Should I vaccinate a child with measles?

The Hamlet question: "To vaccinate or not to vaccinate a child against measles?", Confronts everyone who recently gave life to a new Earthman. Most rely on the authority of doctors. They categorically demand: prophylactic vaccinations should be given to everyone who does not have obvious contraindications.

children Doctors can understand. On their side, impressive statistics, vividly demonstrates the success of mass vaccination.

Say, before the invention of the vaccine against measles, it hurted to 95% of the inhabitants of the planet. Usually nothing terrible happened. By myself I remember: two weeks of parental anxiety, simple treatment of measles, complete recovery and honestly earned immunity for life. But not always everything went so well. Some of the children received severe complications, died. Their number was unacceptably high - up to three million annually. Now, at least in developed countries, the number of measles cases decreased to a minimum.

Encouraged by the apparent success of WHO, it was predicted that by the year 2000, measles would be eliminated on the planet. Alas, the problem still can not be solved.

The reason is one - staunch resistance of "intractable" parents. Knowing that vaccination( even rarely) can still be dangerous, they do not agree to improve the world's statistics to complicate their baby. Probably, they too can be understood.

Moreover, the vaccine is not unlimited. By the age of 35, everyone is advised to fork out for a second inoculation. Do you know a lot of those who bothered to do it? But the treatment of measles in adults is much more difficult.

So the choice of parents is not very simple. And hardly anyone is able to give an honest and equally unconditional recommendation. I'll have to decide on my own.

If an unvaccinated child does get infected, you can, without the least fear of using proven folk remedies for measles.

Infusion of violet trichrome well helps against the rash( a tablespoon of flowers pour a half cup of boiled water, soak in a water bath for 5-10 minutes, let stand for an hour and drink like tea three times a day).

The patient needs to gargle with sage infusion( which is still a remarkable anti-inflammatory drug: in the range of its useful qualities, the treatment of balanoposthitis, sore throat, cough).

As a fortifying agent useful infusion of Kalina( it is prepared in a thermos, after about 4 hours in a glass of boiling water a tablespoon of dry berries, drink three times a day for 2 tablespoons before meals).

Warm baths with addition of bran are useful( you should bathe your baby several times a day for 10 minutes).

And remember, this is a test with an unpredictable outcome you chose the child yourself! Maybe it was worth it to plant?