Olive oil for weight loss

Olive oil for weight loss

Residents of Ancient Greece and Egypt call olives "liquid gold", and this is all because they contain a myriad of minerals and vitamins that are useful.

The unique formulation contains:

  • Oleic acid, which has a beneficial effect on digestion and lowers cholesterol in the blood;Calcium, strengthens bone tissue;
  • Microelements and other vitamins are useful for bringing blood pressure back to normal, treating many psychological disorders;
  • Antioxidants remove excess fluid and harmful substances from the body.

Olive oil

And to all this list, you can safely add an unsurpassed effect of olive oil for weight loss.

How to properly use this tool in order to lose a few extra pounds?

  1. To save your parameters or solve a problem with a little excess weight you need to drink on an empty stomach a teaspoon of olive oil every morning for half an hour before breakfast. In such a simple way, you can lose weight by 3 kilograms or more per month, if you observe a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced and balanced diet, do not forget about physical exercises. Even a daily 10-minute charge will help you feel much better and more cheerful, and the pounds will just melt before your eyes.
  2. To benefit from food, you can flavor them with olive oil, seasoning salads and vegetables, and also adding a spoonful of butter to the soup you will pleasantly please your stomach and adjust the digestive tract.
  3. Olive oil can not be heated, so it will be unreasonable to use it in hot dishes, as well as for wrapping or taking a bath.
  4. This product has the ability to muffle the appetite, so you will not only eat less energy, but also get a healthy and radiant look.
  5. Canned olives are less nutritious than oil, so it's not worth it.
  6. For the purpose of losing weight, you can use the following recipe: 500 g of butter mixed with 200 ml of olive, and eaten, spreading, for example, on bread from bran.

Olive oil

How to choose high-quality olive oil?

Such a product according to taste and variety is determined by the harvesting time and the area where the olives grew. If the plant is unripe, the oil turns greenish, spicy, and when the fruits are ripe - the oil is a characteristic yellow and soft to the taste.

Also, the oil can be thick, liquid, or viscous, having its own taste and smell.

Quality olive oil will only be in glass containers, but plastic reduces the useful properties of the product and leads to its rapid oxidation.

Buy better unrefined oil, it retains more nutritious ingredients and it is softer in taste.

Are there any contraindications?

There are no special prohibitions, the only thing is that olive oil and other types of oils are forbidden to people with gastroenterological diseases.

And also:

  • Cholecystitis;
  • Presence of stones in the liver;
  • Individual intolerance.

For healthy people, up to 40 g of product are allowed per day.

oil for weight loss

Olive oil and lemon juice

According to the advice of dietitians, olive oil perfectly matches with lemon juice and promotes effective cleaning of the liver, digestive system, thereby causing weight loss.

To prepare the mixture you need to take one lemon and a half cup of olive oil, squeeze the juice and mix the ingredients. This drink should be drunk every day before going to sleep. In the course of dietary nutrition it is important to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, cook vegetable broth, flatly refuse from sweet and flour, less confectionery and bakery products.

In this combination, you can lose up to 5 kg of extra weight per week, if you add physical exercises to proper nutrition.

Reviews and recommendations

Marina: « I do not really like the smell of olive oil, but when I found out how many useful properties it contained, I decided to remove the sunflower from the refrigerator and took up the olive oil. I dressed salads, added to various dishes, even started to drink on an empty stomach after awakening. The result was seen after three weeks of its application, the skin cleared, small facial wrinkles disappeared, pain in the stomach ceased, it became easy and free. The feeling of saturation of the intestines was lost, the constipation ceased to disturb, the chair became normal. And why I did not use it before, everything snorted and was not satisfied with the "specific smell".

Now it is a welcome guest in my kitchen, I not only corrected my food, but also freshened, looked younger and lost over 6 kg of excess weight in a month. I recommend and advise everyone to use olive oil of a more yellow, saturated color, not refined and dense. Only in such a product is a huge set of vitamins and microelements, it is very useful for the digestive and vascular system . »

Olive oil

Victoria: « For me, olive oil is familiar from childhood, but my mother used it in various dishes. That's why she is always in a good mood and looks for 25 years! I try to keep up, my children are preparing delicious breakfasts based on olive oil, puddings and salads, filling cold dishes, and for myself I spend unloading days.

For one of them I saved a special recipe, which I will share with you. For breakfast I drink half a glass of olive oil with lemon juice, for lunch I prepare vegetable broth and a few slices of rye bread with olive oil. Before going to bed I drink a glass of low-fat kefir. Once a week, such a diet gave me a minus 3 kg per month. If you need to lose more, you can spend these days more often, using salads dressed with olive oil and other products where this ingredient is available.
Health to you and prosperity! Love yourself and your world. Be happy! »

Conclusion. Olive oil is very useful, but only in moderation and according to doctor's prescriptions. Given all the recommendations and wishes, use this healthy product for health and watch your health.

Do not self-medicate and lose weight! Only qualified specialist help will help you get a decent result and avoid a lot of troubles.

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