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  • Symptoms of lipoma on the neck
  • Attention, swelling on the neck!
    • Madelung's "fat" neck
  • If a lipoma appears on the neck: Video
  • Why it is necessary to visit a doctor
    • List of diseases showing up as a tumor on the neck
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If you have a lipoma on your neck,you need to make sure that this is really a normal wen. For this, a person needs, first, to carefully study the signs and symptoms of a lipoma. Secondly, carefully examine the education. And thirdly, in any case, visit the surgeon and, if necessary, begin treatment.

Symptoms of lipoma on the neck

Doctor Lipoma, like on any other part of the body, on the neck has clearly defined symptoms. This fatty tumor is formed under the skin from fat cells and fibrous tissue. It is usually located in a capsule, has a lobed structure. At palpation it is a neoplasm:

  • painless and benign;
  • is soft, elastic;
  • is usually round or oval in shape;
  • is not soldered to the skin, it is mobile;
  • is slow growing. Attention, swelling on the neck!

    So, lipoma - a benign tumor and, in principle, not harmful to human health. Why is the special attention paid to the adipose necks, is it the same lipoma? The answer to the question is as follows:

    1. In the neck of a person are breathing organs, vital glands and blood vessels, nerves and a lot of working muscles. Any tumor among them is superfluous. It can squeeze or displace initially healthy tissues and organs, disrupt natural processes.
    2. Lipoblastoma, expanding, can push apart muscles, germinating deep inside.
    3. The fatty gland on the neck is clearly visible and is a cosmetic defect that also provides psychological suffering to a person.
    4. The neck is subject to systematic external influences of ties, collars, scarves, shoulder straps. Lipoblastomas very "do not like" even minor injuries, rubbing, squeezing. The consequence may be severe inflammation, rapid growth of the tumor and even its degeneration. All this is already becoming hazardous to health.
    5. There is a possibility of developing Madelung lipoma.

    "Fat" neck of Madelunga

    This is a special kind of multiple annular neck lipoma. There is such zhirovik more often in men 40. .. 55 years.


    What are the symptoms of this disease? This tumor is characterized by the symmetry and the initial location of individual Wen's on the front or side of the neck and behind. Over time, the neck thickens and deforms. It becomes difficult for a person to rotate his head.

    This greatly affects the vessels, nerves, muscles, lymph nodes, larynx and pharynx. Gradually expanding, the nodes merge, hitting the shoulders, back, stomach. Think about whether to experiment with your appearance and health? In our opinion, it is better to start "disassembling" with lipoblastoma at the neck from the very beginning, that is, to start earlier treatment.

    Especially if there was a lipoma on the neck from behind. Zhirovik on the spine threatens cerebral circulation. And as a result, other symptoms may appear: chronic fatigue, headache, tachycardia and hypertension. And the treatment of such consequences is much more serious than treatment of an ordinary lipoma.

    If a lipoma appears on the neck: Video

    Why it is necessary to visit a doctor

    A modern educated person who has discovered a neoplasm on the neck should visit a surgeon. And that's why. There are quite a few diseases that are very similar in appearance to the zherovik on the neck and having the same symptoms. Even if it seems to you that this is exactly a lipoma, go to a specialist. Confirming their assumptions, you can long and quietly live on until the Wen will not bother you.

    List of diseases manifested as a tumor on the neck

    Cysts of different etiology

    • Cyst of the sebaceous gland.
    • Dermoid cyst of the neck.
    • Shield-lingual cyst.
    • Branhyogenic cyst.
    • Cystic hygroma( only in young children).

    Vascular tumors

    • Tumor of the carotid body.
    • An aneurysm of the carotid artery.
    • An aneurysm of the subclavian artery.

    Tumors of the glands

    • Tumors of the thyroid gland.
    • Tumors of the salivary gland.
    • Lymphadenopathy.

    Other types of tumors

    • Lipoma.
    • Abscess of the neck.
    • Sterno-mastoid tumor( occurs only in infants).
    • Neck rib.
    • Pharyngeal pocket.

    As you can see, the list is quite large. It can not be said that these are some formidable diseases. However, they are treated in many ways differently, and the doctor should diagnose them.

    Treat the lipoma on the neck or wait, understand with the doctor. Believe me, a visit to a doctor is a sign of a patient's culture.

    Treatment of a Wart

    Lipoma on the neck If you are sure that you have a lipoma, you will have to think about treating the tumor on your neck. We hope you will not be visited by the idea of ​​an independent removal of lipoblastoma, even if it is tiny. This is extremely dangerous for life. Do not flatter yourself by popular recipes.

    It is not known how the neck lipoma will respond to treatment with folk remedies. Compresses, bandages, massage, rubbing, irritating ointments are a trauma to a fatty tumor. And we have already agreed that it is impossible to hurt her on the neck in any case! Of course, folk remedies can reduce symptoms such as inflammation and swelling. However, to expect that zhirovik will resolve - naive.

    You can chew drugs for months, influence the lipoma with light, conspiracies, other "faithful" folk remedies and. .. lose valuable time for effective literate treatment.

    Remember that the smaller the fatty tumor, the faster, easier and more reliable it is treated. The doctor will say how much treatment your wen doctor needs. If it is necessary to treat, it is he who will prescribe the examination, will discuss with you the method of removing the lipoma suitable for your case.

    Methods of fat removal

    1. Surgical removal.
    2. Endoscopic removal.
    3. Removal with a radio wave knife.
    4. Liposuction.
    5. Laser removal.

    The choice of the method of removal largely depends on the specific case. The size, location of the lipoma, the depth of its occurrence play a role. Wen on the neck - a fairly common phenomenon. That is why doctors have long learned to deal with them quickly and skillfully with minimal unpleasant consequences.

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    Published: 25-10-2014