What to do if the mole is scratched

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Birthmarks( nevuses) are for every person. Therefore, to find the one who does not have them is an impossible task. In general, on the body, on average, we can count from 20 to 40 dark formations. This indicator does not say anything, but only so long as the nevus does not bother. And if you suddenly found out that the mole is itching - this is a signal about violations in the body.

What is a birthmark

Mole under a magnifying glass Interesting is the fact that almost all babies appear to light without visible moles - they have a clean skin. But already during the first year of life on the body begins to appear birthmarks, and they can be formed on any areas of the skin. Most of them appear during puberty. Doctors explain the reasons for their appearance during this period.

There are birthmarks from ordinary skin cells, in which the concentration of melanin is increased. This explains their color - from light brown to black. There are birthmarks of red, blue. In fact, they are benign formations, and do not represent any danger. But if the birthmark itches and starts to peel off - this is already cause for concern.

Reasons for the appearance of moles

This is due to hormonal changes( here is the answer to pregnant women about the unexpected appearance of moles), and the second reason - the skin reaction to ultraviolet, simply - tan. And in fact some young ladies simply do not think to themselves a life without a bronze-chocolate sunburn. So is it worth while complaining about the appearance of the nevus?

Here are the factors that contribute to the emergence of moles:

  • heredity;
  • long stay under the sun;
  • trauma - chemical and mechanical, radiation, burns;
  • light skin;
  • is a bad ecology.

Do I need to remove moles:

Video Signal for you


Nevus on the shoulder If once you find that the mole is itching and blushing, then, most likely, it starts to grow. Sometimes the nevus itches with constant periodicity, then it can be a reaction to some factor of external irritation - a change of weather, for example.

But when it's constantly itching around the mole, and it's just unbearable, it's necessary to itch very carefully, without damaging the skin around it. And if still damaged - treat this place with hydrogen peroxide. And always consult a doctor.

If the nevus is peeling

The causes, from which the mole is scaly and it itches, there may be several. Perhaps you have dry skin or just do not have enough vitamins. But the risk of degeneration into a malignant tumor also exists. In addition, if the surface is rough - this is already a bad sign: it should be soft and smooth to the touch, without seals.

Pay special attention to the fact that when the mole not only itches and itches, but around it there are suspicious changes:

  • suppuration and bleeding;
  • the nevus itches, there is a burning sensation, a slight tingling;
  • seal both centrally and over the entire surface;
  • pain is felt even without touching the pigmented spot;
  • moles not only itch, but also change color, there are spots of a different color;
  • very fast, reactive growth of the nevus for a short time;
  • asymmetry - the appearance of tuberosity, roughness.

Diagnosis and treatment

Treatment of birthmarks What to do if it itches a mole? Address to the doctor! In the medical facility, diagnostics will be carried out immediately. But not only one pigmented spot: if even one birthmark has caused concern - this is already a signal of a violation in the body as a whole.

It's possible that one spot can be absolutely safe, and another, an inoffensive-looking mole, carries a deadly threat. Melanoma, or black cancer, is the most dangerous thing that an ordinary pigmented spot can degenerate into.

Do not in any case engage in self-treatment, look for some tips and recipes on the Internet. First, if the mole is scratched, it flakes, it is not a fact that it is melanoma, and secondly, the itching is not always an indicator of the degeneration of a benign tumor.

What if the mole itches? Having addressed to the expert, you receive modern diagnostics.

  1. Clinical examination is carried out.
  2. Complex of laboratory studies.
  3. If you suspect a cancer, a histological examination is performed( this option is possible only after surgical removal of the nevus).

Neoplasms always have grounds for concern, and moles - including. Even if they do not disturb at all - it is necessary for women to check the skin and spots on the oncologist at least once a year.

What will happen if a birthmark is ripped off: Video

Methods for removing problem birthmarks

In the case of the birth of a birthmark, it is necessary to remove it for histological examination. If the doctor has prescribed removal of the flaking mole, do it. However, do not go to cosmetologists, healers or folk methods. Call the surgeon, and he will conduct a safe and painless operation.

Let's admit, one mole, located on the collarbone, began to itch. The doctor after the examination advises to remove it. At the reception of the surgeon, be sure to specify which method of removal can be considered. In today's clinics apply:

  • laser surgery;
  • excision with a scalpel;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • cryodestruction;
  • radio wave surgery.

Laser and its alternative

Taking into account that the mole is on the open part of the body, it is worth choosing a laser. The same applies to those cases when the birthmark itches. The laser method is good in all respects:

  • no pain( meaning there is no need for anesthesia);
  • operation is bloodless and does not take much time, only a few minutes;
  • relatively low price.

It is also recommended to perform laser surgery on the chest, neck, face, hands. These areas of the body are open all year round, with the use of other methods on the body will remain scars. If for some reason the laser had to be abandoned and the traces of the operation still remained, that's what you can do:

  • use medical products that dissolve scars.
  • to carry out a grinding of a rumen, after that there will be a small, hardly appreciable light spot, which in due course should disappear.

In the case when the mole grows and itches - contact a specialist without delay.

Surgery: why and when

If the changes in the mole are caused by degeneration into a malignant tumor, you need to get rid of it surgically. This, of course, is the most radical, but also the most effective method. And although this is not a laser, but you can be sure - the surgeon will not leave the growth of cancer cells! The same method is used when removing moles of large sizes.

What to do if it itches the mole: Video

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Published: 23-10-2014