Benefits from green beans: diet

Benefit from green beans: the

diet The diverse menu of green beans can hardly be called a diet, as you can prepare so many different nutritious dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it is often not even possible to realize that this diet can deprive you of several kilograms in shortterms.

The common opinion is that eating ordinary beans can cause a malfunction in the kidneys, but the pod is very easy for the stomach, it is well digested and does not create discomfort in the digestive tract.

Caloric content of beans is low. It contains the right carbohydrates and fiber. To that there are many dishes from this vegetable, which can be cooked quickly and easily.

Bean diet for weight loss

Useful properties of beans:

  • Vitamin saturation
  • High content of minerals
  • Large amount of fiber removes toxins and toxins from the body
  • Beans improve liver and kidney function
  • Normalizes gastric juice secretion
  • Useful for pregnant women with anemia, toxicosis,mood
  • Low calorie of the plant, in 100 g 23 Kcal.

Diet on green beans

Diet on the string bean

3 days

First day: for breakfast prepare an omelet from two egg whites, 200 g of boiled beans, a teaspoon of olive oil. For lunch: 150 grams of low-fat meat, vegetable salad from cabbage, tomato, green beans and greens. We have supper with string beans for a couple, one green apple. Before going to bed we drink a glass of skim milk or kefir.

The second day: , let's have a salad of boiled beans, pepper and dill, filled with 0% yoghurt. For lunch, we make soup puree from beans, zucchini and tomatoes. You are allowed to eat two toasts from bran bread. Before dinner you can eat a pear. We are eating 200 g of beans for a couple. Seasoned with olive oil.

The third day of the is promising, today one can safely stand on the scales and count the lost kilograms. We prepare a portion of beans( 1.5 kg) per pair, season with olive oil and lemon juice. We divide the portion 4-5 times and eat it in even portions. We drink it with still warm water.

Are you satisfied with the result? No, then try a seven-day bean diet.

This diet is suitable for both vegetarians for regular meals, and for a fasting day on holidays and culinary fun.

seven-day bean diet

The diet involves five meals a day. Strictly every three hours. During the bean week system, alcohol, coffee, sweet sodas and diuretics are prohibited.

Experts do not recommend dieting for 7 days, such a diet is low-calorie, unbalanced and inexpedient. Yes, and beans can soon get bored, and you need to lose weight in pleasure and with light dreams.

Sample diet menu for one day:

Breakfast: 200 g of steamed beans. Two toasts and 200 grams of porridge.

Lunch: 200 g of fresh berries and 2 fruits, except bananas, and grapes.

Lunch: serving of cream soup with beans, 200 g of low-fat meat or fish, 150 g of cheese.

Snack: a glass of soy drink.

Dinner: 200 g of string beans, vegetable salad.

Late snack: a glass of low-fat kefir.

Bean diet reviews

"Due to the structure of the fibers, the string beans perfectly satiate the body, it is easy and convenient to lose weight. The diet is varied and pleasant. For three days you can lose up to 5 kg, but I was sitting on the bean diet only to create for the body unloading days, improve digestion and normalize metabolism. I succeeded, I'm totally delighted. I will advise a similar diet to relatives and friends. Or maybe tomorrow you will learn about this healing system of diet for weight loss and recovery of the body as a whole. "

Yours. Hope!