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clean smooth skin - the subject is not only the pride of any hhuman, but also an indisputable sign of physical health. And how unpleasant it is to find on the body, and especially on the face, some incomprehensible neoplasms in the form of lumps under the skin near the eyes. Small subcutaneous adipose can appear at any time, regardless of the person's age. It is especially painful when a fatty eye appears.

What is a fatty body

Wen A fatty lipoma( from the Greek words oma - "tumor" and lipos - "fat"), is a small tumor. This is an overgrown fat tissue of white or yellowish color. Wen can occur on the part of the body where there is even the thinnest ball of subcutaneous fat. Is not an exception and zhirovik in the eye.

encapsulation, ie formation of internal lipomas, its isolation, makes the deposition of subcutaneous fat of the culture medium in which microorganisms can develop rapidly, which may also cause liposarcoma - malignant neoplasm. And, although adolescents in the eye at an early stage of their development do not bother, relax is not worth it. As they increase, they may also affect the nerve endings, thereby turning the cosmetic problem into a medical one.

What kind of disease is - lipoma? : Video

Causes of Wen

Lipoma or wen - a disease which is quite common. But despite the fact that it is widespread, there is no common opinion about the mechanisms of its occurrence in physicians. There are only a few versions accepted as basic:

  • disorders in the body still in embryo;
  • changes in metabolic processes;
  • body restructuring at the hormonal level( climax);
  • weakened thyroid and pituitary activity;
  • disease of the pancreas, liver;
  • disorders of kidney and urinary system;
  • hereditary predisposition.

Constant overeating, physical inactivity, alcoholism, diabetes, general decrease in immunity and other adverse factors - precisely the fertile ground and the reasons on which most likely can develop talc.

Symptoms of the appearance of the lipoma near the eyes

The formation of the fatty subcutaneous compaction near the eyes is a symptom of the lipoma. It may increase in size, but it is by no means always such new growths-fatties capable of progressing. Only the attending physician after differential diagnosis and on the basis of the performed examination can decide on their removal.

In children, the adipose tissue around the eye is usually not removed until five years. If you see the adipes in front of the child - contact a doctor. Only he can reliably determine the origin and nature of the neoplasm. Categorically it is forbidden to squeeze a wenik without the physician's knowledge or to use medicinal products at his own discretion.

Each case is individual, and it is unacceptable to take any measures to detect white eyelids around the eyes.

The formation of white adipose around the eyes


Wen under the microscope White adolescents, located around the eyes( milium), often appear in puberty in adolescents. However, they can occur at an older age.

Appearing in the corner of the eye zhirovik - a common phenomenon for humans. The channels of the sebaceous glands are clogged, the subcutaneous fat accumulates, and all these are the results of the proliferation and layering of cells, the appearance of seals of white color.

No less important reasons for the appearance of the lipomas near the eyes in women are:

  • untimely and irregular care of your face;
  • frequent and excessive use of not very high-quality cosmetics;
  • violation of fat release;
  • dry skin.

Fatigue around the eyes for no reason do not appear - it may even be a malfunction in the gastrointestinal tract, the work of its individual organs.

Fatigue in the eye

In the eye, on the protein, there are no greens in their pure form, since there are no fat tissues in the eyeball itself. One or more groups of adipose can occur not only around the eyes, but also on the protein itself( usually on the protein - it's spots of yellowish color).

To survive is not particularly worth it, for zhiroviki even on the proteins of the eyes - a phenomenon not uncommon. But, although the pain is not felt at first, it does not mean that small spots on the eyeball can be left without attention.

Our body is a very subtle, often self-regulating creation of nature. And for every internal failure, it reacts with various external manifestations, thereby signaling us about the impending danger. After all, the appearance of the zhirovik around the eyelids and on the very eye is often just a warning.

Nevertheless, yellow spots - they are called pingvecula - continue to be called zhirovikami. Weners in the eye are most common in the elderly. Medication pingvecula on proteins, like the aging of the body itself, is not treated. It is necessary only a surgical operation, preferably with a laser.

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Treatment of lipoma

The doctors consider operative removal to be the most reliable and successful treatment for the diagnosis of "fat in the eye".Remove, as a rule, large tumors that interfere with normal vision

Before the operation to remove the lipoma patients undergo mandatory examination for venereal and other viral diseases. They must provide analyzes and expert opinions that allow the operation. With surgical intervention, the surgeon, using local or general anesthesia, will remove both the adipose tissue and the connective tissue capsule. It partially grows into surrounding tissues, and if the capsule is left untouched, the re-emergence of the tumor in the same place is more than likely.

The rehabilitation period will last no more than 2-3 weeks. It depends on the condition of each patient's body separately.

Laser removal of adipose

The laser method of removing lipomas is becoming more and more popular, as the most painless. Its undoubted advantages include the absence of bleeding and a spot, a very small "place" - the residual phenomenon of a distant lipoma.

Very important for many people - especially women - the absolute absence of scarring and traces of surgery. This is a method of contactless treatment of a grease in the eye. The impact on it is carried out by an accurately induced beam of high energy. Painful and other unpleasant sensations are minimal, and the lipoma is removed very quickly.

Drug treatment of lipoma

When a fatty body is relatively small, it may not be an operative, but a medical treatment of the disease. In this case, after all necessary examinations the patient is hospitalized and under sterile conditions a puncture of the tumor is made. In adipose drug solution is introduced. After 2 - 3 months there is a gradual resorption. This method gives 78 - 82% of positive results.

Folk methods of treatment of adipose

Lipoma on the eyelid Some people, having found out on the eyeball a wen, categorically do not want to go to medical institutions, do a surgical operation or be exposed to a laser. For themselves, they choose one way of treatment - folk remedies. Traditional medicine does not welcome this method, rightly considering it not only out-of-date, but also ineffective.

Traditional medicine has in its arsenal very many different ways of treating zhirovikov in the eye: all kinds of masks, compresses, tinctures, etc. Often they can be prepared quickly enough by yourself. For many, the comparatively inexpensive price of potions costs first, and their practical painlessness is taken into account. But here a huge minus of all these methods - quite often very long and tiresome treatment gives( if at all) extremely unstable therapeutic result.

It should always be borne in mind that the human body is an extremely complex structure. It is almost impossible to imagine how a drug will act on two different people.

If the doctor, having determined the way of treatment of the fat wizards who jumped "in front of" and the reasons for their occurrence, will not see harm in the application of folk methods, he will still insist on a periodic examination of a specialist. This will help both doctors and patients to control the dynamics of the disease.

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Published: 14-10-2014