to a ball or slices of an orange, with pressure on which painful sensations are not observed. Sometimes zhiroviki do not change their sizes, but cases when they grow and increase in volumes are not uncommon.

Clinical picture and the causes of

Modern medicine has not fully understood what the main motive is for clogging the sebaceous glands. As the basic assumptions explaining uncontrolled growth of the lipoma throughout the body, the following are proposed:

  • Inactive, sedentary or sedentary lifestyle. Due to lack of physical activity, the activity of the gastrointestinal tract decreases, food is not absorbed by the body and is transformed into adipose tissue. As a consequence, the sebaceous gland ducts are blocked, and the adipocytes form on the body.
  • Trauma or squeezing of the lesion.
  • Widgets around the body appear also from smoking and alcohol abuse.
  • Endocrine pathology. Failures associated with the work of the hormonal system, including diabetes.
  • Overweight. Very often, multiple lipomas on the body are satellites of fat people whose diet is made up ill-conceived or incorrectly.
  • Disorders in the operation of the pancreas, liver.
  • Genetic disorders and hereditary predisposition. If both of these factors begin to reduce the activity of protein-enzymes even in the prenatal period, then it is possible that the adipose cells will appear in childhood even in childhood.


These are only the main possible causes that affect the formation of lime trees. Specialists believe that adipes on the human body can not be formed by accident. To the formation of a tumor can lead any processes associated with a metabolic disorder or blood circulation in the subcutaneous tissues.

What is this ailment such - a lipoma: Video

The structure of the sebaceous gland. Figure

Structure of the sebaceous gland

What is the risk of fatty tumors?

Despite the fact that the lipomas, in general, do not pose health hazards, but the question of whether the adipes are dangerous on the body, it does not become less relevant from this. While the fatty tumors are in a calm state, they do not interfere with anything other than aesthetic discomfort. And if they are located on the invisible parts of the body, then often their appearance occurs generally unnoticed.

But this is on the one hand. Indeed, the cases of degeneration of adipocytes into malignant formations( liposarcoma) are very rare. But if this is so, then what is to be feared, what are the dangers of adipes on the body? The fact is that the risk of accidental injury to the neoplasm and infection can not be ruled out, as a result of which inflammation can affect the entire body. In addition, if only the lipoma increases in size, it will begin to exert pressure on neighboring organs, thereby violating blood circulation. As a result, necrosis of surrounding tissues is quite possible.

Small fat on the human body of this danger, although they do not represent, but if the skin showed condensation - you need to visit an oncologist. This must be done for the reason that the external symptoms of benign and malignant tumors are very similar.

If the body has many fatty acids, they can be dangerous with the following complications:

  • degeneration from benign tumors to malignant ones - liposarcoma;
  • serious inflammation - wen become painful, skin reddens, changes its consistency;
  • having reached the big sizes, they can squeeze nearby tissues, thereby breaking their functions.

How to get rid of the lipoma

Lipoma on the face It should be clearly understood that the fatty body on the body is not a pimple, and you can not get rid of it by primitive extrusion. It is also not recommended to puncture the disinfected needle, as advised on some sites and forums. Treatment of these formations requires a scrupulous approach, and even then - exclusively under the supervision of a physician. After the examination, he will put out the appropriate diagnosis, prescribe the necessary treatment, and if necessary - raise the question of possible removal.

Getting rid of a fatty tumor in people's ways is not just senseless, but extremely dangerous. Lipoma is only considered remote if the capsule is removed, and only its contents can be removed by "grandmother's" methods. In addition, folk compresses and lotions, softening the skin, may well cause infection and inflammation.

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Published: 22-05-2015