Why does the growth appear on the arms?

Why do the arms appear on the arms?

The growth on the arm can be formed in a person at any age, including children. Most often, such education does not provide pain and other symptoms of pathologies. But it can not be called harmless, since the built-up edge can lead to deformation of the bone, which will entail not the best consequences.

Most people who see this kind of education do not rush to show it to the doctor, and try to remove it themselves using various sharp objects. And, as a rule, all their attempts remain unsuccessful. This is due to the fact that the formation of nodules on the skin of the hands is directly related to violations in the bones and joints.

And to once and for all eradicate the problem, the surgeon's help is required. And that's why the growth appeared on the hand, we will now talk.

Reasons for the appearance of build-up on the hands of

Similar formations are most often formed on the hands in the region of joints and nails. The main reason for their appearance is a congestion of uric acid salt. This disease in medicine is called gout. The adolescents can appear on one hand and on both. In this case, they can be numerous.

There are several types of such formations - cartilaginous and bony. They can be formed as a result of various violations.

The causes of the build-up on the hands

Causes of the appearance of cartilaginous growths

Deformation of cartilaginous tissue can be provoked by various factors. The most common causes of the appearance of cartilaginous growths on the hands are:

  • development of diabetes mellitus of all types;
  • pathological processes in the kidney;
  • elevated blood pressure;
  • obesity;
  • consumption of a large number of beverages containing caffeine and alcohol;
  • eating a lot of "harmful" food.

But most often this disease affects people who have a genetic predisposition to the development of this ailment. If most members of your family have cartilaginous growths on their hands, then you are at risk, and therefore, you can get such an education at any time.

Causes of the appearance of bony growths

Bone growth on the arm has a completely different nature of origin. After all, it is an "appendage" that forms on a normal bone. This condition is called exophyte.
As a rule, such education does not bother the person at all. It does not cause the appearance of pain syndrome and discomfort when moving with your fingers. Therefore, often people just prefer not to notice the build-up and take no measures to eliminate it.

However, this is wrong. After all, the appearance of a bone growth on the arm can signal the development of spondylosis or osteoporosis. Therefore, it leaves it unattended in no case.

When the built-up edge acquires large dimensions, it begins to cause a lot of inconvenience to the person. And if the education is not eliminated in time, it can lead to pinching of the nerve, which will lead to deformation of the normal bone. Such phenomena lead to not very pleasant consequences. This is especially acute in the elderly.

The causes of the appearance of bone growths

How to treat growths in the home?

Remember that you can not ignore the appearance of growths on the hands. After all, they can be much more dangerous than you think. Before proceeding with their treatment, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of developing a malignant tumor. To do this, you need to puncture and conduct a laboratory study of the contents. If malignant cells are not found, then we can safely begin treatment of growths on the arms.

And this is done in several ways:

  • is conservative;
  • promptly;
  • folk remedies.

Conservative treatment of similar formations includes:

  • for obesity - adherence to a low-calorie diet to eliminate excess kilograms and reduce the burden on bones and cartilage;
  • taking certain medications that prevent the development of inflammatory processes;
  • use of topical creams and gels;
  • physiotherapy.

This treatment is primarily aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process in the cartilage or bone, and only then to reduce the build-up. If the conservative method does not help to get rid of education and at the same time it continues to increase in size, surgical intervention is required.

How to treat growths

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The outline is inscribed and all of its contents are deleted. It is worth noting that only an experienced doctor should perform the operation. After all, the bottom of the formation may be too deep and there is a risk of damage to blood vessels and nerve endings, which will lead to impaired motor activity of the finger.

If you do not wish to have an operation, then you can use the methods of traditional medicine. However, their use is recommended along with conservative treatment.

The most common means of dealing with growths on the hands are:

  1. Copper coin. Before using it, the coin needs to be burned on fire, and then soaked in salt solution. Then it must be applied to the built-up edge and fixed with a bandage or a wide patch. The coin needs to be worn this way without removing it for 3 days. Then the procedure must be repeated again.
  2. If you can use pieces of jellyfish, be sure to use this. This method is completely harmless. It is necessary to take a piece of jellyfish and attach it to the build-up for 3 hours. The procedure should be carried out every day until the formation is reduced in size or at least ceases to increase.
  3. The tea mushroom is also good in treating similar formations. It is used in exactly the same way as pieces of jellyfish.

Do not pierce, crush or cut the growth. This will not help you anyway, while you can carry the infection, which will lead to aggravation of the situation. If you have a build-up on your arm, it's best to seek medical help from a doctor.

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