Chronic inflammation of the pancreas: treatment at home

Chronic pancreatitis requires constant attention. With him you can live, and lead a relatively full life, only following the instructions of the doctor. If you are diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis, you will have to forget about fried potatoes on lard and shish kebabs for vodka. The proposed recipes will help maintain the pancreas in a state of stable remission.


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  • 2 treatment of pancreatitis oats
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  • 3 Potatoes
    • 3.1 Potato juice
    • 3.2 puree raw potato
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    • 5.2 Marigold infusion
    • 5.3 Plantain
    • 5.4 Chicory
    • 5.5 Collection from the roots
    • 5.6 Anesthetic herbal collection

A little bitof pancreatic

Chronic inflammation of the pancreas

diet - a pledge of good work

pancreatic Pancreas refers to the two most important systems of the body - the digestive and hormonal. For the digestive system of iron produces enzymes that split the triad of nutrients into constituents, and for the hormonal produces insulin in the so-called islets of Langerans.

The pancreas is an unpaired life support organ. Therefore, doctors avoid surgical interventions to the last, try to maintain its functionality with drugs and diet. Patients suffering from pancreatic diseases are strongly recommended diet and a sparing lifestyle.

Medicinal preparations should be taken only by those recommended and prescribed by the doctor. Do not experiment with drugs without consulting a doctor, even if that or some other tool has helped someone.

For acute and recurrent pancreatitis, you must always go to the hospital.

Treatment of pancreatitis with oats

Oats have long been known for their ability to cleanse the intestines. This food is included in the dietary diet in the form of cereals and kissels.

Oat milk

So-called oat milk is very useful for strengthening the pancreas. To make it, you must first rinse the rump in a colander with small cells, drain off excess water and pour the rump into a pan. Water pour at the rate of 100 grams of grain per half-liter of water. The oats are cooked on a slow flame for 45 minutes, after which it must be grinded without pouring from the pan and continue cooking, stirring for another 20 minutes.

The broth needs to be cooled and drained through a sieve. For treatment, a white, milk-like, decoction is required. It should be taken 3 times a day, before eating half the glass. Oat milk can be stored in the refrigerator for two days, but only be heated in a water bath to room temperature.

Broth from oats

1kg of oats and rinse with water so that it covers all the grains. The dishes are covered with gauze, so that air enters it, and put in warmth. After 2-3 days the oats will germinate, and will be ready for use. It needs to be washed, dried and grinded to a flourish state.1 tablespoon oatmeal is bred in a third of a glass of boiled and chilled water.

Then another 1 cup of boiled water is added to this volume and brought to a boil on fire. The broth during stirring is boiled for 2 more minutes on a slow fire, then it is insisted for 30 minutes. Also it is accepted for half an hour before meal. The broth should always be freshly prepared.

Oatmeal Pudding

Oatmeal is called Russian balsam for its high content of vitamins. It has a curative effect on the entire gastrointestinal tract that is well suited for intermediate snacks, since it is nutritious, useful, and at the same time does not overload the intestine. It is not difficult to prepare it. But this process is performed in several stages:

  1. washed and dried oats are filled with filtered clean water from the evening, kept for half a day;
  2. is then brought to a boil on the stove and tinned on a quiet flame for 30 minutes;
  3. then the saucepan with hot jelly is wrapped and left for 8 hours to ripen;
  4. the ready jelly before use should be separated from the grains with a sieve and diluted with warm boiled water to the initial volume. Drink half a glass, 3 times a day.

Oats can be combined with other methods of traditional medicine, such as herbs.


Potato juice

Chronic inflammation of the pancreas

In folk medicine there are many treatments for pancreatitis

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Another product that heals pancreas is the juice of raw potatoes. This juice anesthetizes, heals, and relieves inflammation. It must be squeezed before eating from healthy and old potato tubers, drink 2 times a day for half an hour before meals. Potato juice can be mixed with carrot in a ratio of 1: 1.

Puree from raw potatoes

Potatoes, grated on a medium grater, can also have a curative effect on the gland. Such mashed potatoes are taken 30 minutes before meals, starting with 1 teaspoon and gradually increasing the dose. Contraindication for the treatment of raw potatoes is only increased acidity of the stomach.


Mumiye is one of the most ancient medicines. About his healing properties is mentioned in the Avesta. Aristotle treated his patients with this miracle cure. But even in those ancient times there were swindlers trying to make money on a counterfeit medicine and "vparit" a fake even to the kings, knowing full well that they could part with life for such tricks.

Aristotle checked the quality of the medicine on the lamb's liver. If the mummy was real, then the lamb liver, lubricated with this magic remedy, grew up literally before our eyes. The mummy taken inside, affects the esophagus, stomach, cures gastritis, ulcer, renders the restorative and tonic effect on the body, stimulates the immune system, dissolves tumors and heals wounds.

In pancreatitis, it is recommended to take the mummy in the form of an extract, twice a day, one teaspoonful, before breakfast and before bedtime. The duration of the course is 15 days, between them - a five-day break.


Propolis, or bee glue - is a resinous substance, the color of which can vary from brown to dark green. Bees produce propolis from sticky substances collected from plants, in particular, from buds swollen in the spring, modify collected by their enzymes. Propolis is used to cover crevices, disinfect cells in honeycombs before laying eggs, to regulate the passability of the tap.

Treatment of the pancreas is based on anesthetic, bactericidal, antitumor and anti-inflammatory properties of bee glue. An aqueous solution of propolis is recommended to take two teaspoons in two weeks. Simultaneously with propolis, you can take herbal decoctions.

Treatment of pancreatitis with herbs

Chronic inflammation of the pancreas

Herbs should be used with caution

To herbal tinctures are not addictive, you should conduct their courses. After completing one course, use the other. Listen to your body. Perhaps, some of the proposed recipes do not suit you, there will be undesirable reactions.

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Other herbal formulations may have no effect: neither positive nor negative. In diseases of the pancreas, birch buds or tincture of cowberries can help alleviate the state of excess glucose.


Resin acids contained in the immortelle have antibacterial activity. Halogens activate bile secretion, stimulate the synthesis of bile acids from cholesterol, increase the concentration of bilirubins and cholates. The flowers of this plant have an antispasmodic effect on the smooth muscles of the intestine, the gallbladder and the bile ducts, blood vessels, thereby providing better circulation of the digestive tract. In addition, he kills staphylococci and streptococci, soothes nausea and vomiting.

In the evening, you need to grind 5 g of dried flowers and pour them with cold purified water. Leave to insist on the night. Drink one glass throughout the day for two weeks. Take one tablespoon of flowers and fill them with a glass of steep boiling water. Insist for 30 minutes and take half a cup twice a day for two weeks.

For the preparation of this infusion in equal proportions are taken flowers immortelle, grass motherwort and St. John's Wort. The plants are crushed and mixed.1 tablespoon of this collection pour 1 cup of boiling water and insist for an hour. Accept warm for half an hour before eating 50 grams each. Thus, one such glass is enough for a day.

Calendula infusion

Calendula has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal properties. Infusion is used, as a cholagogue, for gastrointestinal diseases. The petals of these flowers are used instead of saffron for tinting and flavoring some dishes.

Soup with the addition of calendula petals will be useful for patients with pancreatitis, and not only for them. The infusion of this plant has a pleasant smell and slightly bitter aftertaste.1st. Spoon the flowers with 250 ml of boiling water and leave to infuse until the morning. Drink half an hour before meals three times a day for two months.


Plantain large grows everywhere. It is a valuable medicinal raw material with bactericidal, blood-healing and healing properties. In the treatment of pancreatitis, plantain is used to relieve inflammation. To do this, from the leaves of this plant, each time just before use, squeeze the juice and drink it before eating 1 teaspoonful. In the plantain contains vitamin R, which has a positive effect on the liver.


Chronic inflammation of the pancreas

To prepare raw materials you need only environmentally friendly

In the composition of Chicory is inulin, a substance that ensures the normal operation of the pancreas. From the roots of chicory, a delicious coffee-like beverage is prepared. The collected roots must be cleaned, thoroughly washed from the ground and then dried.

Dried roots to grind and fry. Store in a dry, tightly closed container. The drink is prepared based on 20 grams of chicory roots per glass of water. This drink can be diluted with warm milk and drink instead of tea.

Patients with pancreatitis can drink coffee from chicory, adding to it 1/3 of a spoonful of honey. Coffee from chicory can be bought in the store, already dried and fried. It is no worse than if you prepare it yourself.

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Collection from the roots of

1st collection. A remarkable collection containing useful substances that positively affect the activity of the digestive tract - thiamine, glycosides, riboflavin and carotene. All proposed plants are taken in equal quantities. This collection requires the roots of chicory, dandelion, elecampane and burdock. Since the evening, one t. Spoon a herbal mixture with a glass of boiling water in a thermos. Take this infusion three times a day before meals.

The root of the dandelion, as well as the root of chicory accumulates inulin in the fall, it contains bitterness, which increases the secretion of the digestive glands and the secretion of bile. The root of the dandelion also has antispasmodic and krovoochischayuschimi properties, improves appetite.

Devyasil( nine forces) is named for its healing properties. The roots of elecampane are excavated from the earth, healthy roots are selected, the ground part is thrown out. The roots are thoroughly washed, cut into pieces about 10-15 cm long and in length into slices. Then it is dried first in the open air, and then in a warm, ventilated room.

Store them better in glassware. The roots of this plant have anti-inflammatory and choleretic effect, soothe excessively active intestinal peristalsis, while activating the release of bile into the duodenum.

Burdock roots contain inulin, essential oils, bitterness, fatty acids - palmitic and stearic, protein, tannins. They have a diuretic and choleretic effect, promote the formation of pancreatic enzymes. And also has an antimicrobial and antiseptic effect.

Anesthetic herbal collection

Chronic inflammation of the pancreas

Not all methods bring the desired result, but many

facilitate the condition. This collection will require herbs of zopnik, dandelion, motherwort, tortilla, plantain, chamomile, cucumber, yarrow. Combine all the dried herbs, chop and mix them thoroughly. Store in a dry bowl or linen( baggy) pouch.2 spoonfuls of collection pour in a thermos boiling water( 0.5 liters) and infuse for 8 hours. This collection is recommended for exacerbations for pain relief.

  • Zopnik contains vitamins B2, C, E, K and carotene, some microelements. The plant has a calming and anesthetic effect, it helps in the treatment of stomach ulcers.
  • Motherwort soothes the nervous system, helps with hypertension, cardiovascular diseases.
  • Chamomile acts as an anti-inflammatory, hemostatic analgesic cholagogue. It has a beneficial effect on all human organs. The collection uses her flowers.
  • Wheatgrass has healing properties, it is used for gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Yarrow is one of the most useful plants for the digestive system. It stimulates the appetite, improves the absorption of substances in the intestine, has hemostatic properties. Stimulates the function of the liver. Helps treat inflammatory processes.

Applying folk recipes, get a diary, where every evening write down what recipes and what course you take, and how your body reacts to it. Do not forget to write down what you ate during the last day. This will help you to develop your strategy of maintaining the gland in the norm.

Treatment of folk remedies for chronic pancreatitis - in the footage:

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