Diet on the pumpkin for losing weight

Diet on the pumpkin for weight loss

We often wonder what kind of delicious to eat, but do not get well with it. The answer is very simple! The most beautiful option is a pumpkin. This velvety, fragrant and bright beauty can not only surprise with taste qualities, but also help in the fight against excess weight.

Pumpkin is very rich in useful substances, minerals, vitamins, macronutrients, and most importantly carotene and fiber.

Thanks to the fact that the pumpkin is low in calories, nutritionists often recommend pumpkin to eat with a diet.

There are 3 times less calories in its pulp than in potatoes. It has a porous structure and thereby facilitates the removal of toxins from the intestine and purifies the blood. Pumpkin oil has an antiparasitic and antioxidant method. Lose weight with a pumpkin is very simple and easy. Pumpkin is very tasty, there are a million recipes of pumpkin diets.

Lose Weight With Pumpkin!

Lose weight with a pumpkin!

There are many variations of diets. Each has different effects on the human body. There are diets of a preventive nature, with the goal of preventing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. There are specifically for weight loss. Pumpkin during any other diet will only benefit, not harm. Especially in carbohydrate mono-diets.

The pumpkin diet is great for those who want to very quickly lose a large amount of kilograms in a short time.

Lose weight with pumpkin for 8-10 kg for 2 weeks

From the diet we remove sugar and maximally salt. We drink a lot of water. The essence of the diet is that the main menu is designed for 4 days.

On the first day of we eat pumpkin salad, pumpkin porridge on skim milk, soup puree, braised pumpkin with spices.

In the second porridge of pumpkin, vegetable soup, pumpkin cutlets, apples.

The third day of pumpkin salad with lemon juice, vegetable soup with meatballs, pumpkin salad with fruit.

On the fourth day of we eat stew stew, pumpkin porridge with rice, vegetable soup or borsch, baked vegetables.

Recipes for a pumpkin diet

To prepare a salad, you need 100gr of raw, peeled pumpkin. We cut it or shred it. Add the chopped almonds and honey, yogurt. Salad ready!

To cook porridge porridge with brown rice, you need to boil 450 grams of pumpkin and 6 tablespoons of water. Cook until rice is ready. After add a half cup of milk and cook for another 5 minutes. Leave it for 30 minutes, let it rest. You can eat in any form.

For cutlets you will need 1 kg of meat to boil. Twist oat flakes, 2 eggs, salt, pepper into the meat grinder. We make cakes and fry in vegetable oil.

Recipes for a pumpkin diet

Reviews of the pumpkin diet

Marina 30 years old : "Girls, I advise everyone! Especially during pregnancy. At me at pregnancy there were very bright problems with a chair. The attending physician recommended to sit for 4 days on such a diet. The result: I feel great, all problems have resolved, digestion has normalized. Now this diet is like a wand! "

Ludmila is 45 years old: " Even at 45 I want to look like 30. I'm no exception. I have a sedentary job. The usual accountant. Scales every year less and less please. And around the girls are young and slender running around. I do not want to be a "white" crow on their background. The girlfriend suggested the recipe for this diet. I tried. Very pleased! Minus 8 kg. Complete cleansing of the body. Excellent state of health! "

Svetlana 25 years: " I tried this diet. Losing weight did not work out much, but the body cleared. Very satisfied! I recommend to everyone. And I'll add a prescription for the diet. I cooked myself a casserole for dinner a couple of times. And it's convenient to take to work, it's tasty, and useful. So then 500 grams of pumpkin on a fine grater, add skim cottage cheese, a little flour and 1 egg. All the whiskings are baked in a silicone mold. Bon Appetit! And good luck to all! "

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