Cleansing the body by the method of Semenova

Cleansing the body by the method of Semenova

The method of purifying the body of Nadezhda Semyonova aims not only to improve the overall health of the body, but also to get rid of many diseases. According to Semenova all diseases in humans arise due to the contamination of the body with harmful substances.

The principle of cleansing the body according to Semenova

According to Semenova, a large number of harmful substances accumulate in the human body throughout life. As a consequence, the proper functioning of all systems and organs is disrupted, and various diseases occur. As the healer believes, if you regularly clean your body, you can prevent the occurrence of many diseases and cure the already existing ones.

cleansing by Semenova

Medicine official categorically refutes the very concept of "cleansing" the body. From the scientific point of view, it is obvious that the organism is designed in such a way as to independently derive unnecessary substances. The immune system works tirelessly against the products of vital activity that are harmful to health.

Despite the skeptical comments of doctors, the purification by Semyonova is practiced quite often and has not yet received a clear scientific refutation, nor is there any equally obvious confirmation.

The system of purification by Semenova consists of several stages, the organs are cleaned in strict sequence:

  1. Intestine( disposal of dysbacteriosis).
  2. Liver.
  3. Kidney.
  4. Blood and lymph.
  5. Vessels( cleansing from mucus).
  6. Joints.
  7. Genitourinary system.

According to the theory of Semenova, since everything in the work of the human body is interconnected, the slagging of some organs causes diseases of others. Therefore, it is important to clean absolutely all systems and organs.

Cleansing of the intestines and combating dysbiosis by Semenova

The cause of slagging of the intestines is often an improper diet. Undigested food is deposited in the intestines, envelops its walls and gradually turns into stool stones. In the intestine of a sick person, up to 30 kg of such deposits may accumulate, while in a person who is almost "healthy" the weight of such "garbage" is 5-10 kg.

To cleanse the intestines by Semenova, you need to apply an enema of 2 liters of warm water with the addition of a tablespoon of lemon juice or a spoonful of honey or 6% of apple cider vinegar. Keep the fluid inside the intestine should be at least 10 minutes.

cleansing of the intestines by Semenova

To get rid of dysbiosis by Semenova, you need to eat garlic every day one hour before breakfast and 2 hours after dinner.

Liver cleansing according to Semenova

For the prevention of liver diseases, according to Semenova, it is enough to clean it once a year, liver diseases should be cleaned liver twice a year. Cleansing the liver for Semenova lasts for several days:

  1. On the first day, you need to make an enema in the morning and then throughout the day to eat only fresh apples.
  2. On the second day, again apply the morning enema and until 7.00 pm drink freshly squeezed apple juice. Then go to bed on your right side, in the liver area, apply a warm water bottle at intervals of 15 minutes alternately drink 3 tablespoons of olive oil and lemon juice. After 5-14 hours, it will be necessary to empty the intestine, in this case, clots of gray-black color will appear. At the end of cleaning, the stomach should be washed with 1.5 liters of water.
  3. On the third day it is advisable to eat only light food, mostly vegetarian.

Cleansing the liver according to Semenova

Cleansing the kidneys according to Semenova

To cleanse the kidneys according to Semenova, it will take a week to observe a diet consisting of watermelons and black bread, there is nothing else in this period. Every day at 2-3 o'clock in the morning you need to take a hot bath, at this time begin to go out stones and sand. With pain, you can drink 1-2 tablets no-shpy.

Purification of blood and lymph by Semenova

By the method of Semenova for 3 days you can cleanse blood and lymph. To do this, every day on an empty stomach, drink 100 grams of thawed water with the addition of a tablespoon of Glauber's salt. For the rest of the day with an interval of half an hour to drink 100 g of juice mixture( 900 g of orange juice + 200 g of lemon juice).

Purification of blood vessels by Semenova and disposal of mucus

For cleaning the vessels by Semenova it will be necessary to drink for a month half an hour before eating a table spoon of special infusion. An infusion of a glass of dill seeds, 2 tablespoons of valerian roots, 2 cups of honey and 2 liters of water is prepared. The mixture of components must be insisted for at least 24 hours and then can be consumed.

Purification of vessels according to Semenova

To get rid of mucus by Semenova, 2 times a day on a hungry stomach take a teaspoon of a mixture of 140 grams of horseradish and juice from 2-3 lemons. When taking such a remedy, mucus is removed from the maxillary sinuses, nasopharynx and lungs.

Cleansing joints according to Semenova

Cleans joints according to Semenova should be 4 times during the year. To cleanse the joints, you need 3 days to drink a three-hour infusion of 5 g of bay leaf and 300 g of boiling water. Drink infusion in small sips every hour. It is recommended to eat only vegetarian food during the cleansing period. To improve the excretion of salts, you must first clean the intestines.

Cleansing of the genitourinary system by Semenova

For the removal of toxins from the genitourinary system, every day for 2 months, breakfast with rice, previously soaked for 5 days and boiled without salt. After taking rice 4 hours you can not eat or drink anything. The result of the cleaning will become noticeable when the urine acquires a dirty shade, which means that harmful substances have begun to be eliminated.

Purification of the genitourinary system by Semenova

The most important aspect of Semenova's method is the correct sequence of cleansing procedures. If you regularly cleanse the body and adhere to proper nutrition, then the whole energy of the body will be directed not to digest unnecessary food, but to your own health.

Video about body cleansing by the method of Semenova

Video about cleansing by Semenova