Nemeth right hand: why and what to do?

Nemeth right hand: why and what to do?

Quite often people can hear such a complaint - the right arm grows numb. In this case, some people notice only numbness of the hand or fingers, and in others, and at all the entire upper limb. Why is this happening? And how to deal with this disease?

Household causes of

Numbness of the right arm can be associated with both pathological processes and household. If you sleep in an uncomfortable bed, wear pulling clothes and stay in the same position for a long time, then this can cause this ailment.

However, in these cases, the onset of this symptom is extremely rare( mainly after sleep) and passes very quickly if rubbing limbs or special exercises.

And in this case, numbness of the hands is quite a natural process, because during the uncomfortable location of the body, the nerve endings are squeezed, which nourish the hand and are responsible for its sensitivity. In such situations, you just need to make an analysis and find out what exactly leads to the onset of this symptom.

In addition, the numbness of the right hand can lead to heavy physical labor, as a result of which muscles are overextended, or hypothermia of the extremities, for example, during prolonged exposure in a cold room and walking outside in the winter without means of protecting them.

You may need to change your sleeping place, wear more comfortable clothes that will not have gum and squeeze your body. And if your professional activity is associated with a long sitting position, then you need to periodically take breaks and therapeutic gymnastics. After eliminating all these factors, if you have no pathology, numbness of the right arm should not bother you anymore.

Numbness of the right hand fingers

Special attention should be paid to the fact that if your right hand and not only her fingers grow numb, this may indicate the development of pathological processes.

Numbness of the fingers of the right hand

The decrease in the sensitivity of the fingers of the right hand can talk about such conditions and diseases as:

  • osteochondrosis of the cervical spine or intervertebral hernia: in this case, the nerve endings are infringed, which provide sensitivity and mobility of the right hand, as a result of which this symptom arises;
  • cerebral perfusion: often observed in people suffering from hypertension and hypercholesterolemia( in this case numbness of the limbs may be accompanied by a deterioration of hearing and vision);
  • pathological processes in the respiratory system;
  • prolonged nervous stress;
  • receiving injuries of the shoulder girdle: in this case, in addition to numbness of the limb, soft tissue edema is also observed.

In addition, the fingers on the right arm can be dumb due to compression-ischemic neuropathy. In this condition, the median nerve fiber is squeezed by the bone elements of the wrist. This disease is quite common in the elderly, who for many years carried out labor activities associated with the monotonous assembly of small parts or something else.

It is also worth noting that neuropathy is often found in individuals whose professional activities are related to art, for example, musicians and artists.

Numbness of the fingertips of the right hand

In medicine, it is believed that when the fingertips of the right hand grow dumb, then there is a neurovascular disorder that is a complication of diseases such as osteochondrosis of the cervical spine or hypertension.

If at times the right arm grows numb, or rather the tips of her fingers, then this may indicate the development of an intervertebral hernia, which leads to compression of the nerve endings, or damage to the nerves with deforming arthrosis.

It should be noted that a similar symptom is also characteristic for such conditions as sclerotic vascular changes and metabolic disturbances. In rare cases, numbness of the fingertips of the right hand can indicate a deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body.

When the ring finger becomes numb, this is most often due to the infringement of the nerve root as a result of the uncomfortable position of the brushes for a long time. In this case, numbness passes very quickly, it costs a person only to change occupation. In this case, the sensitivity and mobility of the finger is restored in a short time.

If the signs of numbness disturb you too often, while they last more than 15 minutes, you should immediately consult a doctor, especially if this unpleasant symptom is still accompanied by severe pain.

Numbness of the fingers of the right hand

When the little finger on the right arm grows dumb, this may indicate a neuropathology of the ulnar nerve. It should be noted that the occurrence of such a symptom is most often observed in right-handers, who actively use the right hand.

But also it should be borne in mind that the numbness of the little finger is the main symptom of the prediscount state. Therefore, leaving it without attention is not worth it, since it may end up bad for you.

If your big, middle and index fingers in your right arm grow numb at the same time, then most likely this is due to prolonged arm strain, resulting in swelling of the tendon and compression of the nerves.

If your thumbs on the left and right hands are numb at the same time, then it can signal the intervertebral discs mixing. In this condition, there may also be a weakness in the mobility of the hands and pain in the shoulder and forearm.

If the middle finger of the right arm is numb, it is most often associated with diseases of the elbow joint, which can have a different character( infectious, inflammatory, traumatic, etc.).This includes contracture, arthritis, osteoarthritis, neuritis and other diseases, the development of which is associated with a permanent negative impact on the joint from the outside.

Numbness in the fingers of the right hand can occur for various reasons. And to establish it, it is necessary to undergo a number of medical examinations and to pass numerous analyzes. Only after this, it is possible to start treating the cause of this symptom.

If the right arm and leg's right arm grow numb

It should be noted that some people may have not only the right arm, but also the right leg. And this can happen simultaneously and is accompanied by a violation of coordination and weakness in the muscles. Such a symptom may indicate the development of the following pathological processes:

  1. Multiple sclerosis, which is characterized by CNS damage. At the time of development of this pathology, the nerve endings in the connective tissues degenerate. In this case, the patient not only has numbness of the right limbs, but also deterioration of vision and motor activity.
  2. Disturbance of cerebral circulation. It occurs as a result of obesity, prolonged hypertension, heart failure and atherosclerotic changes in the vessels. It is also possible the occurrence of frequent headaches and a disorder of consciousness.
  3. Oncological diseases of the brain. As neoplasm develops, nerve fibers are squeezed, which leads to simultaneous numbness of the arm and leg on the right side of the body. Such pathologies are often accompanied by intracranial pressure, decreased appetite and other symptoms.

If you have a simultaneous numbness in the right leg and the right arm, do not sit still, but seek help immediately from a doctor. After all, this is a sign of serious violations in the body, which can even lead to a fatal outcome.

Treatment of


What should I do if my right arm grows dumb? Immediately go to the doctor! Only after complete examination and diagnosis, will he be able to give you the right treatment, which will quickly save you from the manifestation of this ailment.

Self-medication in this case does not make sense. After all, in order to get rid of the manifestations of this symptom, you must first get rid of the cause that led to its occurrence.

At home, you can perform only some exercises and rub your right hand to slightly speed up the process of "retreat" of this syndrome. But to completely get rid of it you will only help a doctor.

If you suddenly start to sharpen the right hand, remove the unpleasant sensation yourself you can as follows:

  • pour into a deep container of warm water;
  • lower the arm into it and begin to push hard with the fist to the bottom until the numbness passes.

And if you are often concerned about this symptom at night, then before going to bed, treat your hand with turpentine ointment, and from above wrap it with a warm towel or diaper( only not tight to prevent squeezing of blood vessels).

Remember that frequent numbness of the limbs is not a normal condition. Such a symptom can talk about various pathological processes in the brain and CNS.And their treatment should be started as early as possible, since there is a high probability of disability.

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