Castor oil: features, application, reviews used

Characteristics of castor oil When we start talking about castor oil, we probably always remember the not very pleasant word "castor oil" and its effect( as a good laxative).

The very name of the oil gives birth to a simple smile, but castor oil is a simple, inexpensive remedy for many diseases. It not only relaxes the tone of the intestines, but also improves the growth of eyelashes, restores hair, etc.


  • Features of castor oil
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The majority of the oil is made up of glycerides, which causes its increased viscosity and ductility. By the way, this viscosity exceeds the sunflower oil by 18 times.

Features of castor oil

Castor oil( from the Latin "castor" means "beaver" - before its contents were discovered in plants, this oil was obtained from the beaver groin area) is a vegetable oil obtained from castor seeds of castor oil. Castor oil is a slightly yellowish transparent liquid with a softened or absent flavor and taste.

The oil boils at a temperature of 313 ° C, its density is 961 kg / m³.

Application of castor oil Oil from castor oil reveals the properties of triglyceride, in which there is nearly 90% ricinoleic acid. There are also fatty oleic and linoleic acids. Ricinoleic acid is an extremely polar substance and this makes it possible to widely use it in chemical production, which does not apply to other vegetable oils.

Castor oil, thanks to its composition:

  • has a laxative effect;
  • restores the structure of hair, accelerates their growth;
  • strengthens the eyelashes;
  • has a wound-healing effect, which is why it is widely used for healing in cuts, abrasions, burns, ulcers, hemorrhoids;
  • strengthens the structure of nails;
  • helps in some accidents - for example, if the tick sucked into the human skin, when it was removed;
  • has anti-inflammatory, antiviral properties;
  • helps in the treatment of calluses and warts;
  • perfectly softens the skin, removes fine wrinkles, is an effective tool for the preservation of youthful skin.
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Application of castor oil

Medical application of castor oil

Castor oil is classified as a universally recognized safe and effective remedy as a laxative that acts on the small intestine. It passes deep into the intestinal mucosa due to its molecular structure, which is small enough to easily pass through the horny sphere of the skin. It stimulates and relaxes, but can sometimes cause fecal incontinence, painful spasms and increased diarrhea. Its impact can be prolonged. And therefore, when taken inside this remedy has a number of side effects, especially - dehydration. With frequent use can cause digestive disorders and then - enterocolitis. Strictly contraindicated in pregnancy.

Application of castor oil In the treatment of many medications are rarely produced in a true chemical form. Oil from castor oil or products derived from it, such as Kolliphor EL, is associated with many current medicines, such as miconazole, saperconazole, paclitaxel, sandimmune, etc.

Castor oil is used for rubbing with colds and bronchitis, it provides healing andsoftening effect with hemorrhoids, softens the burrs, calluses, heals cracks on the soles of the feet.

This remedy is also effective for burns, cuts, ulcers, wounds, abrasions and warts.

Castor oil in cosmetology

Castor oil has proven itself in the care of the skin of the face and body, in particular, to strengthen, nourish and stimulate hair growth. It removes fine wrinkles from the skin, softens and nourishes dry and sensitive skin. Specialists are recommended to care for oily skin, for the skin of the neck and neck area. Castor oil perfectly removes pigmentation spots and whitens the skin. Used to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and hair, suitable for skin care eyelids.

Castor oil in the food industry

Castor oil is widely used in food products, it is added to food additives, flavors, sweets, chocolate, for packaging, as a fungicide. Castor oil is used as a good preservative for cereals. This oil prevents the spoilage of wheat, rice and leguminous crops. Also, with the help of castor oil, the products become easier to digest.

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Reviews of castor oil

Many users, after applying oil for the care of eyelids, face and body, have revealed that it does not burn, falling on the mucous membrane of the eyelid and does not irritate the eyes at all.

But, most importantly, hair and eyelashes begin to grow rapidly.

Only in some cases their darkening was observed. Other users noted that with regular oil rubbing in skin areas where there are pigmented spots, they completely disappear after two months.

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Castor oil is a natural, affordable, hormone-free agent whose side effects are observed only when applied orally.

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