Laxative for weight loss: an ideal figure or health problems?

Laxative for weight loss: an ideal figure or health problems?

Female beauty at all times has been the subject of women's dreams and envy and the object of men's admiration and desire. For the sake of a beautiful figure, the ladies went to many desperate deeds, neglecting their health and testing their willpower. However, not all attempts to get rid of excess weight were crowned with success. In addition, lovers of delicious food could not sit on diets forever and sooner or later still leaned on their favorite dishes, with a crash of the dream of a slim figure.

It is not at all surprising that the way of elimination of kilograms gained through the use of laxatives and diuretics appeared in the nineties, aroused unlimited interest in women of all ages and social strata. This method of weight loss is not alien to modern women. A few white capsules - and the weight decreases by a kilogram! Is not it a miracle? However, not everything is so straightforward. Like all other ways to combat excess pounds, laxatives for weight loss have their pros and cons. This is exactly what will be discussed in the future.

Rapid weight loss with a laxative: myth or reality?

It's not a secret for anyone that the appearance of a person's figure depends on the constitution of his skeleton, the state of muscles and the amount of fatty deposits. Overdose on flour, sweet and fatty foods, a passive lifestyle and slow metabolism lead to the formation of a "pendulous abdomen" caused by overflow of the intestine, and then to thickening of other parts of the body. That is why the most common way to take a laxative is to use it immediately after overeating. Drunk laxative remedy for weight loss, provokes an act of "compulsory" emptying of the intestine, causing a contraction of smooth muscles and a "fall" of a crowded abdomen.

Rapid weight loss with laxative

At first glance laxatives for weight loss give a visible weight loss for a couple of kilograms, allowing you to climb into your favorite jeans or a new beautiful dress. However, this does not last long. Even at the first meal of the stomach, the stomach recovers its former speed. Thus, effective laxative for weight loss is not so effective. Involuntarily the question arises: "but what about the numerous positive reviews and popular TV commercials promoting laxative teas and other means for losing weight?" But here, as they say, you need to turn on your head. And this will help the information on the principle of action and varieties of laxatives.

How does a laxative work on the body?

The principle of action of any laxative drug is to accelerate the process of devastation of the intestine, by irritating its mucous membrane with special substances that make up its composition. Getting into the human body, the laxative causes discomfort and rejection of the drug itself, and with it the entire contents of the intestines, without affecting any other organs of the digestive system and destroying the myths about burning fat with laxative tablets. Thus, a mild laxative for weight loss can have only a temporary high-speed effect, and with frequent use it can generally stop the process of losing weight, as a result of the body getting used to the extremely fast excretion of stool.

Varieties of laxative drugs

Today, manufacturers offer a huge selection of laxatives for weight loss, which can be conditionally divided into the following groups:

  1. Mineral laxatives( Glauber's salt, magnesia), which due to their ease squeezed from the intestine of fecal masses. A single intake of these substances causes indigestion for the whole day, completely relieving the intestine of all the contents and washing out the intestinal microflora, which requires further recovery with probiotics. Thus, at the cost of a shed kilogram becomes a disruption of the digestive system.
  2. Natural laxative diet pills based on fiber( fitomycil, bran, etc).The principle of action of natural preparations of this group is to increase the volume of fecal formations and their natural release under gravity. Absorbing water and swelling in the stomach, bran quite quickly cause the desire to go to the toilet and empty the stomach, which then decreases noticeably. According to nutritionists, eating fiber is almost the only safe way to cleanse the intestines for weight loss. And fiber can be not only pharmacy, but also contained in fresh vegetables and fruits. With sufficient water intake, this substance is able not only to clean the stomach, but also to reduce appetite due to the filling of the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. Good laxative for weight loss - teas and herbs for weight loss, causing peristalsis of the intestine and allowing you to lose a couple of kilograms, clearing the rectum and sigma. The action of these drinks is based on a laxative and diuretic effect, which ends their positive effect on the body. The cessation of the use of tea for weight loss after its long reception causes a serious malfunction in the work of the intestine, the violation of microflora and the appearance of constipation. Thus, the body loses its ability to independently remove the decay products. In this case, laxatives for weight loss can trigger dehydration and metabolic disorders. For those who decide to lose weight with the help of teas, dieticians recommend using the safest decoctions of peppermint, rose hips and mountain ash that actively break down fat, improve metabolism and ensure better digestion of food. As for grasses like senna, crush and nettle, they should be avoided. Otherwise, the desire for an ideal figure can lead to nausea, spasms of the intestine, blockage of blood vessels and even to cardiac arrhythmia.
  4. Oil preparations based on natural products( vaseline, paraffin or vegetable oil), which are not digested at all and without modifications take place on the gastrointestinal tract, taking with them everything that is available there.
  5. Laxative slimming agent "Lavakol", which can be isolated in a separate category, due to the content in it of substances that block the dehydration of the body and allow you to get rid of the contents of the intestine, without significant fluid loss.

From all of the above it becomes clear that you can lose weight with laxative preparations only for a couple of kilograms for a couple of days, which is worth stopping for. Regular use of drugs with a laxative effect will not only bring the desired results, but will also have a detrimental effect on the body in the future.

Varieties of laxatives

Underwater stones of "good" laxative for weight loss

As we have already explained, laxatives for weight loss can harm human health. Let's find out what kind of damage laxative preparations can cause to the human body.

In view of the fact that tablets that accelerate the withdrawal of stool from the intestine, violate the natural scheme of the digestive process, the human body is underemployed vitally important vitamins and nutrients, usually absorbed through the walls of the intestine. As a result of a shortage of the body elements necessary for its full functioning, it is depleted and malfunctions in the operation of all systems. This is what explains the fact that the consequences of losing weight with the help of laxatives, as a rule, are brittle nails, dysbacteriosis, falling hair and other health problems and, accordingly, the appearance of a person.

Another drawback of laxatives is that their regular intake causes an unhealthy psychological dependence in a person. Uncontrolled use of various products, people expect a "magic" tablet, which will not allow deposited fats in the problem areas. In fact, everything is much more complicated, most of the carbohydrates and fats have time to "leave their mark" on the figure. Taking a laxative really gives a reduction in weight the next day, followed immediately by its increase, at the first refusal of the medicine and the use of the usual food.

On the advisability of taking laxative preparations

In medical practice, experts certainly use a laxative for a single thorough cleaning of the intestine before various operations. Removing the contents from the intestine does cause a loss of several kilograms, but this ends up all. That is why taking drugs with a laxative effect is possible only at the beginning of any program of weight loss for removing excess toxins from the body and preparing it for a new healthy life.

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