Healing and tasty diet based on honey and cinnamon

Healthy and delicious diet based on honey and cinnamon

I think no one will doubt the word that cinnamon and honey are very healthy, especially in the season of viral diseases, and for many female representatives, there is an effective prescription for weight loss - cinnamon withhoney.

People have been using this set for centuries to give their figure a second wind. Rejuvenation of the skin, calming the nervous system, improving the digestive system, improving metabolism. And this is only the tip of the iceberg of those useful substances that can be learned from the amazing composition of honey and cinnamon.

What attracted this "couple" of natural components of famous European nutritionists?


A popular spice that contains a high percentage of essential oil, which most effectively stimulates the work of the stomach and intestines, and also helps fight against microbes and parasites.

Cinnamon influences blood sugar level, helps the creature to lower its index. In the field of weight loss, it is used because it reduces appetite, which contributes to rapid weight loss.

Useful properties of cinnamon with honey can not be displayed in one sentence, it is a whole bouquet of vitamins and microelements necessary for the body that stimulate the work of all human organs.


This is a real life find, a cure for all diseases. Cinnamon with honey for weight loss is used from time immemorial, and the results make even the most restless skeptics wonder.

Why is that? Honey is rich in enzymes, with regular use of it fat cells are burned, weight regains, excess centimeters leave from the waist, hips and buttocks.

Also, honey is a natural softener, if you had or have problems with a stool - that's the perfect solution for you!

This is a natural antidepressant, so you quickly forget about sweets and chocolates. And what to say about the strengthening of immunity, it is better than this means in the world not to find.

Cinnamon with honey for weight loss

Cinnamon with honey for weight loss

During the diet, you can use not only these two products, you can also add fresh vegetables, fruits, low-fat sour-milk drinks, lean meat, fish, etc. to the diet. The main thing is to use two key ingredients in the diet - honey and cinnamon, and everything else to taste.

The traditional means for effective weight loss is the combination of cinnamon, honey and lemon, thanks to this composition, beneficial changes occur in the body - blood pressure decreases, and the growth of cancer cells decreases.

Classic recipe for slimming cinnamon with honey

Mixture of : 1 part of cinnamon for 2 parts of honey. We prepare the drink from the evening, pour cinnamon with a glass of boiling water, and when it cools down, add honey.

In the evening we drink one part of the mixture, the rest is left for the morning, it is desirable to use such a composition chilled. Sediment is not used.

And so for several months every day, kilograms will go on increasing, by the end of the diet you do not recognize yourself: prettier, slimmer, cheerful, cheerful and vowel - healthy, because you just do not get a cold.

All the useful properties of cinnamon with honey for weight loss are known, and whether there are contraindications. Who can, and who should not use "this recipe for a thin waist."

Ban on eating cinnamon with honey for weight loss

  1. With inclinations to bleeding.
  2. When pregnant and lactating.
  3. With increased blood pressure, people with heart disease may experience heart palpitations.
  4. With excessive nervous excitability, cinnamon with honey for weight loss can cause emotional overexertion.
  5. With high body temperature.
  6. Diseases of the liver, kidneys, spleen, gall bladder.
  7. With allergies, bronchial asthma.

When losing weight it is important to monitor your health, listen to your body, and for serious abnormalities in work, seek qualified help from a doctor.

Cinnamon Honey Slimming Celebrity Reviews

Cinnamon honey slimming celebrity reviews

Julia Roberts after pregnancy began to actively use a honey cocktail with cinnamon and lemons. The result is staggering. Minus 10 kg for 3 months. Advises his followers to take a glass of water with honey on an empty stomach, preferably before rising from the bed. It gives courage and strength of mind for the whole day!

Video with a recipe for a drink with cinnamon and honey