Vodka for weight loss: myth or reality?

Vodka for weight loss: myth or reality?

What people will not come up with in order to easily get rid of extra pounds. They spend a lot of money on the purchase of various pills, belts, creams. Even without thinking about their food. But it is on it depends not only on the state of our health, but also on weight. Today vodka for growing thin became very popular. According to many people, it helps to reduce weight, while not having a negative effect on the body. Is it so? Can I really lose weight with vodka? Or is this another deception? Let's try to figure it all out.

Vodka Calorie

Vodka is a strong drink that can befuddle anyone who just tries it. But the stronger the drink, the more calories it contains. About 100 ml of vodka is about 250 kcal! And this is not so little.

And talking about whether you can drink vodka on a diet, you can not give a one-way answer. If you drink it in certain amounts( not more than 100 ml per day), then, probably, it is possible. But in large quantities it is definitely not worth drinking. After all it already will turn out neither diet for growing thin, but the whole holiday, which necessarily entails the appearance of new kilograms.

The effect of vodka on the body

Vodka influences the body not in the best way. The only good thing about this drink is that in small amounts it helps improve blood circulation, and consequently, internal organs and tissues begin to receive more nutrients.
But it's only necessary to abuse vodka, as absolutely different processes start.

The influence of vodka on the body

The blood circulation on the contrary slows down, oxygen transportation is disrupted, the brain begins to experience an acute shortage in it, due to which the concentration of attention is disturbed.

Ethyl alcohol, which is contained in vodka, has a toxic effect on the body. Against this background, when drinking alcohol, there is a disturbance in coordination of movements, dips in memory, a feeling of "vitality" of the legs. The nervous system becomes more vulnerable before the impact of aggressive factors - a person becomes more irritable and aggressive, which causes him inadequate behavior.

In addition, when you abuse any alcoholic beverages, metabolism slows down. If you drink a glass of vodka at lunch or dinner, then everything that you eat, will begin to be deposited in the subcutaneous tissue in the form of fat deposits. Therefore, it is unlikely that you can drink vodka with a diet.

Increases or decreases vodka appetite?

Drinking any alcoholic beverages leads to increased appetite. Therefore, even if you have to drink them while observing a diet( for example, at a wedding or a birthday), you should control the amount drunk.

Speaking specifically about vodka, the maximum dosage with a diet is 100 ml. It is impossible to drink more, because after that appetite is greatly increased, it will be very difficult to cope with it.

Tinctures of vodka with losing weight

Quite often, slimming people drink tinctures on vodka for weight loss. As for them, an exception should be made here. They are really good for the body. They are taken in very small quantities, so there is no need to talk about the harm of ethyl alcohol in this case.

Prepare them, usually with the use of various herbs or fruits, which contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary to maintain the body during a low-calorie diet.

Thus they do not exhilarate action and do not brake work of internal bodies and systems. But they should also be applied very carefully, strictly following all recommendations and not exceeding the indicated dosages.

Vodka with pineapple

The most popular means for losing weight at the moment is vodka with pineapple. Of these ingredients, a tincture is prepared, which is then used for 1 tbsp.2 times a day in the morning and evening before eating.

Such a tincture is very easy to prepare. Pineapple is taken, cleansed of foliage and peel, cut into small pieces and filled with 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist such a tool needs 2 weeks in a dark place. In doing so, it is necessary to use a glass sealed container.

This tincture is useful due to the content of pineapple in it. It is a citrus fruit that contains a lot of vitamin C. It is this substance that helps strengthen immunity, improve blood circulation, and also break down fat cells.

Vodka with pineapple

Take this tincture unlimited time. But only it is necessary to do this in combination with diet and exercise. It should be noted that tincture on pineapple and vodka is contraindicated in people with cardiovascular pathology, diabetes, hypertension, allergic reaction to pineapple.

What is important to know?

Any tincture on alcohol or pure alcoholic beverages can harm your health. They can provoke the development of alcohol dependence, which then will be very difficult to get rid of.

Before deciding on the use of vodka during a diet, you should consult your doctor. If you have any diseases, then the idea of ​​losing weight in this way should be discarded.

If you want to lose weight without harming your health, you need to pay attention to diets without the involvement of alcohol. The best option is the protein and vegetable diets, which not only help to get rid of excess kilograms, but also provide the body with all the necessary substances.

In addition, do not forget and physical exertion. They bring much health benefits, rather than vodka and alcohol tinctures for weight loss. And the process of reducing weight with an active load is greatly accelerated. Remember, there is no easy weight loss. To achieve positive results, it is necessary to exert maximum efforts. And no vodka will help you, if you lie on the couch and have everything that comes to hand.

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