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  • What is a hanging wart
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Warts are different, but they all bring a lot of inconvenience and experience. Especially it concerns the hanging formations on the skin, which appear in the most prominent or inconvenient places. Having found out under your armpits warts, you need to first find out whether it really is warts and it is desirable to remove them immediately. But first things first.

What is a hanging wart

Without warts Hanging warts are not like the ones that sometimes appear on our feet or hands. They have a completely different appearance, although they are caused by the same virus of the papilloma. The infectious infection and reduced immunity are two factors that cause the appearance of genital warts.

By the way, hanging warts can pop out not only under the arms, but also on the neck and face, especially on the eyelids, less often around the lips or on the nose. They can be either single or emptied whole colonies.


The appearance of hanging warts is also different. They can:

  • have a thin leg;
  • attach to the body with a thick base;
  • be white, pink or brown.

Location under the armpits is very uncomfortable and many doctors advise such warts to be removed. They are often rubbed with clothes, cause pain and can be accidentally injured, which is already a danger.

Degree of penetration of various neoplasms into the skin. Figure

Degrees of penetration of various neoplasms into the skin

It is important to know

Although the wart under the arm is a benign formation, it is most at risk of degeneration compared to other types of genital warts. You need to constantly monitor them and urgently seek medical attention if the following occurs:

  • warts changed color;
  • began to increase in size;
  • appeared soreness;
  • the skin around the condyloma began to somehow change;
  • from the wart protrudes blood or other fluid;
  • ulcers appeared on the surface of the formation;
  • fingers feel the seals inside the wart, its structure has changed.

All this does not necessarily mean something terrible, but consult a doctor and take a survey is mandatory.

Methods for treatment of warts under the armpits

Hanging warts are treated in two ways: surgical and medicinal. At home, pharmacies are used that are prescribed by the doctor after the examination. People's recipes in this case it is better to put aside. Because of the specific nature of this cutaneous formation, they will not be particularly effective, besides, you risk damaging it.

It is important to note that under no circumstances can the hanging wart be cut off or torn off. With such manipulations, easily infect the infection in the wound or re-infect the virus. In addition, as already mentioned, a wart injury under the arm can provoke its degeneration into a malignant formation.

Most often, hanging warts are removed in the doctor's office. The scalpel in this case stands at the very last place. It is rarely resorted to, because there are more convenient ways to remove genital warts. Among them are the following:

  • Treatment with papillomas Laser surgery. It is in the first place in popularity. Its plus lies in the minimal traumatization of healthy tissues and disinfecting action.
  • Cryodestruction. In this case, the wart is frozen with liquid nitrogen. The complexity of the procedure is that the doctor can not control the depth of cold exposure.
  • Electrocoagulation. This is a delicate way to get rid of the wart. Education is affected by electric shock with the help of a special "knife".The procedure is almost bloodless, as the current "seals" the blood vessels. As a result, scars and scarring are practically not formed.

Usually, after a mechanical wart removal, the doctor prescribes in addition an internal treatment, the purpose of which is to bring the immune system in order and prevent the appearance of new warts. After a full course, you can get vaccinated against a virus that has been active for 8 years.

Removal of papillomas by home remedies. Video Magical Skin

Hanging warts are easy to treat. The main thing is to turn to a good specialist on time. You can initially go to a dermatologist or surgeon who will prompt you for further action.

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Published: 29-08-2015