Methods for purifying the liver with magnesium in the home

Methods for purifying the liver with magnesia at home

The liver in the human body is constantly exposed to harmful substances that we "feed" it with our own hands, eating harmful foods and alcohol. But how well the liver functions depends not only on the person's well-being, but also on his psycho-emotional state, as well as his appearance.

When the functionality of this organ is disturbed, the skin deteriorates, acne and swelling appear. This also affects other internal organs, since the liver is responsible for removing toxins from the body. And if it is violated, this process does not happen.

That's why it's very important to maintain its functionality. And you can do this periodically using purification with magnesium. How to conduct this procedure at home, you now find out.

A little about the application of magnesium

Magnesia has another name - magnesium sulfate. This drug is an excellent laxative that helps remove toxic substances from the body, thus having a beneficial effect on the bile duct and liver.

The taste of magnesia is similar to sea water, it also has a bitter-salty taste. The use of magnesium sulfate for liver cleaning, of course, is effective. But it is best to use it together with olive or linseed oil, which also contribute to the restoration of the cells of this organ and its functionality. After all, they also have a choleretic property, through which the cleansing effect is achieved.

Preparation for treatment of

Before performing purification with magnesium, you should start a special diet one week before. You will need to stop eating meat and fish. In your diet must predominate food of plant origin. And it should be eaten either raw, or boiled. Fried and heavily salted dishes are prohibited for consumption during this period.

Preparation for treatment

During this period, it is also important to warm up the liver so that it can be cleaned without discomfort. This can be done in the following way: before going to bed for 7 days, apply the heating pad to the right hypochondrium for 30-40 minutes. This will help to open the bile ducts.

During preparation, you should also drink plenty of water - at least 2 liters of water. It can be replaced with mineral water without gases or broth of wild rose.

How to perform liver cleansing with magnesium?

After a week of preparation of the body, you can start treating the liver. To do this, you need 20 g of powdered magnesium sulfate. It should be diluted in 70 ml of chilled boiled water and drank in the morning on an empty stomach.

Then it is necessary to take a horizontal position and apply the heating pad to the right hypochondrium. So you need to lie down for 2 hours. Purge the liver with magnesium for one month every day.

Immediately after you have warmed the liver, it is necessary to perform a cleansing enema. Then during the day it is not recommended to eat a lot of food, but it is better and does not have anything at all. Give your preference to ordinary water or freshly squeezed juices.

But the next day you can eat vegetables, fruits and low-fat varieties of fish or meat, but in moderation. To eat fried, salted, smoked and pickled during this period is prohibited.

It should be noted that cleaning the liver with magnesium is a long process and without the use of choleretic preparations is ineffective. And at the very beginning we already talked about this. Therefore, it is better to take magnesium sulfate in combination with olive or linseed oil. You can simply use it in pure form for 1 tablespoon, or you can add it to the solution.

Purification of the liver with magnesia and olive oil

Purification of the liver with magnesia and olive oil is practically the same as the above method, only it is carried out in the evening. It is worth considering that magnesia - a powerful laxative, so its use is better to spend the weekend.

On the day when liver treatment is planned, you need to distribute your regimen so that the last meal is at 16:00 hours. Then after 3 hours, drink a solution of magnesia( 2 tablespoons of powder to a glass of water) and lie down under the blanket, attaching a warm-up hypochondria warmer.

Cleansing the liver with magnesia and olive oil

After a couple of hours you will need to drink 100 ml of olive oil( it should be preheated beforehand).You can drink it in a gulp or in small sips. And to dull buttery aftertaste, its oil can be washed down with lemon water( 1 glass of water and ½ lemon juice).

Then you need to go to bed again, putting the heating pad on your right side for several hours. To eat on this day nothing can. But in the morning you can eat fruit or vegetables. If you make freshly squeezed juices from them, then remember that before using them you need to dilute with water in a ratio of 1: 1.

It is necessary to carry out such manipulations once in 2 days during a month. If you strictly follow all the recommendations, then you can feel better after 2-3 procedures.

But remember that magnesium is a medicinal product and should be taken carefully, without exceeding the indicated dosages. It will be good if before the treatment you consult with a doctor and will undergo an examination for pathologies. If you find diseases that are on the list of contraindications to the use of the drug, it is better to abandon the idea of ​​purifying the liver with magnesium.

After all, it can lead to irritation of the mucous membranes of internal organs, which will contribute to exacerbation of diseases and a sharp deterioration in your health. If the doctor has forbidden you to use magnesia for these purposes, it is better to listen to him and look for less safe means to cleanse the liver at home.

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