How to properly remove a fatty eye

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Eyes. .. What epithets, comparisons and metaphors they are awarded! Women with mild nails think about the dignified design of their "mirror of the soul."What despair strikes us when we discover under the eyes or in the upper eyelid a giraffe! From this moment, day and night, we are drilled with the idea "How to quickly remove the adipose under the eye?"

Diagnosis on the coffee grounds?

Oily eyelashes The most important thing is to determine whether this is a wen. In addition, it is necessary to clearly imagine that there are also different types of adipocytes, and they treat them in different ways. On zhirovik can completely look like other skin lesions. Imagine only that under the eyes other than zhirovikov can be:

  • sites affected by molluscum contagiosum;
  • syringoms( benign tumors of eccrine sweat glands);
  • hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands;
  • hernia subcutaneous fat.

Therefore it is more reasonable to plan a visit to a dermatologist. It is necessary for a professional diagnosis and no less professional discussion of the necessary treatment for your zhirovikov.

How to remove the adipes under the eye: Video

Wen: we understand "on the fingers"

Three types of fat can be formed on the face.

  1. The true lipoma - looks like a subcutaneous bump, the skin over it is not changed. It can rise quite high above the surface.
  2. Milium - small white eels, similar to the grains of millet. They do not have an external outlet and they can not be squeezed out.
  3. Xanthoma - yellow formless slightly protruding spots or plaques.

Mila or xanthoma is usually localized under the eyes.

Nature of the WAIT


A person has a certain number of adipocytes - fat cells. When health is in perfect condition, these cells can accumulate or consume fat, but their number does not change. In this situation, people get fat or lose weight. In the case of a failure in the body, some fat cells begin to "hooliganize" - locally multiply by division. As a result of this "hooliganism" and appears lipoma, i.e., zhirovik.

The reason provoking this process is unequivocally unknown. However, many studies show that the "starting point" for the appearance of adipocytes is often:

  • hormonal restructuring;
  • disturbance of the body's metabolic functions;
  • injury;
  • hereditary gene defect;
  • defective food.

Is it any wonder that eyelashes under the eyes appear in adolescents or in women during menopause?

Infant and teenage miliums in general can disappear by themselves at stabilization of a hormonal background. This category of "victims" does not need to rush with the removal of zherovikov under the eyes. If you are already out of a tender age, then worry about because of the cosmetic imperfections there is no sense - wives are better to remove.

Despite the safety of the zhirovik themselves, it is difficult to call them harmless. For example, a wen eye can interfere with a complete eye examination or a tear duct. You can not ignore the psychological stress, complexes and other disorders of the nervous system due to a cosmetic defect. Such a prospect will please very few people.

It makes sense to remove even a small, only noticeable zhirovik under your eye.

Ways to remove limes on the eyelids

Wen under eye The removal of different types of fatty eyebrows under the eyes is different. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the skin. We all know that she is extremely thin and tender under the eyes. Therefore, disposal methods should be especially gentle, sparing. Do not discount the anatomical nuances. Around the eye there are important nerves, and the eye socket itself is an open path to the brain. Therefore, any removal of the wen should be highly qualified.

Removal of milios

  1. Mechanical. Removal is preceded by peeling and disinfection of the skin. Then a puncture and a superficial blast of the dermis is done. Next is the removal of the milium body.
  2. Electrocoagulation or electrical cauterization.
  3. Laser Coagulation.
  4. Removal of fat worms with a radio wave knife. The method is non-contact, rather sparing.
  5. Curettage is an obsolete, very traumatic method of scraping.

Xanthine removal

  1. Diathermocoagulation - moxibustion of high frequency currents. Can be carried out both contact and non-contact.
  2. Cryodestruction - freezing of unhealthy cells with liquid nitrogen.
  3. Layer-by-layer removal of xanthomium by laser. The most sparing method.
  4. Surgical. Applicable for xanthomas more than 1 square.see. Can be combined with simultaneous blepharoplasty. The wound is stitched with a cosmetic suture.

Removal of true linden

True or normal lipomas under the eye are much less common than the two types described above. However, the methods for their removal are also well developed.

  1. Surgical. Traditional vyluschivanie through an open incision.
  2. Endoscopic. Through a small hole with a mini-endoscope.
  3. Liposuction. Through the puncture, the contents are aspirated by a needle.
  4. Electrocoagulation. Wen is cauterized by electric current.
  5. Radio wave surgery. The method is very gentle and effective.
  6. Laser Surgery. The most progressive method of removal.

Folk "creativity" and the removal of the wader

At first it was said that the cause of the appearance of the wen eye is "illegal" division of fat cells. You, of course, understand that no lotions, ointments, external drugs can not affect this deeply internal process.

It's easier to analyze what in your way of life and health could provoke such a "breakdown" and try to eliminate such factors. In this approach, a good, real help you will have a doctor.

Lipoma in the corner of the eye Often, for a small zhirovichka under the eye, an oculist doctor prescribes a conservative method of treatment. Therefore, it is possible that before the operation it will not come.

Have pity on your eyes!

When deciding on some folk methods of self-removal of a wen, do not forget that this is a big risk. Remember:

  • the skin around the eye is particularly vulnerable;
  • around the eye are important nerves and large vessels;The
  • brain is very near the eyes.

It is natural, that the arisen inflammation or accidental trauma from self-treatment can become fatal.

Only a "dense" person can advise himself to cauterize the adipose under the eye with iodine and red-hot oil.

A sad smile is caused by tips like "wait until the wen will eat itself."Be reasonable and modern. Current medicine has enough opportunities to quickly and qualitatively save you from any zhirovik.

We are confident that our article has reached the goal: now you know exactly how to remove the grease under the eyes. And also what follows and what should not be done in this case.

How to treat the appeared adipose: Video

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Published: 23-10-2014