Proper care of hands

Correct hand care

To ensure that our handles are always beautiful and attractive, they need to be regularly treated properly. In this case, the use of creams alone is inadequate. It is necessary to carry out some simple rules for the care of hands, which will prevent the appearance of skin problems.

But it is often exposed to harmful chemicals, as a result of which the skin becomes dry, cracks appear on it and it begins to age quickly. The situation and weather conditions aggravate the situation. Wind and scorching sun causes damage to the skin, which causes burns and airing.

Therefore, hand care should be carried out regularly, regardless of the time of year and day. Especially this process should be given more attention to older women. After all, over the years the work of sweat glands is disrupted and the skin ceases to receive the necessary amount of moisture. As a result, it becomes dry and prone to irritation.

Hand care guidelines

Hand care should be carried out throughout the day. This does not mean that you should constantly smear them with creams or make different masks. You just need to follow basic rules when doing housework.

So, if you have to constantly contact with harmful chemicals, then do not forget to put rubber gloves on your hands when using them. At the same time, without fail, use thin cotton gloves under them to prevent the occurrence of diaper rash.

Rules of care of hands

Do not wash your hands in excessively cold or hot water. It should be comfortable temperature. This will avoid the appearance of irritation. Do not forget that especially harmful to the skin of hands cold water. When it acts, the capillaries become narrower, resulting in a worse blood flow to the hands and the skin begins to receive less power than required. This causes the appearance of dryness and cracks on the skin when using cold water.

After doing household chores where you had to contact chemicals and water, do not forget to lubricate your hands with moisturizing creams. If these are not at home, then instead of them you can use various vegetable oils, for example, olive or linseed. They not only contribute to the softening of the skin, but also to the removal of irritation. Also do not forget about the use of nutritious creams for the night.

When out on the street in winter, be sure to wear gloves on your hands to prevent the effects of cold on the skin. It is important to choose the right gloves. If they are made of materials that do not pass air, your skin will not "breathe" in them, and this will contribute to the appearance of diaper rash. It is best to use gloves made of cotton or wool.

In the summer period of time also it is not necessary to go out without special treatment of the skin. The thing is that the impact of sunlight also affects it negatively. The sun's rays lead to the evaporation of moisture from the cells, thereby leading to the appearance of dryness. Therefore, when you go out in the hot weather, be sure to treat the skin with sunscreens.

In addition to fulfilling all these rules, you also need to perform at least 1 time per week different baths and hand masks. If the condition of your skin is not very satisfactory, then you need to do them more often - 2-3 times a week.

baths and masks for hands

Masks for beautiful and smooth skin of hands

Hand care at home includes the mandatory use of various masks that are aimed at improving the skin condition. For their preparation, you can use a variety of ingredients that you have at home.

Very good on the skin affects pharmacist glycerol. That is why it is often included in various masks. It can be used as an independent tool, simply by treating the surface of the hands 1-2 times a day. And you can combine it with other ingredients. So the action of glycerin is increased several times.

For example, you can take a vial of pharmacy glycerin and add to it the edges of ammonia. The resulting solution needs to lubricate the skin of hands once a day and wait until they dry completely. Keep this mixture only needed in the refrigerator.

You can also mix glycerin with bee honey in equal proportions. This mask softens, rejuvenates and nourishes. Apply the resulting mixture to the skin of the hands and leave to work for 20-30 minutes. Then just rinse your hands under warm water and grease them with a nutritious cream.

If you have pigmented spots on your hands, you can get rid of them with the help of a whitening mask. To make it, mix a bunch of parsley, a few spoons of honey, a little glycerine and freshly squeezed lemon juice in a blender until a homogeneous mask is obtained.
The resulting mixture should be applied to the skin of the hands for no more than 15 minutes. After that, it should be treated with a nutritious cream.

Baths for beauty of a skin of hands

Application of various trays is useful not only for a hand skin, but also for fingernails or nails. With their regular application, they become stronger and begin to grow better. There are many recipes for making baby baths. You can use the following( calculation is made on 1 liter of warm water):

  1. 2 tbsp. Lemon juice and lavender essential oil( 5-7 drops).
  2. 2 tbsp.sea ​​salt without flavors and other additives.
  3. 2 parts of olive oil and one part of glycerin.
  4. ampoule of vitamin B12, 1 tsp.vitamin E and ½ cup decoction of chemist's chamomile.

Baths for beauty of a skin of hands

These baths have a soothing and moisturizing effect. Do them no more than 2 times a week. The time of one procedure is approximately 15-20 minutes. After its termination, hands should be slightly dabbed with a soft towel, but do not rub, this can lead to irritation. And then it is recommended to treat the hands with any moisturizer.

At home, you can also make a paraffin hand mask. To do this, you need to buy a special wax and a bath in the pharmacy, in which it will be melted. Since carrying out this procedure can lead to a burn, hands must first be lubricated with any vegetable oil.

Over it on the skin with a special spatula it is necessary to apply melted wax in several layers. After that, hands should be wrapped with a towel. After 15-20 minutes, the paraffin should be removed and the skin lubricated with a nourishing cream.

You can see the result of this procedure immediately. Your skin will become smooth and pleasant to the touch. And with the regular use of paraffin baths, you can forever forget about the problems with the skin of hands.

Remember that the result of all your efforts directly depends on you. If you regularly do various masks and baths to improve the skin condition, and also observe all the rules about which we spoke above, your hands will always be in excellent condition. And you can share with your girlfriends the secrets of your beauty.

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