Are they fat from beer?

Do they grow from beer

Beer started to boil more than 8 thousand years ago. The first creators of this drink were women. But the research of this drink began later. Everyone known Paracelsus studied beer in terms of medicine. He argued that in a day you need to drink 2 mugs of beer, and you will be healthy. As doctors later proved, this is so. Beer is rich in B and PP vitamins, which improves blood circulation, red blood cell secretion. It establishes the work of the intestine and heart. Since there are many microelements and minerals in beer, it enriches the body. In combination with honey, it is a good antioxidant. Perfectly helps with the treatment of colds. Ointments, based on beer extracts, help with skin diseases. Vitamins based on brewer's yeast are prescribed for people suffering from dystrophy. Masks from beer rejuvenate the skin of the face, strengthens the structure of the hair.

Against the backdrop of all the advantages there are a number of drawbacks:

  • because of the presence of a large number of female hormones there are in men a mutation of the voice, changes in the figure, in the voice and gait in men;
  • it causes aggression;
  • is addictive and affects potency;
  • causes diseases: pancreatitis, gastritis and neurology;
  • promotes the development of cancer.

Are they getting fatter with beer?

Beer is very caloric. At 1 liter, there are 700 kcal, and this is a good half of the daily intake of calories consumed. Snack for beer is also very caloric. A couple of glasses of beer and snack and your daily diet is already used. The more alcohol is drunk, the less mobile life becomes. In statistics, men are fuller than women.

From beer to grow stout?

Why do women get fat from beer?

Women get fatter mostly not from beer, but from its snack. To replace men from the fair sex, a belly appears, grow fat on the sides, a "life ring" appears from the fatty deposits on the waist, hoarseness appears in the voice, a menstrual cycle often occurs.


. It would not be strange, but there are diets and nutritional supplements. There is an example of a very effective diet, which is designed for a week. The basic diet is based on one liter of beer. The first day with beer you need to eat 100 grams of steamed buckwheat porridge. On the second day, 100 grams of boiled chicken. The next day, white baked meat. On the 4th day, a steam fish.
In the 5th day we add fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities. On the 6th day, drink only one and a half liter of beer. The seventh day is unloading. For a day, you can drink only without gas.


Arthur, 40 years old. "I confess honestly, I like beer. It all went so far that my wife began to poke me for my stomach. It seems that the case, but still hurt. I understood that it could not be any longer. And I decided to look for a way out of the situation. On one medical site read this diet. Decided to try while I'm on a business trip. Strictly observed exactly 2 weeks and lost weight by 12 kg. The desire to drink disappeared completely, and the figure returned to its previous forms. "

Vladimir, 30 years old " Tested the diet on himself. The beer is already nauseous. I can not look at him. Lose weight did not work out very well. Since there is a hunt constantly, and I retreated from the regime. The diet helps those who want to stop drinking - this is a great way and a great option »

Lena, 45 years old « I tried this diet. I did not like! I could not stand it, because I wanted to eat. And from beer only the head is intoxicating. From a feeling of hunger, a little faint did not fall. And this constant peregar, which does not kill the cud. Maybe beer lovers like it, but I do not. The only plus, I do not want to drink beer as much as six months))) »

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