Pepfiz. Features of the drug

Combined medicine Pepfiz on the basis of digestive enzymes derived from plant raw materials is available in the form of round flat with beveled edges of effervescent tablets of white and pink shades with pinpoint spots and orange flavor. The tablets are sealed in strips of two. The packages contain 1, 2 or 7 strips.


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  • 2 Pharmacological action
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Pepfiz. With orange flavor

Pepfiz. With orange flavor

Pepfiz refers to the group of carminative, leading to a normal bowel function of drugs. Considering the active substances of the drug, they speak of papain, fungal diastase, simethicone.

Additional ingredients of this product cope with important tasks, therefore the instruction informs on sodium bicarbonate anhydrous;potassium hydrogen carbonate;acid lemon and fumaric;sodium sodium saccharinate;sodium carbonate anhydrous;flavoring orange;sodium lauryl sulfate;Dye Yellow Yellow Supre.

Pharmacological action

Combined medicine is characterized by digestive enzyme action. It is capable of stimulating the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, removing gasses in the intestines and stomach gravity. It naturally cleanses the body of toxins. After taking the medication, there is an improvement in the functional state of the digestive tract, digestion is normal, which allows the stomach to be released at an accelerated rate.

Pepphysic drug is based on two digestive enzymes. Thanks to papain and fungal diastase, the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins is facilitated, and the absorption of these substances in the small intestine proceeds practically in full.

The process of hydrolysis of peptides and proteins supports papain, called the proteolytic enzyme. It is synthesized from purified dried cell sap, extracted from unripe papaya fruits. Hydrolysis of carbohydrates( starch, glycogen and substances of carbohydrate cleavage) to disaccharides is promoted by fungal diastasis.

Simethicone, a kind of "defoamer", weakens the surface tension of gas bubbles, which ends with their decay. The walls of the intestine absorb liberated gases, and the stimulated peristalsis of the intestine allows them to leave the body without hindrance.

The agent helps to reduce the symptoms of dyspepsia, gassing in the intestine, high gastric secretion.

This quick-acting medicine effectively helps patients who do not follow a diet. It is recommended as a means of providing emergency assistance. The effervescent form of the tablet allows it to dissolve rapidly in water. During the decay of the tablet, sodium and potassium citrates are released, which are capable of neutralizing the hydrochloric acid that fills the stomach. This allows you to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, due to high acidity. Antatsidnoe impact rapidly developing, helps protect digestive enzymes from the aggression of gastric juice.

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Drug interaction

Pepfis is not recommended for joint use with antacids. Other interactions are not described.

Conditions of use and dosage

Pepfiz is not recommended for use with antacids

Pepfiz not recommended with antacids

An internal medicine for medicinal purposes is recommended for use with or after food. In 0.5 cup of water, an effervescent tablet is placed for pre-dissolution. Freshly prepared solution is drunk immediately in full.

The medication is prescribed for 2-3 doses per day for 1-2 tablets per time. For the purpose of X-ray examination or ultrasound of the abdominal cavity, 1-2 days before the procedures, drink a solution made of 1-2 tablets.


Indications for the use of Pepfiz are pathological conditions associated with damaged exocrine pancreatic functions. If they are available, complex therapy is performed, in which Pepysis is included in the number of prescribed medications. In diseases caused by a deficiency of the digestive enzyme and slow gastric emptying. The drug suppresses:

  • Chronic pancreatitis
  • Diseases of the liver
  • Pathologies in the proximal small intestine
  • Syndrome of nonulcer dyspepsia
  • meteorism Enteritis
  • Intensive gas formation after surgical interventions
  • Feelings of a full stomach if the patient ate unusual food, overcooked, consumed alcohol, coffee or nicotine.

In addition, Pepfiz is used to prepare for X-ray studies and ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. Since there are no animal enzymes in the preparation, it does not cause side effects associated with imbalance of uric acid( with gout, urolithiasis).The agent is not capable of inducing an additive to the mass( there is no lipase in it).Assign patients who do not tolerate, for one reason or another, drugs with animal enzymes.


Желудок скажет "Спасибо!" за Пепфиз

Stomach will say "Thank you!" For Pepfiz

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Side effects of

In general, the drug is well tolerated. However, when hypersensitivity Pepfiz - can become a provoker of allergic reactions. No other side effects were noted.


No reports of overdose by Pepfiz have been reported so far.

Special instructions

Pepysa tablet solution has an alkaline environment, which helps to reduce the acidity of gastric juice. At the same enzymes more efficiently split the components of the food. However, it is necessary to understand that the medication does not provide treatment for gastrointestinal diseases. It can only have a symptomatic effect.

Although Pepfiz refers to over-the-counter medicines, self-medication is not recommended. Before using Pepysin instructions, consult your doctor. Keep the drug for no more than 24 months in places where the temperature does not rise above 250 C and does not penetrate moisture.

And again about constipation. Why they arise, see in the video:

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