How to get rid of warts on your hands civilized

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  • Causes of the appearance of warts
  • Types of warts and how dangerous they are
  • Treatment of warts on the hands
    • Removal of nodules with medicine
    • Compress from papillomas. Instruction
    • Folk treatment
    • How to remove warts. Video site Magical Skin

Unaesthetic neoplasms on any part of the body deliver great discomfort, especially on the hands. And although the appearance of growths is not included in the category of the most common problems, but if it happened, you will still have to learn how to get rid of warts on your hands. After all, only after understanding the causes of the development of ailment, it is possible to counteract it more effectively.

Causes of the appearance of warts

Clean hands Before you fight with warts that have arisen on your hands, you need to understand what provokes their appearance. The main culprit, from which there are warts on the hands, experts call the human papillomavirus. It is available in almost every person, but multiplies and progresses for the following main reasons:

  • is weakened immunity;
  • disturbed sleep and rest;
  • improper power;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • does not comply with hygienic standards;
  • sweats excessively;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • on the skin there are micro-trauma and microcracks;
  • lack of fresh air.

In addition to the fact that the papillomavirus is transmitted from one person to another, they can also get infected by touching the objects with which it was contacted by the carrier. By the way, infection through household items occurs in 30% of all cases. It is only because of this that it is important to know how to remove the warts that appeared on the hands. The most active virus spreads in a humid and warm environment: swimming pools, shower rooms, gyms and other similar places.

Types of warts and how dangerous they are


Most often, warts appear on the palms, fingers, hands, elbows. In color, they merge with the skin, but sometimes acquire a yellow, pink or brown hue. Usually such growths do not cause painful sensations and deliver only aesthetic discomfort. But since the hands are almost always in sight, for many, the question of how to remove warts on the hands is far from idle, and not just for women.

In 50% of the cases, the growths disappear within 1-2 years, leaving no trace behind them. But often they are located in places where not only prevented from doing something, but also traumatized. For example, for a wart located on the elbow, treatment is simply necessary, since her trauma can lead to impressive blood loss, and she herself will be ill for a long time.

Depending on the location, experts group such growths into the following types:

  • Simple warts( they are also called ordinary or vulgar).Such formations, as a rule, are not accompanied by any unpleasant sensations. They have the appearance of rounded rough nodules of light brown or pink color with a diameter of 3 to 10 mm.
  • Plantar. Despite the name, plantar warts are also found on the hands, often accompanied by unpleasant painful sensations.
  • Flat. They are also called youth, because they most often appear in adolescence or adolescence. In adults, they arise in connection with professional activities. These small outgrowths of corporal or yellow color barely protrude above the skin and are almost imperceptible in the initial stage. Usually at this stage, few people seriously think about how to remove warts from their hands. An understanding of this comes after their expansion becomes extensive.

Treatment for warts on the hands

Hands without papillomas When in the human body begins the so-called proliferation( painful growth of cells), at this time the immune defense is significantly suppressed. This leads to the appearance of new tumors, such as warts on the hand, which modern medicine or folk remedies can help get rid of. But it is better to seek help from a specialist. Proper treatment will help or get rid of the growths at the very beginning, or this problem will be resolved during the treatment, depending on the individual characteristics.

Removing outgrowths using medicine

There is no universal method for getting rid of warts on the arm. All methods of treatment can be systematized as follows:

  • Surgical intervention - the build-up tissues are scraped using a scalpel. The method is traditional, but it is used very rarely.
  • Physiotherapy - removal of warts by laser, liquid nitrogen( cryocoagulation), electric current( electrocoagulation).
  • Chemical method - with the help of acids, alkalis and their mixtures.
  • Immunotherapy - the effect on the immune system with the help of special drugs( in the form of injections or oral).

Compress from the papillomas. Instruction

Compress from papillomas

Folk treatment

Folk remedies initially suggest fighting warts at home. All of them are related to the impact on the build-up of cold, acidic environment and some other things.

The most effective is the moxibustion of neoplasms with natural celandine juice. It must be collected during the flowering period of the plant, that is, from May to June.

The onion also works well. The cleared head needs to be cut, pour for 2 hours with acetic essence( 70%) and apply on a wart in a slice every night for the night before its disappearance.

How to remove warts. Video site Magical Skin

Ways how to reduce the wart on the arm, a lot, but you need to clearly understand that to destroy the virus of the papilloma is not capable of either of them. In the process of treatment, only the manifestation of infection is eliminated, and the virus itself remains. Therefore, in order to prevent relapse after treatment, all efforts should be directed to strengthening immunity.

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Published: 22-09-2015