Cleansing the body with salt water

Cleansing the body with salt water

To preserve beauty and youth, and also to maintain weight in the norm, it is necessary to regularly perform a set of measures aimed at cleansing the body of harmful substances that accumulate on the walls of the intestines( they are called slags in the people).

These slags lead to the stagnation of fecal matter, as a result of which toxic substances are not eliminated naturally, but our organism is poisoned from within, against which the premature process of skin aging starts, metabolism is slowed down and gastrointestinal diseases develop.

There are many ways to cleanse the body of so-called slags. But the most effective and accessible to everyone is the cleansing of the body with salt water, because all that is required of you is to drink saline and spend one hour to perform a set of exercises that accelerate the process of purification.

How to prepare saline solution for body cleansing?

How to prepare a salt solution for body cleansing?

To prepare a salt solution, you need two liters of boiled water, cooled to 40 C, and 2 tbsp.l.salt. It is best to use sea salt, but if it is at hand at the moment you will not refuse, you can use ordinary table salt. True, its effectiveness will be less pronounced.

So, you need to stir well the salt in water until it completely dissolves, and take the resulting solution in the following order:

  • on an empty stomach to drink 1 cup of solution;
  • then do a special set of exercises( they are described in the video that is located at the bottom of the article);
  • drink another glass of salt solution;
  • again do a set of exercises.

saline solution for body cleansing

And so it is necessary to do, until you drink 6 glasses of water and do not do 6 times a set of exercises. After that, you will have a craving for evacuation. Once you get rid of feces, you will need to do the above activities again.

After you empty the bowel again, you need to drink 3 cups of warm, unsalted water and induce vomiting to empty the stomach. Approximately half an hour after the measures taken to cleanse the body, you need to eat a small portion of boiled rice, without salt, sugar and oil.

Such events should be repeated 3 to 4 times in a 24-hour period. Further cleansing of the body with the help of salt water should be conducted no more than once a month.

Video about body cleansing