Preparations Evalar on vegetable basis - we will make our life better and more qualitative

Strengthen your health and your loved ones, improve your well-being - the main task of most people. It's not for nothing that they say that in life the most important thing is health, and everything else will come with time. With this statement is very difficult to disagree. If a person has excellent health, perfect well-being, the life difficulties that lie in wait at every step seem small things that can easily be overcome. ..


  • 1 "Evalar" - drugs that improve the quality of life
  • 2 What is the quality of the products of Evalar?
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"Evalar" - drugs that improve the quality of life

Turboslim - a drug for weight loss. Evalar

Turboslim - a preparation for weight loss. Evalard

Every work is able to a healthy person, any task is solved easily and simply, with a smile on his face, unlike a person with weak health, whose life seems like a continuous problem and he does not expect any joy from it.

Cope with a bad mood, improve health and well-being will help modern high quality preparations made on a natural basis from the world-famous pharmaceutical company "Evalar".Pharmaceutical company "Evalar" - the only one in Russia, which produces drugs from natural, natural ingredients.

Thanks to their active action, it is possible to significantly strengthen health, strengthen the protective functions of the immune system. Activity "Evalar" is not only in the production of medicines, but also the search for new formulas, the development of biologically active additives.

Thanks to the hard work of qualified employees who care about improving people's quality of life and their well-being, the company is considered the best producer of natural preparations in the domestic and foreign markets, has been repeatedly awarded for its achievements and works, and has received high awards.

The company's team makes preparations in the form of tablets, capsules, infusions, drops, water-soluble drinks, natural teas, oils, cosmetics, which differ in the method of action, but are combined - stylish packaging and the name Evalar. Customer feedback on the effectiveness of the drugs speak for themselves. After all, in their quality it is simply impossible to be disappointed, because they are based on natural raw materials, which has a mineral, animal and vegetable origin.

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What is the quality of the products of Evalar?

Aalar Bio for appetite control

Eaalar Bio for appetite control

The production of Evalar products is carried out with the help of a full technological cycle, without even a slightest trifling detail left without attention. Experienced employees of the company carefully follow all the stages of cultivation of medicinal herbs, starting with their sowing, finishing with harvesting. Special attention needs to be given to processing, sorting of herbal collections, their packing into ready-made preparations, which later come to pharmacy counters.

Company Evalar is engaged, we grow grasses on own fields and plantations which are located in ecologically pure zone - foothills of Altay territory. All the pharmacological products of the company meet all quality standards, passes the necessary licensing.

Thanks to the latest modern technologies, processing of plant raw materials is supported and controlled by computer programs. The quality of production of plant extracts provides low temperatures, vacuum drying, processing of raw materials is carried out using sparing regimes.

Huge warehouses, production workshops, allow you to manufacture the preparations for a whole year, without making seasonal breaks. Highly qualified laboratory staff, using modern methods, conduct physical and chemical analyzes, which allows them to correctly compare the ingredients and their percentage in the preparations.

With the help of atomic absorption spectrometer, the monitoring of harmful substances in raw materials is carried out, which in one way or another can contain it. Also, quality control is monitored using chromatography, gas and liquid type. Such high technologies allow not only to produce natural products, but the preparations are completely safe and useful for the human body.

Elixir Evalar - application instruction

Noni Juice - the drug Evalar

Noni juice - preparation Evalar

Elixir Evalar is taken internally. It is very rich in natural, natural ingredients. It contains such herbal ingredients as immortelle, chamomile, horse chestnut, cranberry, coriander, mountain ash, hawthorn, pine nuts, dog rose.

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Also elixir contains curative rhizomes, common yarrow, licorice root, plantain, pantocrine, peppermint, St. John's wort, honey, thallus of laminaria. The medicine is produced in glass bottles from 100 ml to 250 ml.

Vegetable components of the elixir show that it does not contain additional chemical additives, so it is completely safe to use. It has adaptogenic and tonic properties. The drug is able to increase the brain and the working capacity of the human body.
Doctors recommend taking an elixir:

  • for asthenia;
  • when the body affects infectious and somatic diseases;
  • when a person's work requires physical effort or is associated with neuropsychic loads;
  • when it is necessary to increase the protective functions of the body, after suffering severe illnesses.

Approximately 15 ml of the elixir must be dissolved in a small amount of water at room temperature before use. Take the drug a few minutes before eating. On the day, take no more than 30 ml of elixir Evalar, dividing the daily dose into two doses. Treatment can be done by taking the drug on a regular basis for about 21 days.

If necessary, the treatment is repeated, with a break in two weeks.

The medicine of complex side effects on the body does not have, except for a small allergic reaction. The drug is contraindicated in pregnancy, during infant feeding, kidney and cardiovascular insufficiency. Also, it is better to reject the use of an elixir to people who are hypersensitive to one of the herbal components of the medicine.

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