Why there are new birthmarks on the skin

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Impossible to imagine a person who has a bodyan audio moles. They appear on the skin of people of all races - white, black, red, yellow. But in some, such specks can easily be counted, there may be no more than 40, and others - a huge number. Why do new birthmarks appear? And anyway, what kind of education?

The most probable reasons for the appearance of moles

Birthmark in the palm of your hand Young parents, after seeing their long-awaited child, are usually discouraged: there are absolutely no moles on his body. So it is - the first birthmarks, or scientific nevuses( from the Latin words naevus maternus), begin to appear only after a few months.

Do not confuse birthmarks with birthmarks - those on the skin are present from the first minutes of life. The reasons for which birthmarks are formed are not precisely and unequivocally established. But most experts who are engaged in research on this phenomenon, identify several circumstances. Here, in their opinion, the main reasons for what on the body are new birthmarks. ..


It has long been noted: very often moles appear on the skin of children where they are also found in one of the parents. This is sometimes observed from generation to generation. Today, this is explained by the predisposition of skin cells to mutations, which is already laid down at the level of human DNA.

Hormonal spike

The appearance of new birthmarks is observed during puberty adolescence. A huge amount of hormones released into the body cause the concentration of melanin in melanocyte cells. They are found both in the upper layer of the skin - the epidermis, and in the deeper - the dermis.

This also happens in pregnant women, and moles can both appear and disappear. Some pre-care about this, leveling their hormonal background. If we take preventive measures, new nevi will not appear.

Ultraviolet irradiation

This name hides ordinary sunlight. Under the direct action of sun rays, activation of all skin cells occurs, melanocytes including, after which the number of moles increases. Some fans of bronze tanning in the solarium, too, are surprised to find that the moles on their skin became more than before the procedure.

Infection and injuries


Any damage to the upper layer of the skin, the longer it does not heal, can trigger the mechanism of formation of new formations. Some experts argue that the bites of innocuous insects - mosquitoes, bees and others - are not so safe at all. Particular attention should be paid to preventing penetration into the skin of infection, for example, papillomas.

In itself, nevi are benign formations. And if new moles appear on the skin - this is a natural life process, that's why it's not worth worrying about.

Some Western scientists, especially Englishmen, have recently been actively promoting the idea that the presence of a large number of moles indicates a long life expectancy. Such hypotheses have not been confirmed by anyone. But if some new birthmarks have appeared, their possible degeneration into a cancer tumor is proved and according to statistics it makes up almost 50% of the number of diseases.

Kinds of nevuses

In case new birthmarks began to appear on different parts of the skin in those areas where they never existed before - do not panic. First you need to determine the type of tumor and the probability of its degeneration into a cancerous tumor. To do this, it is enough to have a visual inspection by a specialist. In modern medicine, moles are classified into a number of species.


May be located in any part of the body, including mucous areas. Development occurs in the dermis, above the surface of the skin does not rise, the color is usually brown, almost dark. The appearance of such formations is in no way connected with solar radiation: they practically do not react to it.


Why many new birthmarks appear more often on the soles of the feet, hands, on the genitals - is still unknown. Coloring has a wide range - from yellow to black. Very little protrude above the skin.

Birthmarks complex

The appearance of such formations occurs if the cells-melanocytes are located in the epidermis and in the dermis. Appear prominently over the skin, usually a dark brown hue.

Intradermal nevuses

Convex, differ in a wide range of colors - from a solid hue to black. Distinctive feature: around such birthmarks and on their surface many hairs can grow.

Nevtsy Sutton

Mole under a magnifying glass The causes and appearance of new moles of this species remain and, probably, for a long time remain a mystery for specialists. The fact is that these formations appear and disappear without any patterns and causes. Their main difference is a white spot directly around the nevus. Calms one - according to observations of researchers, moles of this species almost never degenerate into melanoma - skin cancer.

Moles dysplastic

The rusty hue, with fuzzy blurred borders, is usually localized on the chest, back and buttocks. The appearance of such nevi is completely dependent on genetic predisposition.

Blue nevuses

These are smooth, hemispherical formations of all shades of blue in the skin. They can appear on the buttock, limbs, face.

Giant pigmented nevi

This is a congenital phenomenon. Deliver the owners a lot of trouble in that they increase in size simultaneously with the growth of a person. Can be on the neck, face, which creates a feeling of severe discomfort. The special danger of such congenital formations is that more than 50% of them eventually become modified into cancer tumors.

Why new birthmarks appear on the skin: Video

Vascular moles

All of the above maternity species refer to non-vascular formations. And what if there are more birthmarks of reddish, crimson, cyanotic color? Such nevi are called hemangiomas, the causes are in the anomaly of the development of blood vessels, which is why such unusual color appears.

The formation of these nevi is largely dependent on the intra-uterine development of the circulatory system or the transmitted diseases. But usually hemangiomas are congenital, infants are born with them already. Require constant monitoring. If the mole becomes larger, it negatively affects the skin and neighboring organs - hence, it is necessary to do its excision and removal.

Why birthmarks appear: Video

To remove or not to delete a new birthmark

Many people are tentatively aware that if new birthmarks appear, it means that there is a high likelihood of their degeneration into malignant tumors. Especially it concerns those women who have light thin skin or a genetic predisposition to neoplasm. The question arises: is it worth removing such a birthmark? Only a dermatologist-oncologist can answer it after a thorough examination and a set of necessary tests. But having such neoplasms on the skin, one should always be on guard without doctors. In which cases is it worthwhile to sound an alarm?

Arrangement of moles

  • Moles are in the open parts of the body, that is always exposed to the risk of injury.
  • Nevi are constantly rubbed with clothing or shoes, often damaged( for example, when shaving).

Shape change

  • Fast growth of previously unremarkable birthmarks.
  • New formations begin to change the structure - the surface becomes harder or soft, the surface appears tubercles, etc.

Color, pain, discharge

  • Suddenly, painful sensations appeared both in the mole and around it, even with a slight stroking.
  • Any unexpected change in the color of the nevus.
  • The appearance around the nevus of a white or red halo.
  • Birthmark bleeds or fluid is secreted.

Large mole If any of these signs have appeared, it is a signal of danger! But never make hasty conclusions. Do not try to remove the birthmark yourself or use any "proven folk remedies"!Remember - no "grandmother's advice" here will not help, but to harm, and very much, can.

Beware also to remove new birthmarks with a purely cosmetic purpose. Remember that it is impossible to remove the mole of extremely necessary indications threatening your health and life! And it can be determined only by a qualified specialist.

Take care of your health, and you will always be beautiful, cheerful and healthy!

How to remove from the face of a mole: Video

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Published: 10-11-2014