Cleansing for Malakhov - alternative methods of cleansing the body

Purification according to Malakhov - alternative methods of organism purification

Methods of treatment of a well-known TV host G.P.Malakhov has long been the subject of a dispute in the medical environment. Someone perceives his recommendations, and someone thinks as a frank charlatan. Despite this, Malakhov's methods have become quite widespread. Of course, not one doctor will recommend using such methods of treatment because of their scientific unreasonableness.

According to the author, his recommendations are very effective and effective. According to Malakhov, periodic cleaning of excretory systems, kidneys, liver, intestines and joints can save many diseases. So what is this, cleansing for Malakhov?

Complete cleansing of the body with enemas according to Malakhov

The entire body cleansing procedure for Malakhov begins with regular enemas. The enema is prepared from 1-2 liters of boiled water and a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. To conduct the procedure the healer recommends in the morning, after the release of the intestine. It is necessary to try to keep water inside the body as long as possible.


Duration of application of cleansing enemas for Malakhov is 3-14 days, depending on the degree of weediness of the body. As a rule, with a thorough cleansing the body feels noticeable ease and improvement of overall well-being. According to official medicine, an alternative to this method can be a vegetarian diet that improves digestion and relieves feelings of heaviness in the stomach and intestines.

Cleaning of the liver by Malakhov

Malakhov recommends starting the cleansing of the liver with a three-day fasting. In this period you can drink only apple juice, 5 glasses a day. On the third day at about 7.00 o'clock, drink 100 ml of lemon juice and vegetable oil, then lie on your side and attach a warm water bottle to the area of ​​the liver.

Cleaning of the liver by Malakhov

According to Gennady Petrovich, such a procedure promotes the excretion of stones from the liver into the intestine, although from the point of view of the anatomical features of humans such an explanation is rather doubtful. An alternative medical method of treatment is considered to be taking a glass of warm water "Borjomi" daily for 2 weeks.

Cleansing of the kidneys according to Malakhov's method

Cleansing of the kidneys by the method of Malakhov is carried out by daily consumption of watermelon, 1 kg of pulp per 10 kg of body weight, and 200-300 g of a white loaf. The course of this treatment is 2 weeks, at night, at 2.00 at night, you need to take a bath of hot water with sea salt for 20 minutes. It is advisable to have a watermelon while taking a bath.

Doctors oppose such treatment with the restriction of salt in the diet, the exclusion of consumption of spices with sodium glutamate and replace all consumed liquids with clean water.

Cleansing of the kidneys by the method of Malakhov

Urine therapy for cleansing the body according to Malakhov

Another way to purify the body according to Malakhov is to use your own urine. From it put enemas, consume it inside, dig it in the nose and wash it with eyes. The procedure is absolutely not suitable for people squeamish. In addition, it is problematic to combine such cleansing with work, since it is difficult to collect the necessary amount of urine, if you are not at home all the time.

Physicians categorically deny the use of this method for health purposes. Urine is a product of the excretory system of man and it contains many harmful substances and products of decay. In addition, if there are any infections in the body, urine may contain pathogenic flora and pathogenic bacteria.

cleansing for Malakhov

To follow the recommendations of Malakhov or not, it is decided by each person individually. Perhaps someone such cleansing will help, but someone will only hurt. In any case, when using any treatment and cleansing methods that do not have a scientific basis, it is advisable to consult a doctor in advance.

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