Banana kvass for weight loss

Banana kvass for weight loss

Every woman knows that in the period of maintaining a diet for weight loss is very important to comply with drinking regime. The liquid helps to cleanse the body, removing from it the so-called toxic substances. They lead to a slowing of metabolism and the appearance of extra pounds.

However, drinking only water as it is not correct. The organism needs vitamins and minerals, in which it experiences a severe deficit with limited nutrition. You can replenish them by eating banana kvass for weight loss. This drink will not only quench thirst, but also help the body to purify itself and restore its strength.

Benefit of banana kvass

Kvass from bananas is very useful, especially when maintaining a mono-diet. This drink retains all the useful properties of exotic fruit. His benefit to the body of scientists proved a few hundred years ago.

Bananas are an excellent preventive against cancer, they have a strengthening effect on the vessels and support the work of the heart. They contain a valuable substance - tryptophan. Its deficiency in the body leads to frequent headaches, depressions, insomnia, nervous tension, increased irritability and attention deficit.

The Benefits of Banana Kvass

With a decrease in body weight, the body begins to experience an acute shortage of tryptophan. This is what causes a person during the diet to be dissatisfied with themselves and a desire to return to their former way of life. If you can not force yourself to stick to a low-calorie diet for a long time, then you should start taking banana kvass. Tryptophan is very much in it, so during weight loss you will always be accompanied by a good mood and a charge of energy, which, of course, will allow you to achieve your goals.

As for weight loss, this drink is an excellent tool that helps normalize metabolism and dull appetite. It is these properties of bananas that allow them to be used in time for various diets.

Recipe for cooking banana kvass

Banana kvass for weight loss reviews has numerous. Many people note the tremendous taste of this drink, and some people notice an improvement in overall well-being after taking it. But the fact that it is really useful, no one doubts. After all, it contains all the vitamins and minerals that are found in fresh bananas, while adding pribiotics that arise during fermentation and have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the intestine.

Kvass is prepared not from the pulp of bananas, but from their peels, which we all are accustomed to throw out. But there are many more nutrients in it than in the flesh itself. To prepare a drink you need a lot of banana peel, which must first be ground. This can be done with a conventional knife or blender( before grinding bananas should be thoroughly washed under running water).In total, you need 3 cups of chopped banana peel.

It is very important to keep in mind that the peel was bright yellow and there was no damage on its surface. It should be put in a well-washed three-liter bottle and filled with a glass of sugar. After that, it is necessary to pour the purified water into the balloon( 3-4 cm from the top).All should be well stirred, so that the sugar is completely dissolved. Then take ½ cup of water and stir in it a tablespoon of 15% sour cream. Add it then to the contents of the cylinder, all again mix well and close the container with a lid.

The recipe for banana kvass

The fermentation process of kvass takes 10-14 days. It should be kept in a warm place. At this time, you need to carefully monitor that on the surface of the drink does not form too much mold. It must be permanently removed.

After the fermentation process is over, the kvass should be filtered and bottled. Store in a cool place.

How to drink kvass from bananas?

There is no special rule for taking this kvass. But there are restrictions - no more than 4 glasses a day. Nutritionists recommend taking it half an hour before meals. The thing is that there is not a lot of fiber in the diet that contributes to a decrease in appetite. As a result, a person, having drunk kvass before eating, already feels saturated and, naturally, eats much less than usual.

But it should be noted that it is impossible to take this drink to people who have transplanted organs, since it can provoke a process of rejection. For the same reason, it is not recommended to consume banana kvass to pregnant women.

It should be understood that this drink does not have a fat burning effect, and therefore can not work as an independent tool. It gives good results only in combination with limited nutrition. Ideal in this case is a vitamin diet.

Video with a prescription of banana kvass