Red moles: why do they appear on the body? !

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Many of us, at least once in my life coming to the mirror, noticed on themselves unusual birthmarks of red or pink. Some after they see panic. However, such a speck may not be dangerous. After all, almost any of them belongs to the category of a benign tumor and does not pose a danger to life. But still, why do red moles appear on the human body?

Reasons for the appearance of red moles

Red moles on the back Birthmarks( including red ones) are manifested due to disruption of the work of capillaries and vessels. The reason for the appearance of such spots, as a rule, on the body of children and adolescents is a change in the circulatory system. In an adult, such specks can be the result of long exposure to the sun, as well as hormonal changes.

Also, some experts are inclined to believe that the reason for the appearance of new red moles on the body may be associated with some popular procedures today. These include:

  • frequent visits to the solarium;
  • use of hygiene products, which are based on synthetic material;
  • is an animal allergy;
  • is an allergy to food.

They can also be a consequence of a health problem. Some experts consider their occurrence as a result of the disease of the gastrointestinal tract possible. Also, cases of occurrence of such spots due to cardiovascular system disorders and cell pigmentation were noted.

However, it is also necessary to take into account the fact that when birthmarks appear, they can appear, nevertheless, malignant, and their color does not matter. Therefore, we can not independently answer to ourselves what the appearance of red birthmarks is on the body. This answer should be addressed to a specialist, and even more so if it changes color and increases in size.

Species and symptoms of red moles


Bordeaux Birthmarks Reddish points on the body can appear from the very moment of birth. Why there are red moles, we may never know, because many of them disappear on their own. They can also look like rashes, that is, a lot of red dots on one part of the body.

Conventional( benign) birthmarks appear without fever or deterioration of well-being. In addition, they are painless. If at least one of these symptoms is present, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

Most often, red moles( angiomas) are called capillary moles. They are formed under the skin due to the transformation of blood vessels. On the skin, such specks appear in red or pink tones in the form of a tubercle or flat adjacent to the body. Sometimes from them almost imperceptible capillary lines diverge. People with such skin changes are many.

There are also many so-called cavernous angiomas or wine spots. These kinds of red birthmarks are congenital. If you squeeze them a bit, they will change color and lighten for a few seconds. This kind of angioma does not require surgical intervention, and their presence should not serve as an excuse for panic. Of course, they should not exist, but they do not represent any danger to life.

Red moles: the opinion of doctors

It should be known that no good doctor recommends to remove an existing birthmark if it is benign. There is a rule: if the speck does not increase in size and does not bring discomfort, it is not recommended to remove it. Naturally, for aesthetics, such skin changes on exposed parts of the body, such as the face, are often surgically removed.

But a specialist can not always clearly determine for what reason many red moles have appeared on our body. If the stain that appears on the body does not hurts or grow in size over time, it is not recommended to be surgically removed. As a rule, such skin changes go by themselves and do not affect the state of human health. They are also safe for life.

Do I need to remove birthmarks: Video

Features of treating red moles

Today, there are many types of treatment for such skin lesions. If there was a need to resort to surgical intervention, you need to remember that it is better to give up cauterization at once.

For moles this method is ineffective, since a birthmark is only burned on the surface of the skin. Due to the fact that its roots are under the skin, it can appear again in the same place after a while. Optimal solution is most often laser surgery.

It should be noted that flat red moles are treated much faster than convex ones.

In the process of treatment, anesthesia, as a rule, is not used, and the skin, most often, is treated with a special cream. The procedure itself is extremely unpleasant and, of course, requires material investment.

After removing the birthmark, spots may appear in its place, but it should not be frightened: over time, they disappear. Also, at least a month after the operation, it is not recommended to be in the sun.

How to avoid the appearance of moles

If the body appears red moles, think about it. In no case must we forget that there are many judgments, but only a qualified specialist can diagnose and prescribe the right treatment. Why?

Self-medication can lead to inevitable consequences. Even with minor skin changes, it is better to be safe and immediately show up to a specialist doctor, than to repent bitterly.

Spot on the body Of course, there are many reasons for the appearance of birthmarks, and it is impossible to completely avoid the probability of their birth. However, you can minimize this probability by adhering to some rules.

  1. Properly eat( do not eat fatty or heavy foods).
  2. Do not stay in the open sun at noon.
  3. Daily monitor hygiene.
  4. Control your physical activity( for each of us - its own norm).

It should be understood that in addition to a specialist, you can tell exactly from what someone on your body has red birthmarks, no one can. Even if two birthmarks are very similar in appearance, they can be different in composition. And this means that their treatment, respectively, must also be different.

Why on the body appear red moles: Video

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Published: 22-10-2014