If the wart has turned black. .. How to behave correctly?

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Condyloma is an unpleasant formation on the skin, which most often appears on the feet or palms. Already by itself, it brings little good: it hinders and spoils the appearance. But sometimes education can change, causing even more inconvenience. If your wart has turned black, you need to find out the reason for this, because some of them are dangerous.

How does the wart


Hands without papilloma Condylomas do not always remain as they originally appeared. They can change their appearance, becoming larger, convex, more painful, acquiring a different color, swelling, etc. If nothing happened with the sore, it usually looks like this:

  • has a flesh color;
  • form - round and clear;
  • warts can either protrude above the surface of the skin, or be flat( plantar);
  • having looked narrowly, you will see that its surface is not uniform and smooth, but consists of many small papillae;
  • sometimes in the wart can be seen dark dots - necrotic capillaries;
  • chronic warts, especially on the feet, are often covered from above with coarse, horny skin that peels off.

Causes of blackening of warts

Specialists do not always advise to treat condyloma. Sometimes skin formation can disappear on its own. So you can wait and watch, if, of course, it does not cause you inconvenience. When the build-up begins to change, in some cases this is cause for concern and to go to the doctor.

There are three reasons why a wart becomes black:

  • Natural death. It occurs when your immunity has increased and the body has overcome the sore. This often occurs in childhood or adolescence, when the protective mechanisms fail, and then re-enter the work. In this case, except for blackening with a wart, nothing should happen. In other words, it does not cause any inconvenience. It is important to wait for education itself to fall off, do not pick it up and do not scrape it.
  • Blackening is a consequence of the treatment of condyloma by a home or medical method. If you were doing cryotherapy or you yourself smeared your education with different means, and they acted, then its surface begins to turn black. This is the first sign that the tumor will soon pass. Do not rip it off, wait until it disappears completely.
  • The most dangerous cause is the effect of infection. If the surface of the wart was damaged accidentally or intentionally, then pathogenic microorganisms could get there. They cause inflammation, which is characterized not only by the change in the color of the sore, but also by itching, burning, and sweeping pain. With pressure from the formation can leak pus or blood. With such symptoms, you need to contact the dermatologist as soon as possible.

What to do with warts

Papilloma Discovering this misfortune, many think about how to deal with it. Leave, as is, go to the clinic or do self-medication. Usually to the doctor go in the case when nothing is already helping, but in vain. If you are the owner of more than one wart or they often appear and disappear, this is an excuse to go to two doctors: a dermatologist and an immunologist. Hence, your body is unstable and you need to find out the reason for this.

The word medicine. Instruction

Removal methods

Home treatment

Here are some more tips on what to do or not do with condylomas:

  • If you decide to treat a sore at home, then choose the least traumatic ways: do not burn with acids or alkalis.
  • Do not cut the wart at all. First, there is a danger of infection in the wound. Secondly, there is no guarantee that you will completely remove all of her body. Thirdly, the virus from the wart is easy to spread in this way to nearby tissues, causing an increased appearance of new sores.
  • When condyloma is at the stage of withering away, it does not need to be touched once again: cut with pumice stone, rip off the crust, etc.

Removal of warts by folk remedies. Video Magical Skin

You can cope with warts if you approach the healing process with wisdom. If you are unsure about something, it is better to go to a doctor. It is also important to closely monitor sores so that they do not accidentally injure them.

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Published: 28-08-2015