Vulgar wart: the taming of the shrew

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  • Why one is lucky, and others do not have
    • Types of warts. Table
  • How does vulgar wart look
  • Prevention of vulgar warts
  • Wart removal
    • Folk methods
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Clean hands A vulgar wart comes from childhood. During active games, when injuries are not uncommon, the boys and girls are infected with the HPV virus, which is manifested by rashes on the hands and feet. Among vulgar - or simple - warts there are "children", "kissing" and others. And the warts determine the strength of immunity. From importunate "jewelry" get rid of berries and herbs.

Why one carries, and the other is not

Although HPV( human papilloma virus) carriers are almost everyone, ugly dry plaques appear not at all. The main reason for this "injustice" is different immunity. Those people who have the defenses of the body at their height, warts do not suffer, although it is likely that the virus is present in their blood.

Children are the first candidates for the infection of HPV, which presents itself as a rash in the form of flat plaques on the hands and feet. As a rule, after a few months vulgar warts pass by themselves. But if a year or more has passed, and the number of rashes has only increased - pay attention to the state of immunity. Warts - a kind of indicator that it's time to take up health closely.

Only 10% of children are able to resist HPV.This suggests that 90% of carriers need to strengthen the defenses of the body. To do this, there are tasty and useful recipes, as well as pharmacy products-immunomodulators.

Types of warts. Table

Types of warts

How does a vulgar wart

This is a small plaque flesh-colored. Sometimes it has a dirty or whitish shade. The diameter is from 3 to 10 mm, the formations are arranged singly or in groups.


If you look at multiple rashes, it's easy to see that there is a larger education in the center and a smaller one next to it. A large education is called "motherly", small "children".

Sometimes HPV leaves a trace in the form of "kissing" warts: on adjacent fingers or in other places where the skin comes in contact, symmetrical plaques pop up.

Prevention of vulgar warts

In summer, warts thrive. Still would! Summer is dusty, warm, humid. Therefore, every injury, down to a tiny scratch, must be disinfected.

How to prevent rashes of dry patches?

  1. Choose the right shoes: in the winter free, in summer ventilated.
  2. Live it right - go in for sports, be tempered, it's so cool!
  3. Drink - eat vitamins, natural juices, fruits - vegetables. A glass of fresh on an empty stomach can save many winter troubles.
  4. Avoid stress. As far as possible, at least.
  5. Love the herbal tea with honey.
  6. Prepare a treasured box with a freeze. By the way, in frozen berries most vitamins are preserved.
  7. In the summer and after sports, take a shower to wash away sweat and dust.
  8. Wash your hands often with soap or throw in a handbag napkins soaked in antiseptic.
  9. Accustom to all these rules of children, because warts are an indicator of low hygiene and weak immunity.

Removing warts

If education is not treated, it will pass by itself. True, it takes a lot of time - from three months to one and a half years. In some cases, the wart is a great hindrance: it hurts, inflames, even bleeds. It becomes impossible to put on an adjacent clothing, barely get on your favorite shoes. ..

Vulgar warts Physicians remove vulgar warts by such methods:

  • surgical;
  • by laser beam burning;
  • cryodestruction( removal by liquid nitrogen);
  • by the radio wave method, when high frequency waves "burn out" the diseased tissue;
  • by electrocoagulation( radio knife);The device acts according to the burner principle, the wart is cut off.

Some of these operations require anesthesia. Reviews of patients who have removed the tumor, are positive.

For home use you can buy pharmacy products: "Panavir", "Oksolinovuyu ointment" and others.

It is impossible to strengthen immunity immunomodulators without a doctor's supervision. After all, breaking the balance is very easy, but it is difficult to recover. If the situation with doctors is critical, try "Immunal", "Polyoxidonium", drink a multivitamin.

Folk methods

When the wart is still small, it's time to remove it with folk remedies. Even doctors say about folk medicine positively, if it is a vulgar wart of a small size.

  • Summer method

Chamfer the stalk of celandine, lubricate the formation with orange juice. Repeat 2-3 times a day.

  • Garlic

Cut the plate from the garlic lobule, attach it to the wart, fix it. Repeat the procedure every day at night. Neoplasm occurs after 1-1,5 months.

  • Strengthening the immunity of

Delicious herbal decoctions with berry additives will replace tea and will be of great benefit: currant leaves, rose hips;berries raspberries, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, currants, lemon. The berries are dried, frozen, rubbed with sugar. And then add to taste in herbal tea.

They also consume wheat germ. Before germinating, the grains are soaked in several waters to render harmless if the grain is processed before storage.

Treatment of spurs on the heels. Video Magical Skin

If the wart does not interfere and spoil the appearance, it is left alone. In a few months, education will pass by itself. Interestingly, is not this the property built conspiracy practice? Be healthy and beautiful, dear readers!

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Published: 27-08-2015