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Which of the girls does not dream of having a healthy and clean skin, untouched by a rash, eels and other ailments? But, unfortunately, none of us are insured against such an affliction. Far from the last place in this list is and such a disease as lipoma, and simply speaking - zhiroviki. The causes of the appearance of adipose tissue on the body of medicine are not yet known reliably. But it's no secret that their occurrence is absolutely not related to oncology.

Do not panic ahead of time!

Wen on the back In women, lipoma most often occurs at the age of 30-50 years, but there are no definite criteria. It can arise on the body of anyone and anywhere, and the cause of its formation is independent of age and sex. Wenards appear even in children. Naturally, the reaction of people who first discovered on their bodies new growths in the form of adipose tissue, is different.

Even without thinking about what there are fatty bodies on the body, we all suffer from bad assumptions that all this is not without reason and will necessarily end with something bad, because of what health seriously shaken.

In vain not to panic and not go into extremes, it is worth remembering the distinctive features of this education. Externally, the lipoma is very similar to a slightly enlarged inflamed lymph node - the same round and slightly convex in shape. But, unlike the inflamed lymph node, the adipes do not cause temperature and do not hurt at palpation. And, actually, the reasons for the formation of lymph nodes and fatty bodies on the body are completely different.

Unlike the lymph node, the adipes do not cause painful sensations. Nevertheless, most of us, especially women, are very uncomfortable with the appearance on the body of even one or two fatties because of their unattractive appearance.

Wen is not a grease, a pimple is not a pimple. ..


Wen Very often many impressionable women are confused by the appearance of subcutaneous acne on the face. And this is quite understandable: the adolescents for the first time almost do not differ from ordinary pimples. Despite their external similarity, the acne that appears in different places, the rash or adipes on the body of the cause of their appearance are also different.

For zHirovikov it is characteristic that they appear only on those sites of a body where there is a fatty layer. And acne is formed from disturbances in the work of the sebaceous glands.

Remember! Having found out on your body acne or adipose tissue, in no case can they squeeze out. Or independently, without the advice of a doctor, open with a needle. Why?

The infection in the wound can further aggravate the situation and provoke the growth of the neoplasm to even larger sizes. That is, in addition to infection, because of gross and inept intervention in the structure of adipose tissue, an abnormal growth of the lipoma is possible.

Widgets on the body: from what they appear: Video

What are the main causes of the appearance of the Wen's

Unfortunately, the issue of uncontrolled proliferation of adipose tissue and the cause of the appearance on the body of adipose tissue has not yet been clarified. Nevertheless, physicians have a number of quite justified assumptions and versions on why there are body fat on the body:

  • imbalance in nutrition( eg, little natural components and a lot of fat);
  • is overweight;
  • hormonal disorders( especially in women during menopause);
  • genetic predisposition;
  • excessive consumption of fatty, fried and carbohydrate foods;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • problems with the liver and urogenital system;
  • lack of mobility;
  • is an unfavorable environment.

This far from complete list of causes leads to slagging of the body and pathological growth under the skin of fatty tissue, why on the human body and appear adipose.

In addition, the capsule in which the lipoma is located, while protecting the surrounding tissues and organs from its effects, simultaneously harms. Not allowing to penetrate into the formation of protective antibodies, it promotes the development of pathogenic microflora. Than also generates the causes of the appearance on the body of Wen.

Where are the most common adolescents

It is generally believed that greens appear on the human body anywhere, but most likely where there are fat cells. But, at the same time, there are places where such formations appear most often.

The most vulnerable parts of the body are those where the fat layer is not the largest. What are the reasons why this happens and where do the adipes on the body come from? It's not entirely clear, but it is noticed that the lipoma does not bypass even people who are depleted of anorexia.

Neoplasms can appear on the head, and on the mammary gland, and in general anywhere on the body. In this case, the majority of patients noted the complete absence of any kind of discomfort due to their occurrence. Weners usually have a round or oval shape, soft to the touch, palpation is not painful and moderately mobile, since they are not connected to surrounding tissues.

If the body or face is noticed significant sagging of the skin, this indicates an increase in Wen in the volume. The causes of such changes in tissues can be covered in edema, stagnation of blood, necrosis. The shape of the face, changed from edemas, greatly influences the human psyche. And the emergence of not just one, but a whole group of adolescents, only aggravates an already disgusting state of discomfort.

Methods and methods of treatment

Laser removal of wen To prevent dangerous consequences of tumors, doctors insist on the need to leave them as soon as possible, regardless of the reasons. The most effective way to get rid of them is recognized as a procedure, such as removal. As a rule, this happens on an outpatient basis. And the sooner the better.

Depending on the location and size of the Wen's body, the removal takes place in the following ways:

  • surgical operation;
  • injection into the capsule of a special drug that promotes resorption of the tumor;
  • radio wave and laser surgery.

In the early stages of tumor development, medication is possible.

But whatever the reasons for the origin of the adipose tissue on the body, there is a way out. Advocates of all treatment methods, without exception, are unanimous in that rational nutrition and a healthy lifestyle contribute to reducing the formation of adipose. So why not try it?

How to get rid of the appeared on the body of adolescents: Video

How to treat the appeared zhirovik: Video

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Published: 15-10-2014