How to get rid of a grease on your face

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  • What is a wen and what to be afraid of a woman?
    • Dangerous cosmetics
  • Medicine and lipoma
    • Surgery of lipomas. Figure
  • Traditional medicine
    • Ointment of Vishnevsky
    • Aloe vera or Kalanchoe
    • Short recipes
  • Procedure for removal of a grease fog by one's own hands
  • Lipoma, Wen - how to be treated. Video

Wen is not a pimple and not even a comedian, although it is not easy to cope with it, it is possible. Zhirovik( or scientifically "lipoma") spoils beautiful skin for a long time and seriously. How to get rid of fat on the face and what to do so that the face is not decorated with a new portion of "white balls"?

What is a wen and what to be afraid of a woman?

Surgeon Survey This unappetizing name hides an equally unappetizing phenomenon: a benign tumor consisting of adipose tissue. The most likely cause of lime is a blockage of pores. Small fat on the face under the name, as milium, cause the most ardent desire to get rid of them!

However, doctors do not undertake to affirm unequivocally, therefore, among other probable reasons, the following are called:

  1. Adherence to the wrong food: sweets, fat, smoked products.
  2. Bad habits.
  3. Sedentary lifestyle.
  4. Low skin hygiene( especially in hot weather, when sebum is produced especially actively).
  5. Slag debris in the body.
  6. Heredity.
  7. Some diseases( endocrinology, gastrointestinal diseases, thyroid gland, gynecology, kidneys, etc.).

One of the reasons for the appearance of subcutaneous adipose tissue on the face, from which you do not know how to get rid of, is called incorrect cosmetics. Let's talk about this in more detail.

Dangerous cosmetics

Primers and other means for narrowing pores, including very expensive series in "gold" jars, delay the release of fat from pores.

Face cream should be selected carefully. When you are faced with a choice of what to buy, remember what type of skin you have. Do not neglect this condition! It is especially important to buy the right cosmetics for the owners of a combined type. After all, these women need to use just two types of means: for oily skin( if it is a question of the T-zone) and for dry( if on the cheeks and neck).


The tonal cream is a favorite for all women, but. .. terribly hated for our skin. The facial cream clogs the pores and adds fat into them, causing comedones, acne, fatty glands on the face and body, which can be very difficult to remove even in the clinic.

Be careful!

Medicine and lipoma

The relationship of medicine to lipoma is unequivocal: if education is troubling, then it needs to be removed. Although zhirovik is not a malignant tumor, there is still a small risk. Lipoma removes the surgeon, he and only he has the right to interfere with the human body promptly.

Grease on face There are several medical methods by which it is easy to get rid of such troubles as white adipes on the face and large lipomas on the body.

  1. Injection. The absorbent material is injected into the tissue of the wen. Limitations: a lipoma with a diameter of more than 3 cm. The resorption process lasts about 2 months.
  2. Traditional, surgical. This method is called the most effective, especially when it comes to giant formations.
  3. Laser removal. It is recommended for treatment with lime on the eyelids and lips. Does not leave scars and scars.

There are other ways, but they are used less often.

Surgery of lipomas. Drawing

Surgery of lipoma

Traditional medicine

How to remove greasers on the face of the house, with their own hands? People's inventions with a bias in medicine have long been nagging doctors. It is highly recommended to get a consultation from a surgeon, because it's not just about beauty, but about health! Liposarcoma is a terrible variant of lipoma, a malignant tumor, is it worth it to take risks?

Ointment for Vishnevsky

Ointment Vishnevsky( consists of processed tar, castor oil and xerobe) is still highly respected by medicine. This agent was invented by surgeon A. V. Vishnevsky as early as 1927 for the treatment and prevention of purulent wounds.

It is quite easy to get rid of fatties from the face even with such a powerful tool as "Liniment of Vishnevsky".Apply a thin layer of ointment on the cheesecloth and attach to the wen. After 12 hours, change the compress. In total, the ointment should be on the lipoma for three days. After they take a break in 1-2 days and repeat the procedure.

Aloe vera or Kalanchoe

Ordinary aloe, which lives on every window sill, can save many problems. Zhirovik is one of them.

Prepare a leaf: cut it from the bottom of the plant, wrap it in a food film( so it does not dry out) and send it to the fridge for 10 days. This procedure awakens biologically active substances, so treatment becomes more effective.

Apply a fresh cut to the grease on the face, from which you want to get rid as soon as possible. Hold the leaf for several hours at a time, then change the bandage. Lotions do for a week. The pulp of aloe can be replaced by pulp of Kalanchoe.


Short recipes

  1. Apply the fennel pulp collected after frost to the wen. Duration of the procedure is 10 minutes.
  2. Cauterize the lipoma with 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Apply a tampon moistened with urine to the formation.
  4. Apply a layer of softened laundry soap, rinse after 5 minutes.
  5. Cauterize at night with iodine, and in the morning gently rub alcohol.
  6. Apply leaves of coltsfoot with velvety side to wen.

How to remove a small fat on your face yourself?

No, not immediately we decided to talk about this method. After all, the method is fraught with complications. Nevertheless, if someone does so contrary to the prohibitions of doctors, even at least do so with the least risk.

  1. The day before the procedure, grease the fat with the balsam "Vietnamese starlet".This will soften the formation and facilitate removal.
  2. Before the procedure, thoroughly clean the skin of the face, hands and under the nails.
  3. Prepare a sterile( read - new) needle from an insulin syringe, cotton and alcohol( or iodine), magnifying mirror and lamp.
  4. Unfold your face over the steam bath with chamomile for 5 minutes.
  5. Wipe the moisture on the face with a sterile towel, treat the lipoma and the skin around the alcohol.
  6. Squeeze the skin with the fingers of the left hand so that the grease protrudes.
  7. Pierce the wen at the top.
  8. Gently squeeze the contents with your fingertips.
  9. Disinfect the wound with alcohol, tincture of calendula, iodine or hydrogen peroxide 3%.
  10. Attach an ice cube made from boiled water.

Lipoma, Wen - how to be treated. Video

Health and beauty are related concepts. Is it possible to imagine one without the other? Treatment without the knowledge of a doctor is a risky business. Be healthy, and beauty will come to you!

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Published: 03-07-2015