Cleansing the body with a bay leaf: an ideal figure and health!

Cleansing the body with a bay leaf: an ideal figure and health!

In alternative medicine, there are many ways to cleanse the body of stagnant slag and toxins that poison it, interfere with the work of internal organs and systems, which leads to an increase in body weight.

The most effective and safe method for cleaning the body at home is tincture from bay leaf. It allows not only to remove harmful substances from the body, such as slags and toxins, but also salts that are stuck together in dense cones and deposited in blood vessels. And since the blood vessels are too small, the salt from them is not washed out, as a result of which the blood circulation worsens and on the feet and hands "blisters" of cyanotic color are formed.

Those who eat right, cook food exclusively on water or natural oils without adding various spices that also contain many harmful trace elements, this problem may not be encountered. But those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and eat "what is horrible", this problem can not be avoided.

Cleansing the body with a bay leaf: indications and contraindications

Cleansing the body with a bay leaf is an absolutely safe method and has few contraindications, which include:

  • urinary system diseases;
  • stomach and duodenal ulcer;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • administration of drugs that affect the natural properties of blood plasma.

If you do not have these contraindications, taking a bay leaf to cleanse your body and for weight loss will be an ideal tool, safe and effective at the same time.

It should be noted that this method of purification leads to frequent urination( almost every half hour) and a change in the color of urine( it becomes pink).To be frightened of it it is not necessary, as it is quite natural process which is caused by receipt of salt in an emiction system and irritation of a bladder.

Cleansing the body with laurel leaf

How to cook and take laurel leaves to cleanse the body?

To make a complete cleansing of the body, the bay leaf, or rather the tincture from it, is prepared as follows:

  • you need to take 5 g of crushed laurel leaves and pour 300 ml of hot water;
  • further it is necessary to put the container in which the tincture is prepared, to a slow fire and cook for 5 minutes;
  • then put the container in a warm place and leave to infuse overnight;
  • and after the tincture you need to strain with a small strainer or gauze.

Take infusion every morning on an empty stomach for 3 days. You can not drink it all at once. To drink it is necessary in small sips and through certain time, that is, have made 2 - 3 drinks, have waited 15 minutes, then again have made 2 - 3 drinks and so on until the tincture does not end.

During the cleansing period, you need to switch to a new type of food - vegetarian. Eating meat, dairy and sour-milk products is forbidden, and spices and salt can not be added to the dishes. It is also necessary to abandon tea, coffee, chicory and various herbal infusions.

In addition, it is necessary to do enemas daily, to prevent stagnation of excreted slag in the intestine. Still need to take a bath based on magnesium salt, pine branches or oat straw.

After three days, cleansing with a bay leaf assumes a small one-week break after which it is necessary to take an infusion again for 3 days. However, stop taking baths, enemas and switch to the old type of food can not be, otherwise there will be no effect from the "work" you have done.

How to cook and take bay leaves

If you plan to take an infusion of laurel leaves for weight loss, you must also take into account and then, without additional physical exertion you can not do. They not only help you tighten up your body and make the contours of the figure more clear, but also accelerate the process of metabolism, the slowdown which leads to the accumulation of extra pounds.

In addition to all this, you need to comply with the drinking regime. Since during purification from the body a large amount of liquid is removed, dehydration may occur. Therefore, drinking is an integral part of body cleansing.

Purifying the body of harmful substances in this way is necessary throughout the year once a quarter. And then this procedure should be done once a year, while pre-cleaning the intestines and liver.

More information on how to prepare infusion from bay leaves, you can from the following video: