Diet on sauerkraut: we eat properly

Diet on sauerkraut: we eat properly

Surprisingly, despite all the laws of physics, sauerkraut is much more useful than fresh cabbage. And its calorie content is so low that it can be eaten at any time of the day and night and in unlimited quantities! Therefore, losing weight on sauerkraut is the most effective and safe method of weight loss.

How does cabbage help to lose weight?

Sauerkraut, a diet from it has numerous positive reviews. It helps not only to reduce weight, but also completely cleanse the body of harmful toxins and toxins, thereby improving health and overall well-being.

During fermentation, cabbage starts to produce enzymes that help fixing all useful micro and macro elements on vegetable fibers, thereby increasing its useful properties.

In sauerkraut it contains a lot of vitamin C, K and almost all the vitamins of group B!Just one serving a day can provide a person with a daily rate of these valuable substances. And it allows to increase immunity and to adjust the work of many internal organs and systems.

Although all this is only an additional stimulus for losing weight in this way. Sour cabbage contributes to weight loss, because it is a product with a negative calorie content.

Diet on sauerkraut

However, this expression should not be understood in the literal sense, but portable. Sauerkraut has calories( per 100 grams of product is 19 kcal), but it is a "heavy" product for the digestive system. As a result, the body spends much more energy on digesting cabbage than it gets from it.

The use of products with a negative calorie content is not dangerous to humans. This allows you to quickly and effectively lose excess pounds, while getting all the necessary substances from food.

For this reason, many people prefer to choose a diet on sauerkraut. However, if we talk about mono-diets, which mean the use of only one product( in this case cabbage), they always gave positive results.

But to keep them is quite difficult. Lost pounds are returned as quickly as they leave. Therefore, it is best to follow a balanced diet for weight loss, in which sauerkraut takes up most of the diet.

The diet menu

The diet of sauerkraut responses is positive only because of the fact that for the entire period of maintaining a diet a person never experiences a feeling of hunger. Within 3-4 days he eats one cabbage.

Number of receptions per day 5-6.Food should be taken at regular intervals. The serving volume does not matter. Eat until you are full. However, binge eating is not allowed. This is bad for the digestive system.

One meal should consist of sauerkraut and olive oil( 1/2 teaspoon).In between meals, mineral non-carbonated water should be drunk( at least two liters).The last meal should take place a few hours before bedtime.

Diet on sauerkraut

And to improve the results it is recommended to exercise. You should arrange morning jogs, visit swimming pools or gyms.

Adhering to a strictly plan for food, you can throw off extra pounds in a short period of time. However, remember, the way out of the diet should be gradual, since lost extra pounds can easily return and get rid of them then it will be very difficult. As repeated mono-diet is possible only after 6 months. This period is necessary for recovery of the body after the experienced stress.

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