How to get rid of papillomas on the face: available methods

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  • Causes of the appearance of papillomas
  • Medical methods for treating papillomas
  • Treatment of papillomas at home
  • Healing oil from papillomas. Instruction
    • Rules for the removal of papillomas on the face
  • Video. Removing papillomas with home remedies

A person without papillomas Papillomas are completely harmless formations on the surface of the skin that can not be treated at all if they do not cause any discomfort and are not injured by clothing. But when it comes to the face, then very few people want to go with incomprehensible bumps, which all pay attention. Here they look unaesthetic, and in the field of the eyelids even interfere with sight. So the question of how to get rid of papillomas on the face is more than relevant.

Causes of the appearance of papillomas

Similar skin lesions appear due to the action of the eponymous papilloma virus. In general, there are several dozen types of this virus, but most of them are safe. But it is easily transmitted from person to person. Most often pink or brown bumps appear on the face, hands, armpits, and in women and under the breast.

There is an opinion that papillomas are very contagious and it is only one time to come into contact with a sick person, as you will immediately have the same growths. This is half the truth. In fact, it all depends on the state of your immunity. Most people are infected with the papilloma virus in childhood, but it manifests itself only in certain periods of life, when immunity is weakened. When does this happen?

  • After prolonged use of antibiotics or protracted diseases.
  • During stress.
  • In the presence of diseases that greatly affect the state of the body's immune system. First of all, it is HIV and AIDS.

Since these skin formations are only a symptom that indicates certain problems inside the body, treatment with papillomas on the face should include both antiviral therapy and increased immunity. In themselves, they consist of excessively overgrown adipose tissue, but it is not enough just to remove the build-up itself, because it can easily reappear.

Medical methods for treating papillomas

The removal of papillomas on the face in a medical facility occurs quickly and with minimal risks. This was previously taken to be treated with burning, during which a hot head was taken and applied to the build-up. After a short time, he disappeared from such an action. Modern methods of treatment are more humane, although they act on a similar principle.

If you are not sure whether to go to a doctor, then read the following pluses of papillomas removal by medical means:

  • Pure face Painless procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia.
  • Increased sterility of the process, which will protect you from re-infection or inflammation.
  • Fast result. To remove the papilloma on the face of the house, you have to spend a few days, or even weeks, but the doctor can remove them in one session.
  • Minimal risk of scarring. Most modern methods remove only the build-up itself, practically without affecting healthy tissues.

If you do not already know how to remove the papilloma by the medical method on your face, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most popular methods:

  • Laser removal. Its main advantage is that the laser disinfects the wound surface, as a result of which the wound quickly heals without leaving any traces.
  • Radio wave removal. This is a non-contact and bloodless method, in which diseased cells are evaporated, as if sealing healthy.
  • Cryodestruction is still used, but not so often compared to the two previous methods. Freezing outgrowths has one drawback: the doctor can not control the depth of the action of low temperatures, which can result in the formation of a scar in place of the "operation."
  • Surgical removal with a scalpel. It is used quite rarely these days, as it is the most traumatic.

Treatment of papillomas at home

If you prefer self-medication, then folk medicine also knows enough techniques that will help you with this. Here's how you can remove the papillomas on the face of the house in the simplest ways:

  • Treatment of papilloma Fresh celandine juice helps fight many skin formations. Tear off the plant and lubricate with orange juice papilloma. Repeat the procedure several times a day until it begins to dry out.
  • A longer, but no less effective way is tea tree oil. It is enough to lubricate the build-up with oil undiluted twice a day. The method is convenient because this tool is always at hand, unlike the juice of celandine.
  • Mix in equal proportions aspirin, iodine and boric acid. Fill it with 100 ml of alcohol. Apply the resulting mixture to the papilloma two times a day.
  • Recently appeared build-up can be removed using chicken protein. To do this, oil them with papilloma and wait until it dries to form a crust. Then anoint it again. Do this every day until the build-up is dry.
  • Aloe is another good remedy that helps to get rid of papillomas on the face, since it acts gently and does not harm healthy skin. It is enough to paste a piece of fresh leaf to the growth with a band-aid and change it daily. Choose the best plant that is more than five years old. Healing oil from papillomas. Instruction

    Healing oil from papillomas

    Rules for the removal of papillomas on the face

    The face is a part of the body that is always in sight. For this reason, you need to be cautious about any procedures that are carried out on it. Let's talk now about how to remove the papillomas on the face and at the same time not to damage the health of the skin. To do this, follow the following rules:

    • Do not tear down or cut off the formations in any way. So you not only risk entering into the wound infection, but also get ugly scars. Also, such manipulations lead to the fact that the virus spreads even more, because of which new growths appear on the skin.
    • Do not remove your own papillomas that are on your eyelids. Entrust work in the field of eye specialist.
    • Before applying the remedy, apply a thick cream around the build-up to avoid damaging it.
    • In case of severe discomfort, immediately flush what you have applied to the papillomas. None of the means should cause severe burning, itching and other unpleasant sensations.
    • If the build-up is inflamed and hurts, then urgently go to the doctor.

    Video. Removing papillomas with home remedies

    Knowing how to remove the papilloma on the face without consequences, you can not worry about the small shishechek yourself, which, most likely, you are pretty bored. Cope with them in most cases is quite simple. But do not forget to follow the rules of personal hygiene and wash your hands before touching your face. So you will protect yourself from the appearance of unpleasant growths.

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    Published: 23-12-2015